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  1. Can't be any worse than the last one! Keep Safe and keep cutting out that Rust
  2. Looks Great, hello from South London UK
  3. Right, I'm going to kick this off for 2020 What a year its been! Wishing you all a safe and Happy Christmas, I know December has only just started but we need something to look forward to. Lets hope Santa brings lots of mustang spares under the tree. Thanks to all that make this website great.
  4. Wishing you the Very best for a speedy recovery, this Virus sucks, even today its been announced on British TV that F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has just been tested positive! Now if people like him can get it with all the precautions around him it means anyone can get this. Pushing a door open when someone else has recently touched it is easy done. Lets hope any vaccine is vigorously tested before rolling it out!
  5. Well I've come in this evening after yet another day on the same piece ,it just got worse and worse and to say I'm upset is a massive understatement Yesterday I managed to slice into my finger with the angle grinder along the side of my nail and probably about 1/8th deep (that hurt). Remember I really did not want to do this Job in the first place but after being messed around for several months by so called welders i found via google, I had no choice due to a small retirement pension and could not shed out thousands of pounds to top American car restoration companies. Sorry for t
  6. Update, well its taken me 3days to try and weld in a patch and its still not over :( Its sort of a case of 1 step forward and2 steps back :( I tried to butt weld in the patch panel, it started off ok but grinding back the welds had been a tricky business, then when I shine a light under the patch panel I can see pin holes of light in various areas so have to try to add more weld, then grind back etc etc. I did change the wire to the thinner wire. Its getting there but I'm still not happy. I will post up some pics.
  7. Thanks for the tips Guys. Couldn't do anything today, far too damp :( But I did get the car up on axle stands all around.
  8. Big Dog and Guns, get yourself a ring security flood light alarm that will send an alarm to your cell phone
  9. I will take my time with the floor pans, doing and finishing 1 quarter at a time. so as not to distort the car frame.
  10. This is a pic of a piece of the old rusted floor pan and I tried (for fun) to see if I cold join on a piece of new metal. It Worked! and the weld is strong! I Started off with some spot welds then joined them up. Also tried a couple of butt welds
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