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  1. Great work, I have never tried wielding, My own car needs work, but I think I will end up taking it to a specialist chassis company. What are you using for rust treatment on the other parts and on the new bare metal?
  2. Average Gas price here in the UK is £1.27per Litre for Regular Unleaded, Super Unleaded is even More!
  3. No ......Just , NO Sorry But I really don't think Electric is the way forward, I think we are all being sold a lie on how wonderful these cars are. The making of the Batteries, transporting costs of materials and the processes of recycling them at the moment is going to be an even bigger problem to deal with in future years IMO Not to mention the power station upgrades required to power the Grid country wide! I do agree something needs to be done in cities with air pollution and at this moment in time Electric seems an easy choice, but I think this is short term. Hydrogen is what really needs to be developed.
  4. Well last weekend I took the car out to an American car "Cars and Coffee" meet. It was some 60 miles from my home and this would be the first long drive since ownership. The car is a bit of a Junkyard Dog at the moment, but I have ordered up over a thousand bucks worth of parts (Im sure that's just the start) to help me get the car in a better condition. So the car starts fine with the Edelbrock 4 barrel carb and manifold but I was having trouble starting the car when warm and also thought the pick up of the car a little slow considering it has the 4 barrel, Intake comp cam and headers. So upon inspection under the car........I found this! IMG_20191025_164939 - Copy (2) by Fatboy 18, on Flickr lollerz How the hell any fuel got through the line is amazing! So that's now yet another job to do on this dog :(
  5. One of me with my other Toy, I am also the UK region Prez of the VOA (Viper Owners Association)
  6. Great Pictures, and well done to services in your country. That must have been a Very proud moment.
  7. Are these still available? if anyone is making these or can put m in contact with supplier i would be grateful, thanks
  8. Here's the Door sticker, Not Orange! Picture of the front crossmember! Bad :(
  9. I need some help with these measurements and am a complete novice. I have to replace the front chassis cross member and work out why one inner RH wheel is almost touching the rear bump stop but the left inner wheel is a good 1 inch away from the LH rear bump stop. Can these measurements be taken without stripping down the car? IE : removal of engine, trans and rear Axle? My car has been in accident at some point in its life and I can tell the chassis was never properly repaired or aligned! RHS REAR WHEEL LHS REAR WHEEL FRONT CROSS MEMBER!
  10. Well sadly it turns out I may have bought a bit of a Junkyard Dog :( Car needs some chassis work! The front crossmember has had a big impact and needs to be cut out and replaced. There is a big patched hole under the RHS rear foot area so that part of the floor pan requires replacing. The rear shock mounts in the body have been welded on buy a 3 year old and it looks like there is problem with either a rear axle alignment or something is bent in the rear. Front brakes are binding, rear foot (parking brake) does not work. Neutral shifter lock not working, electrical switch is missing, and a whole host of other issues. So not a great start to ownership :( At the moment,the car is dangerous and unsafe to drive. Oh and according to the door sticker the car was delivered Wimbledon White with a Red interior! No idea where all that colour and trim disappeared to?
  11. Thanks for the welcome ::thumb::
  12. Hi John, thanks for the welcome. ::thumb::
  13. I have just ordered from ebay the rear view clip on mirror with rear view camera for my 71. Being in the UK and with Left Hand Drive, this car is dangerous! I needed to pull into the right hand lane on dual carriageway and nearly took out another car that I simply could not see! My car currently has fitted the small round door mirrors, the drivers side is ok but the passenger side one is a convex one which is useless. Great first post, I was really laughing reading that :D
  14. Thanks for the info, I have no clue on this car, I just liked the colour and Bought it lollerz Did I do any research, NO! What should the Oil pressure be on these cars? Where should the Gauge be? If you mean " where would the gauge needle be pointing ", I had the same question a few weeks back. Answer in general terms: around mid point at cold start and drop to approx above the O when hot. Approx 90 psi initially, down to 75 psi when running. May also depend on the type of oil you are using. Some good info on this site so do a further search. Interesting car - stick with it. PKJ Thanks, Yes where the needle is pointing was what I meant. Now someone has fitted aftermarket replacement non factory gauges in this car, they are the same size as the originals and fit in the gauge cluster. I will post up a quick video.
  15. Thanks for the info, I have no clue on this car, I just liked the colour and Bought it lollerz Did I do any research, NO! What should the Oil pressure be on these cars? Where should the Gauge be?
  16. Thank you, I've got lots to do on it interior wise, I want to get it back to original inside. Its missing the Windscreen washer system, I believe the car came from Southern California. I don't actually get the car until September 10th, its being Delivered to me then. I will then get to work seeing what it needs! $$$$$$$$$
  17. Well I've no idea? :chin:
  18. Thanks for the welcome Guy's.
  19. Hi Everyone, Just bought a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier called a 71 Mustang! lollerz I can't believe the length of the front fenders and Hood! I live in North Surrey, Directly South of London, UK. This car is definitely going to stand out in the crowd of BMWs and other European dull tin boxes. I know nothing much about these cars or how to tell what factory spec my car was or should be? I have some small parts missing such as the complete Window washer system, and the car needs all new weatherstripping on the doors and side quarters. I also need a rubber seal between the filler neck and fuel tank, there is a smell of fuel in the trunk? For my sins I also have another couple of American Toys, A 2003 Harley Davidson Fatboy and a 2000 Dodge Viper GTS I am also the UK President of the Viper Owners Association. Looking forward to gaining tips and Info.
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