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  1. I'm definitely not trying to make money off of the car. Just want a good base to start from and make it into something thats fun to drive and grabs people attention as I pass by. I like to think about it like a starting point that will take time to get it to where i want it to be. I'm just ignorant when it comes to the prices of these cars... when i look aroumd i see shells of these cars that are roughly the same price but don't have the background in this craft to make a sound judgement call. I want to treat it almost how mustangNj is doing it. I ran the marti report for it as well. Results below.
  2. Thanks for all the advice guys!!! I really appreciate it!!! I'll keep everyone updated as to what I decided to do!
  3. Do you guys think, from what you can see, that $7,500 is too high of a price? (Given that its hard to price a vehicle based upon the pictures shown).
  4. Haha I'd agree with you on that but I don't mind it being an automatic this time! Maybe my next one lol
  5. I'll definitely take a look at it to see if its rusted out, I'll have to go the cell phone route. I've got a mechanic whose gonna come take a look at the under side and check out what I might've missed but I'll be sure to mention it to him to look at those areas specifically. And the seller came across it as a barn find I think and didnt really do much to it except clean it up a bit. I am definitely worried about paint cover ups though. ? Thanks for the info and help!!!
  6. Thank you!!! And I'm mainly looking to enjoy driving and tinkering at the moment. This will be my first time buying and fixing up a car but one day down the road I might decide to restore it to factory. The car is an H code. I'm not too sure about the options. Really new to all of this but I feel like i gotta start somewhere!
  7. Hey everyone! New to the mustang world and was looking to see if anyone could help me out and offer some advice. I'm not sure about the market when it comes to mustangs. I dont want to buy a car thats not worth the time and money. I have a car that I'm interested in buying and just wanted to see what you guys think its worth, I'll post some photos below. Its a 71 Mach 1 mustang 351 Cleveland automatic. The car is in pretty good condition it looks like, runs and sounds amazing. It has 84,000 miles on it. A little rust in the floor pan on the driver rear and passenger. Pretty solid everywhere else. The interior needs a little work too. Paint looks good. Thoughts? Is it worth buying and restoring (as a weekend driver)? What do you think its worth? [/url]
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