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  1. I am still not enjoying the new style forum as much as the old one and is clear to see my post count has dropped off since. I know we have been told why things had to change but I'm an old dog and just am not finding it as easy as it used to be.
  2. Wow, looks like you have been doing a ton of work to that car! Boy I wish I had a shop like that to work on my ride Well Done, looking forward to more updates Mark UK
  3. Strange , the website has now gone from Black background to pale blue and white? I have not altered anything at my end? Is this another format change?
  4. Does the car have an FMX transmission? Im looking for the electrical plug terminal connecter (on the main wiring harness) that the Shifter Neutral safety switch plugs into. My car has been rewired and sadly I don't have that connecter. Also looking for the 2 front centre grille support plates in front of the radiator support panel (not the long ones, the 2 shorter black plates) Thanks Mark
  5. Thanks for the door pics, I did not realise it had the extra trim on the outside of the door, I presume the trim is attached to the door using screws through the outer door skin. Im looking for a clean door with no holes. Sorry.
  6. Front windscreen (if any good) Drivers door (if no rust) centre front grille support brackets. If it was an FMX car the electrical plug that the neutral safety switch plugs into on the main wire harness. RHS front screen trim.
  7. I have been repairing and prepping more parts. I am still waiting for parts from the USA (which are currently on a container ship). Sanded back the poorly painted dash IMG-20200816-WA0006 by Fatboy 18, on Flickr
  8. Fuel pipes melt when using Milk, Calcium melt down, a better option is Soya milk I first experienced this when using Full Fat Double cream (thinking the thicker lube would quieten down the valve train).
  9. I'm amazed that you know 70% of the traffic is using a mobile device, I use my Laptop to view this site, I don't like using a mobile device much. Still struggling :(
  10. I'm not enjoying it much either, I have changed to the black background but I really do miss the old site.
  11. Welcome, floors look to be in better shape than my 71, what do the inner window cowl areas look like? Is it an A/C car
  12. Just been going through this thread, WOW, Your car looks BadAss, loving the wide body look. Can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for taking the time to post all the pics.
  13. Bad Ass, Wow car looks awesome with the Desert backdrop I was not so keen on the first picture because it showed the road in the background on the RHS, but the other pics are Awesome
  14. Update: Got the new bush today, knocked out the old bush and fitted the new one. I now am waiting for my new pulley to turn up. But at least I have got the Pump assembly re-built.
  15. Thanks, I will get there, I just want the car to be structurally safe so i can drive it down the road with confidence. There's a lot of bondo in various places around the car but I want to get the floors done and seal all that up before I go tackling anything else. Found out my car has Hooker Headers. :)
  16. So just a small update..... I have ordered the front Left and right floor pans with the correct shaping for the 71 stang. Also ordered new black carpet from Rock Auto, Essex grade with Mass backing. Ordered a Billet power steering pump bracket and Pulley. I started another thread on my Power steering pump but parts have also been ordered to repair that. Also ordered new roof drip rails. All parts are being shipped to California, they will then go into a container and be shipped to the UK in a consolidated shipment. It's going to be several weeks before I get the parts, I will still have to pay extra shipping and duty etc on the parts but it was the cheapest way I could find to get the parts to the UK. The parts are sharing the container with another car being exported to the UK Cheers stay safe everyone.
  17. Well I went ahead and ordered a billet power steering pump bracket and Ford Thompson Billet pulley. I will keep you informed on the fitting process, I hope it fits!
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