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  1. lim looking to install oilpreasure gauge, and i want to connect it to ignition, wich one am i to look for? n. wich wire is that? wich one am i to look for?
  2. Thanks :) will check out thoose excels ::thumb::
  3. this is also what im thinking of doing. Link or pic of the fuel filter?
  4. is it safe to remove? If so, how?
  5. Ok so same front and back. Im looking for wider rear Tires Whats the widest on 17”
  6. hi :) Possibly thinking of putting a pair of 17" on the car. Ive heard that there is supposed to be certian sizes not to screw the whole thing up. I want a bit wider on the rear tires. what would you guys recommend? 72 grande.
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