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  1. Thank you very much for the information. I plan on putting modern tires on the magnum rims and proper retros on the stock rims for car shows. I really appreciate the input!
  2. After researching and reading, it would appear that the Magnum option for the '72 Mach 1, included a 15X7 rim. I'm keeping my original wheels for shows and to keep all original parts. However, for cruising around and exercising my Mach 1 on occasion, I would like to stick some optional, but correct wheels on it. Are the 15X7 Magnums the correct choice? The only question I could not answer, is what were the original tires offered on the '72 Mach 1s? Is there a tire manufacturer or distributer that manufactures a drivable "new" vintage style tire? I see a lot of Firestone and B.F. Goodrich types out there. Does anyone know of a "Goodyear" retro tire? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks
  3. Took advantage of a beautiful day and drove the twisty roads......... She needed some exercise.
  4. Hey All, Thank you for letting me join this group. I am a first-time Mustang owner, long-time admirer. (Fell in love with a neighbor's '73 Silver MACH 1, as a young kid). I had been eyeing a local '72 Mach 1, for many years. It finally became mine recently. 29,238 original miles, unmolested. I am a total Ford nut and am excited to own this new steed. Hoping to learn much from those who are much more seasoned owners than myself. Thank you, again from Missouri! Cheers!
  5. Thanks Fabrice, Rookie mistake. New to site. Thanks.
  6. Moved post, created new thread....... Rookie error.
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