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  1. Might be worth hiring a security guard to watch it when you aren't there
  2. 1 year into a project to recreate the 1971 Mach 1 I got new as a senior in high school 50 years ago. I looked at several restorations around the country, but while they were pretty, the driving experience was dismal. I can't believe my old car drove that badly, but I may have gotten used to modern performance. After almost giving up on the quest, I decided to get a clean donor car and have a visually identical Mustang with a Coyote drivetrain and corresponding suspension upgrades. I found a 1972 fastback in WI and had it shipped to Desert Classic Mustangs in AZ. They lost several months over the summer due to the virus but hope to have it complete by Jan. Here's a link to photos of their progress and I'll also attach an old pic of me and the original car back when. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNDzOZDt8lrmWzQM2G6_lPLacVQydrd5Srf4H0BKXP5YGm-6U1TVLfE6NmoB5CC_g?key=MFZhQkd5LWZWRnEzeDRXOHJCWDhIZjdTM2VidV9R
  3. This piece is often broken, pot metal and unrepairable. Very difficult to source. Tilt Wheel.html
  4. Seems like an awful lot of effort to sand, strip and scrape when you are having the car blasted anyway
  5. Found a new repro set on eBay, thanks to all for your help
  6. Do you need a complete set or just pieces? I need the complete set. That was me and my roommate headed off to college with my new car in 1971. I'm recreating it as a restomod now, identical in appearance but with all new suspension, brakes and a Coyote crate motor and 6 speed manual
  7. This is the stainless trim that separates the two tone colors on Mach 1s without the hockey stripe
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