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  1. This is an awesome thread, I'm eager to hear more. I'd offer mine but it's just a very tired motor with a worn out cam and an extremely bad exhaust leak. So it sounds pretty bad right now.
  2. Thank you! I will add a vacuum pump to the list if I go this direction. Consider my custom setup which included a vacuum pump, a vacuum reservoir and a pressure switch. This will reduce the amount of time the pump is on. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-muscletang-mod-project-thread-1971-m-mach-1?pid=340221#pid340221 That's a nice setup. I've been looking at OEM style vacuum pumps, if you bush the mounting hardware you barely know they're there.
  3. I am hoping that it will be a lot of fun. There are a lot of old country roads here that don't have enough rubber on them. ;)
  4. They offer some tech specs in their PDF file for the long block: https://www.fordracingparts.com/download/instructionsheets/FORDINSTSHTM-6007-Z460FFT-FRT_18.PDF
  5. Thank you! I will add a vacuum pump to the list if I go this direction.
  6. Hi. Still getting a little work done on the suspension, but next in line is a radiator to differential powertrain update. I'm wearing my asbestos underwear because I'm considering swapping the very tired Cleveland for one of these: https://www.fordracingparts.com/part/M-6007-Z460FFT I like Clevelands, don't get me wrong, but the Ford Racing long block offers a lot of bang for the buck. The old video that Ford released when the engine was made available has disappeared. I found one video of a few guys putting one in to an older Mustang but it had just been put in, wasn't tuned and was idling so fast that you couldn't really hear if the cam had anything in the way of overlap. Anyone here have one or know of a video so I can get an idea of what the idle quality is like once the engine is tuned?
  7. Needs taller tires out back. That would bring the back up too. Overall, an outstanding ride. ::thumb:: I'm a little torn about raising the rear up. On the one had I feel like it could stand it, on the other it's growing on me as-is. Now that the nose is out of the air I'm a lot more happy with the stance. And thank you!
  8. Thanks! I was not sold on them until I saw them on the car, but until I change the color (it's the factory correct white now, but I'm a medium gold metallic guy) they'll be perfect. Once I go gold I'll see how they look but I may go chrome at that point.
  9. Hi. So a Wilwood 4-wheel brake conversion and some 17x8s on the front and 18x9.5s on the back (235/45/17 and 265/40/18) later along with some Chris Alston bolt on coilovers, leafs, adjustable shocks, various replacement suspension parts, a new sway bar and a quick ratio box later, this is what I have so far (as it sits at the alignment shop): Before you ask for details, full disclosure: I spent a ton of money on my garage so I'd have the tools and conveniences I never had when I did all my own work when I was a kid. And then discovered that having all that stuff still didn't make new hours in the day for me to have time to do it myself, so a very patient, very talented shop did it all for me. So I can't answer any 'how did you do its' because I didn't do it myself. I think it could stand going up an inch in the back but it's growing on me to be honest. Next: Saving up for a radiator to differential power train upgrade. Thank you everyone for the advice, help and photos.
  10. Hi. So I have a cheap knockoff spoiler on the back of my car that looks awful. I mean I can't look past it and half the time when I look at the car that garbage spoiler is all I can see. I've taken to referring to it as the 'soiler.' I haven't had any luck finding any NOS or excellent used ones. Does anyone know of any NOS suppliers or know of a 100% correct reproduction that can be had? I'm not doing a concourse restoration or anything, but the factory spoiler is perfect for the car and I'm picky about how it looks. Please and thank you.
  11. Regarding the Eaton springs that most folks seem to like, what ride height do you use to get rid of the rear-end squat and get a decent stance? Plus one or plus two inches? From what I've read the plus one will level it out, so to get a rake you need a plus two? I like a little rake in my stance. Not necessarily an extreme 'air shocks and L60s' style rake (showing my age there), but something that puts the back up a bit higher. If anyone's been through this and has some photos of their end result with stock and plus height springs in the back they would be appreciated. Stance is everything with these cars, if that's not right everything else suffers for it.
  12. Thank you, everyone! If the telescoping one is correct I'll go with that, but until then I'll just lower it down into the hole as suggested if possible. It won't unscrew and if it's not correct for the 71 I guess it's a repop part. It looks nice and all but I actually prefer no antenna. So I'll make do until I can find a short billet one that's not so thick it looks goofy and just fill the hole at some point in the future when I can think about changing color. The white that's on it now is nice and all but medium gold metallic is my color for a mach1. Thanks again!
  13. Hi. My car has the one piece mast antenna on it, it's a 71. I assume if it's not original it's similar to the original. It's like 2 feet taller than the roof of the car and since it doesn't telescope I need to figure out a way to temporarily bend it out of the way so I can get it up on a lift. The lift is in my garage with 10'8 ceilings - so you can see what my dilemma is. :) Plus the goal is to park the mach1 under another car to free up some garage space, and driving the car under the lift with the antenna being a foot or more taller than the lift crossmember isn't going to do it any favors. Anyone else have an issue where they needed to bow the antenna out of the way for something? I don't want to torque the fender and there's quite a lot of spring tension on the antenna when it's being moved. I can get one of the telescoping ones and they don't look too awful if there's no good solution for what to do with the antenna I have now. Scott Drake makes a short billet one but I can't really picture it on my car so I'm not sure how it will look. If anyone else has been down this road and has a suggestion, please let me know what you did to resolve the issue. I also don't really need an antenna right now if there's an antenna delete kit available that doesn't look horrible. So that's an option too if one exists.
  14. The seats are nice and it sounds like you were able to mod a fix without a lot of hassle, so it's not a deal breaker since you already did the hard part. :) I'm still undecided about what I'm going to do, but they look really nice in your car.
  15. Hi. Is this still the same incorrect mount that you wound up with and had to modify, or have they changed it to the correct one? It's the one linked from the seat page. https://www.cjponyparts.com/tmi-seat-mount-bracket-low-profile-pro-series-pair-1971-1973/p/TSB16/
  16. Do you use non-ethanol fuel? If you have fuel with ethanol and you leave it sitting for a while it can go bad and clog something. They make a stabilizer for it for people who have equipment sitting during the winter or something. If it's an old tank you might have a clogged sock from corrosion too. So for me that'd be where I'd look if you've taken the hose off at the tank and you didn't get much fuel flow.
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