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  1. I too bought the Summit Louvers, not fitted them yet, the car took a turn for the worse once i lifted the carpets and now has been off the road a couple of years while I am getting to grips with the very slow restoration.
  2. Item purchased thread closed thanks to Mike at Motorcity Mustang
  3. Hello Great, im happy to clean it up does not take 5 min, Can you message me a price thanks, Shipping would likely be to New Port Richey FL 34652
  4. Thanks This is what I'm after , but of course the Right Hand Side one :)
  5. As the title, I'm looking for the Front (short) inner fender splash shield which attaches to the back of the Radiator Support Panel. RHS. Thanks
  6. I have just done the seal replacement on my Eaton pump, But I do require new lines and now it seems a new steering box :( Being in the UK the problem is going to be the weight of the unit and shipping :(
  7. Wow, just found this thread, great info, just need to get my head around it. My current 71 steering box is leaking fluid out of the top where the locking nut locates and the steering coupler joins onto the splined shaft, looks like its way more complicated than I thought it would be :(
  8. Tried to help a UK fellow Mustang owner last weekend to see if the front frame is out of alignment on his 72 Sportsback. I had printed off the frame diagrams on the wiki, but being a novice the measurements on the diagram were not easy to read? For example 33.90? Well I presume these diagrams were produced in the 1970s so the measurements are not going to be in Metric! So 33 would be 33 inches and 90 being like on a PYE chart? 100 being a full circle= 1 inch?, 25 being a 1/4 of a circle 75 being 3/4 of a circle, so 90 would be almost 1 inch? Is this correct? Now the issue we had is that the lower control arm strut rods we managed to get into the Front Frame crossmember, adjust them to the same thread length but looking at the lower control arms, it seems one is more forward than the other? (The control arm support strut rods are new as are the lower control arms). Are there any better ways (more simple ways) of measuring the frame and checking its straightness prior to fitting the engine? Or even after the engine has been fitted? Trouble is with this particular car it has had new inner fenders already welded in place along with shock tower mounts, and the lower frame rails have been patch welded. The top cowl to front radiator support panel measurements seem to be correct, but its the lower frame rails and Engine crossmember control arm points that concern me? We were both novices but we just could not get to grips with the frame measurements.
  9. Jesus Christ! If that's real, that's frightening! You only have to set fire to a cap full of petrol to see the flash point! Be afraid people, Someone will Die!
  10. LOL currently $58.00 shipped to the UK But Just glad I could find one and think its great when people step up and make parts.
  11. I just ordered one of these from Daniel, Price has gone up a bit but shipped straight away to the UK Contact email : postaldan@msn Cheers Mark.
  12. More updates.... Battery Tray area, mmmmm! When working on the front of the car I came across a piece of tin bolted loosely to the front inner fender area Wonder what that's there for, it did not look original? Holy Sh**t more Holes! I am just bemused and saddened by how much was hidden from me when I bought this car!
  13. So let me update you on the Mig welder I purchased. I had an area under the rear seat that was not too structural so thought I would give the welding a go........ The method I was going to use was to butt weld the panels together (not overlap). it started off OK but sadly I ended up with a few blow through holes and need now to repair the repair. I'm not happy enough to tackle the floor pan yet, after grinding back welds some areas have become too thin so I need to do this again. As I said welding is new to me so this is a learning curve. I did want to go on a welding course but sadly the UK went into lockdown because of Covid, so once restrictions lift I will try and find a course again for thin sheet metal. My welded does take Gas and I am using small bottles of an Argon mix.
  14. Now you may have noticed the LHS Front wing removed, just as well I did because now I have found more problems I have found a large hole on the LSH inner frame where its spot welded to the strut tower middle section! I have since cut that section back and treated the area with 30 percent Phosphoric Acid. Notice on the inside area toward the hood hinge Bondo! There is a fracture crack and someone has tried to hide it using bondo and black paint. I have ordered some sheet steel (which is currently almost a week late) so that I can fabricate up a section and patch it in. Another job has been repairing and painting the bumper support frame. The Bumper and frame were held on with cheap galvanised hex head metric bolts! Not a domed head coach bolt in site! one side of the bumper bracket was torn and there were other distortion tears, all confirming this is a salvage car. So I got the mig welder out and attempted some weld repairs. Came out not too bad. I'm still not confident to tackle the floor pans yet, but its a start.
  15. I have decided the front area of the radiator will be finished in Gloss black and the engine bay (when I get that far will be finished in satin Black). After rubbing down and repainting the headlight frames and support brackets, they have come out really well. It was actually nice to bolt something back on the car!
  16. I managed to get hold of some front grille support brackets and I also liked the colour detailing in the picture that Stanglover posted, so I have now also detailed some of my parts Zinc Grey with Clearcoat. Now having painted those parts showed the rest of the car to be in a poor state, so I have set to work on the front of the car, removing the chrome bumper, grille light support frames and making good the radiator Support frame. I had to knock out a few dents on the support frame and the cheap eBay hammer and dolly kit I bought has now paid for itself
  17. So here we are in 2021 and sadly I still don't have any more progress on the floor pans or inner cowl area, Weather in the UK has been very cold, not quite cold enough for deep snow but with the car outside and in the shade its not exactly been easy to work on. So lets have a couple of positive updates...... Rear window polished trim, remember the piece of trim that was badly distorted and dented I posted earlier? well after a lot of work I got the dents out removed the lacquer varnish and polished it. Very pleased with the result. Its not back on the car but that's another part restored. Next was to repair my RHS Window trim, again big dents and nicks in the aluminium. I tried using oven cleaner (uk brand) to try and remove the varnish but that didn't work, so i spent hours with wet and dry paper. I managed to get all the dents out of it and its come up like new. Again Really pleased.
  18. Been working on the rad support frame and headlight assembly's, knocking out dents, cleaning and working out correct bolts, sanding cleaning and painting. A slection of Metric, and mis-matched bolts some idiot had used throwing the damaged car together! It really annoys me when the wrong bolts are used!
  19. Been working on the rad support frame and headlight assembly's, knocking out dents, cleaning and working out correct bolts, sanding cleaning and painting.
  20. Well I have worked out what I need, It seems the Vertical Headlight support bracket (which bolts onto the Radiator support panel Has a short Black sems bolt 7/16 Hex head 3/4 washer and in length is 5/8 1/4 -20 thread The other bolts that the main headlight frame assembly and base plate have Black sems bolt 7/16 Hex head 3/4 washer and in length is 7/8 1/4 -20 thread The shorter bolts make sense so as not to catch your hand or arm on them if working around the Radiator. So my next question is trying to find the bolts, I can get the 7/8 length bolts on ebay but I cant find the shorter 5/8 length ones? I would be happy with used bolts as long as the threads are good and the heads not rounded. 24hrs in phosphoric acid makes them new again :)
  21. Hi, need some help please. I am assembling my headlight frames and I seem to have a whole bunch of diffrent size dog point bolts. Some have a 1/2" hex head, some are 5/8" and some are 1/4" also the headlight bracket to raidatior support frame has two diffrent length bolts, top one short, bottom one long. Please does anyone have a dirgrams of what is supposed to go where? My car has been messed around with prior to my ownership so somone may have used whatever they had to hand. Thanks Mark.
  22. Well I guess Ford skimped on it judging by the amount of rottern Mustangs out there! LOL
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