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  1. Bought some 0.8 Mig welding wire for the new Mig welder.
  2. I purchased one as a Guest and used Credit card.
  3. 92GTS-R


    Great Pic, thanks for posting
  4. Got an email yesterday to say order has already shipped :)
  5. Dam, ordered mine today but didn't see the Deals bit, oh well never mind, next year :)
  6. My partner says there's something not right with the Male mind wanting to restore old rust buckets
  7. Well that's the correct pic. I wanted to post it in the remembrance thread. Its the Canadian cemetery in Normandy France.
  8. You Computer guys have lost me? This problem sounds as bad as trying to rewire a mustang!
  9. Hello Im looking for the brackets that attach to the plastic grille centre and then attach to the long hood latch support brackets. I don't need the whole hood latch assembly, just the short black brackets. Happy for Vendors to contact me if they have them. Thanks Mark Note, shipping would be to Florida :)
  10. I tried that but sadly it did not work :( Trying again in this post....... Nope.....I paste the URL and image code into the insert URL box, Box turns red in background and pic will not load.
  11. I don't seem to be able to load up pictures from my flickr account? On all other forums I just normally get the BBC code copy and paste. But its not working here? Tried it this way, (which works on other forums) [img]https://live.staticflickr.com/768/22295681474_157552a2e7_z.jpg[/img] Then tried this [url][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/768/22295681474_157552a2e7_z.jpg[/img][/url] Still No Good So copied web address photo link and that's no good either https://www.flickr.com/photos/90582394@N02/22295681474/in/album-72157660631075550/ Now trying as posted below...... [img][url]https://live.staticflickr.com/768/22295681474_157552a2e7_z.jpg[/url][/img]
  12. Well Said https://www.flickr.com/photos/90582394@N02/22295681474/in/album-72157660631075550/
  13. Well Today I managed to buy a mig welder for the car so I can start work on the floor pans! ........Finally
  14. Big hello from the small island across the Pond UK Nice Ride
  15. Well I'm liking the sound of this Sounds like a great weekend :) Hopefully travel restrictions will be lifted by then.
  16. I wish I did know someone willing to let me use their shop but sadly I don't :(
  17. Its the same in the UK, If you use any of the large DIY Stores the wood is so fresh that when they cut the strapping you can almost see it twist in front of your eyes! Also the amount of Knots in the wood is a pain in the butt. I had trade accounts and another Lumber yard, their Lumber was much better quality (seasoned longer) and also less knots, but you paid more, it was worth it as it saved you time on the job.
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