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  1. I took a look thru my sockets and the cheapie with the u-joint on it is more than 1/16” thicker than the others. And, like Chuck, I have one that I tapered down on the bench grinder as well.
  2. I have 3 different brand spark plug sockets In my box and they are all different wall thicknesses. I remember running into an issue like that on a 289 years ago.
  3. So I was able to get thru to Holley tech. The guy was great and spent Some time with me looking at my datalogs. Didn’t find any issues though. It does not matter how rich or lean I run the engine, the condition doesn’t change at all. my Leak down test was good on all cylinders, less than 4% loss. Compression is 180-190 on all cylinders. I give up. It’s going to go to a tuning shop.
  4. Leaning out the a/f didn’t help either. Next step..I’m going to do a cylinder leak down test and see if something may have gone wrong on that first day out?
  5. Update* accel. enriching didn’t change anything much. I Took it from the original setting of 49 and trying 2 lbs. at a time, went as high as 63 and as low as 26. So I took it back to 49 and left it there. I did notice though, that I’m getting a very rich smell when test driving. I’m going to try changing the a/f settings and see if that makes a difference.
  6. Enriching the mix makes sense. I've eliminated fuel pressure issues. 60+ at idle and acceleration. Do you think I'm using the correct timing numbers? (15* idle, 36* cruise, 34* WOT)
  7. Everything has checked out good twice. I was able to talk to Holley Tech today. They asked me to Install a fuel pressure gauge In the feed line at the back of the sniper to make sure I’ve still got 60 lb. going to the Sniper and I’m waiting to hear what they find out with the Datalogs. I’ll post more later.
  8. Thanks Don. Voltage & grounds are good at all connections. I even went back and replaced a couple of connections just to be sure. I did flush the new lines and new fuel tank At install but removed and checked today just to be sure. I just did a removal and visual check of the O2 looking for any debris etc.. I hadn’t thought about the harmonic balancer. I’ll check that out and I’ve just been going by the hyperspark and sniper for timing numbers. I’ll put a light on it also.
  9. Also, I set up the wiring the way Don instructed and should not be getting any RFI since everything in the system is matching Holley components and made to work together, but I guess if any of that was a problem, it wouldn’t have run so good the first 200 miles?
  10. EVERYTHING WENT BAD AFTER THE FIRST DRIVE! So I got everything done on the Sniper install and did the initial programming. The first day out was great. Put about 200 miles on, stopped at a couple of cruise ins and it ran great...BUT THEN...went home and later that night tried to drive again..PROBLEMS! It’s a little harder to start now but the bigger issue is a stumble and miss on acceleration. I can hear a ‘rattle’ in the engine when I accelerate that I think is a spark knock? I’ve tried everything. Triple checked for vacuum leaks. Replaced the vacuum lines and the trans modulato
  11. Howdy from Nashville TN!
  12. I swapped out the plug wires and it fit nicely. Thanks!
  13. I got the friction modifier from Ford and went 7 places before I found the copper washers. A felpro gasket with a thin coating of 81182 on both sides seamed to work good. I Just got back from a long test run. Problem solved! Thanks everyone.
  14. Can you post a pic of the coil? The way it’s cracked may tell us something.
  15. I’m putting her back together tonight! Since I don’t want to do this job again. The plan is to put on the new copper washers with a new gasket and a light film of black or gray RTV on each side of the gasket. Does this sound like a good plan? Or is it better just to put the gasket on dry?
  16. Got the differential out today. Things were going smoothly until it got to the 10 center section bolts. Two things I learned...1. Don’t put the jack stands under the axle. 2. Don’t try to remove the center with a 7/8 rear sway bar mounted in the car. That added an hour to the job fighting the #@!: sway bar. Everything looked super clean inside. If I had to guess, I’d say the previous owner had it rebuilt and didn’t add the friction modifier. There were copper washers at each lock nut on the center. Are these very important? Should I put new ones on when I reassemble it? Thanks again for a
  17. The Hyperspark sits taller then the stock distributor so the front of the filter housing is about 1/4” from seating. I may just need to try dimpling it a bit. I’ll get some pics of the install when I can. Thanks.
  18. Thanks everyone, sorry it took so long for me to get back. Long workday. The door plate on my car has an R code. My Marti report says is a 3.25 traction lok rear axle. When I jack up the rear end both wheels turned forward. But you cannot hear a ratcheting Or chirping when going around corners or in circles in the parking lot, so I’m guessing not a DL. This weekend I’ll change the fluid and add a friction modifier when I put a new spring kit in.
  19. Also..I see there are replacement leaf springs in 4 OR 5 leaf. Which ones will give a better ride?
  20. So I finally got to take the 71 out last night for a rest drive. First drive since I towed her home a year ago. The car had been sitting for years. When going around curves and corners the rear end feels like it “catches” That’s the best way I can describe it. I get a clunk and a side shift from the rear. It’s fine going straight. No traction problems or slippage. At first I thought it felt like a sticking brake shoe or how it feels when turning with a stuck caliper. But now I’m sure it’s in the rear. I was thinking I should start with new fluid. I am also going to replace th
  21. So everything is installed and the Sniper EFI works fine with the Ram Air Assy. BUT. It will not fit with the MSD Hyperspark Distributor that Holley recommends for the Sniper. Anyone else run into this problem yet?
  22. Yep. Piece of cake. Took 15 minutes. Works great. Thanks!
  23. Thanks Don. Do you know if they will provide an instruction sheet for wiring it?
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