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    1973 Mach One Mustang - project car
    351 C, Primed but rusty

    1972 Mustang Coupe - always in need of some TLC
    250 I-6, Red and Faded


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    Florida, USA
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  1. They are in fact from Pendleton and Fallbrook.
  2. Thats some good advice. Thank you
  3. Hello from Florida, I own an old beat up rusted 1973 Mach 1. I bought it in 2010 and I haven't progressed much beyond the 351 C that has been rebuilt. I also own a 1972 Coupe that I bought when I was stationed out in California. I had it in storage whilst overseas and the cover came off of it, therefore it soaked up a little too much sun and faded the paint. I am the second owner of the Coupe and I have all of the original paperwork/poster for the car. 76k original miles on purchase. It's currently giving me some problems that I'm saving up money for. Photos for your time: 2010 - Mach 2018 - Sun Kissed Coupe [/url] When she was pretty
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