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    73 Grande Hardtop Ivy Glow with Avocado interior. 351C/2V mated to a C6 tranny. Purchased new 13 Aug 73.
    Currently under construction for ground-up restoration.


    [url=https://statewideinventory.org/bmw-0-60-times]bmw x6 50i 0 60[/url]


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    Colorado Springs
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  1. Carolina Mountain Mustang if you don't mind sending the pics to my home email dadaniels52@comcast.net. Everything helps with the resto project.
  2. My restoration project ('73 Grande) is in its 8th month of progress. I am looking for a full set of Decor Side Trim Molding to help bring it back to its original self. [/url]
  3. dadaniels


    Thank you for the opportunity to join this group of Mustang owners. My first 'tang was a '65 coupe 200CI straight 6/1V with a three speed tranny. Like I fool I traded it in on something different. Later on I joined the USAF and while going to tech school at Biloxi MS in '73 Ford announced they were stopping production on the Mustang full size and mating it with the Pinto. I saw nothing nice coming out of this marriage. I called home and asked my father to contact our local dealer to hold a full size 'Tang for me. My new purchase was on 13 Aug 73 (Hardtop Grande Coupe, Ivy Glow/Avocado with a 351C/2V and C6 tranny). It has been in the possession of myself/my siblings ever since. Our four kids are out of the house and their education debts are paid. I am now working on a full restoration of my baby. It will be ready for drive home for my 50th High School Reunion next year. All this in 500 words or less.
  4. New member here. I own a 73 Grande Ivy Glow with Avocado Interior, 351C/2V with C6 Tranny. Prior to disassembling it for full restoration I took pictures of it and all of the labels. unfortunately my PC hard drive crashed and a lost them. If anyone can help me with pictures of labels for basic info I would appreciated it. I purchased it new on 13 Aug 73 and it has remained in my immediate family since then. I was in the Air Force at the time and each time that I went overseas I left it in the care of my siblings with the understanding that they could not sell it and I got it back when I returned to the USA. All of our kids are grown, so now I can spend their inheritance on my "baby". Thank you in advance.
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