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  1. I am now going to do it myself. I have no experience what so ever but it can't be that hard. I'm going to pay for a 1 day mig welding course and go from there.
  2. The original price quoted was £450.00. Then after inspection they contacted me and informed me it would be £1900.00!
  3. Yep, thats my actual car in the UK. For my sins I am the UK President of the VOA UK and European Region, we don't have a large membership but I am the go to guy for info and Tech help in the VIPERCLUB. If I don't know the problem I know a Guy that does :) My Viper is a replica of the 92 car from the American Le mans Series driven by David Donahue in the ALMS IN 2000 Its road driven car with Race Graphics, its been featured on the TV show Wheeler Dealers, I have taken many many troops for Joy rides on the Goodwood motor racing circuit and the top Gear track at Dunsfold
  4. Last year I was on my way home on the Motorway (Freeway), one of those Electric cars came up by the side of me when I was Driving my Dodge Viper, he was trying to get me to play but I just laughed, he got board and drove off. I was not going to give him the satisfaction. Then a young couple in a Nissan Skyline came up by the side of me who had seen the guy in the Tesler trying to bait me and just laughed.
  5. I don't know what it is about this car but........after the tow truck issue (car was supposed to be collected Last Friday) Today the welder contacted me and asked if he could come over to actually see the car. (Now bear in mind I had sent him detailed pictures of the required works via "What's App", had visited his workshop and talked face to face and again showed him work that needed to be done) and was given a price. Today he has looked at the car and has decided there is more work than he thought! He's going to come back to me with a new price! Yeah right. IM S
  6. Wow, thanks for the offer. I will keep you updated.
  7. So yet again, this car is testing my patience. Recovery truck turned up today, could not get the car onto the truck Turns out we need a truck with a sliding flat bed, so have had to reschedule the pick up
  8. Hi, I don't plan on "fully" repainting the car, but I will make good areas with a rattle can.
  9. Another Small update, Well I finally got my replacement front floor pans, I have also found a welder and all being well the car should be being picked up tomorrow (10/16/20) and taken to him.I visited the workshop prior to getting the car delivered and the work seem ok. It's not likely to be Butt welded using Tig welding, I believe they plan to do a small overlap and use a Mig Welder. But the price quoted seems fair,I have told the guy to call me at every stage so I can inspect the work. I'm not taking any chances this time!
  10. I am still not enjoying the new style forum as much as the old one and is clear to see my post count has dropped off since. I know we have been told why things had to change but I'm an old dog and just am not finding it as easy as it used to be.
  11. Wow, looks like you have been doing a ton of work to that car! Boy I wish I had a shop like that to work on my ride Well Done, looking forward to more updates Mark UK
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