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  1. Nice, I was up there in 1981, myself and a friend were sharing the driving in a 1979 Red Chevy camaro 5ltr V8. Sadly not the 5.7ltr 350 :D It was one of the places we visited while driving from New York to LA. I still have the coin you could get at the summit top station 14,110 feet high.
  2. topic closed, gave up with this, bit the bullet and purchased a new pair from Dynacorn
  3. Ordered New front Left and Right floor pans and Billet aluminium Power steering Pulley and Bracket via ebay. Ordered New ROOF Drip rails from CJ Pony. Ordered New Black Carpet from Rock Auto. Should be about 6 to 8 weeks before I get it all, as its going into a container in Torrance CA before being shipped to UK So I can't see the car being on the road this year 😞
  4. Wonder if it was a loose wheel or weather something broke in the diff? Lucky no one was injured and that the mustang was not going any faster!
  5. Thanks for the link, I emailed the company and they are shipping out a replacement Bush for me. International Postage was a killer but better than having to order a replacement pump. Here's what my lead bush looked like 😞
  6. As the title, I looking for a good condition used or old stock roof drip rail for my 71 fastback. I don't need a pair of them, just looking for the Right Hand Side. I'm in the UK so international shipping might be a problem, but alternatively I do know a company that provides car and parts shipping to the UK from Torrance California, so the item could be sent there (within the USA) and I will then arrange my own international shipping. Happy for Vendors to contact me if they have one for sale. Thanks.
  7. Still struggling to navigate this new system. Old system you could see your forum name, then find your posts or threads. How do I find my stuff now?
  8. Just seems everyone wants to change everything these days, Laws, Statues, law and order and now forums! I don't do facebook, and liked the old format, I have had to turn down the brightness on my laptop,the white is also killing my eyes. Sorry, but its only fair that you receive all feedback.
  9. Well I got a reply back from the company and they no longer sell the kit with the mainshaft white metal bearing. He said he might have some bearings coming in a week or two but he wants to keep them for full refurbishments of his own pumps. So if anyone knows where else to find one I'm all ears, I cant put the pump back together with the broken bearing. Thanks
  10. Thought that was a young Brad Pitt for a moment!
  11. Thank you for the link,I have sent the company an email asking if they will ship to the UK ::thumb::
  12. :( Well having painted the outer body of the pump I decided to rebuild my pump with my original shaft, but I have now run into a major problem! The white metal bearing that the shaft runs through is breaking apart :shootself: Can a replacement white metal bearing be purchased? Thanks. Never easy is it :(
  13. Like I said, way out of my price range :( But thanks for the thought.
  14. Yes it sucks, I also got screwed buying the car, there really are so many things wrong with it in almost every direction I look. I had no idea the car was so bad. Biggest problem I have now is this Lockdown, I used to get parts shipped to my friends home and he would bring things over to the UK for me. But getting estimated quotes on having items sent to the UK from USA Is just not possible for me, the shipping and duty is a real joke! I have had the car now since September 2019 Driven it no more than 3 times and now its a pile of scrap on the front drive.
  15. Well work on the car has sadly ground to a halt at the moment, I'm stuck trying to find someone to help me do some welding on the car. Power steering pump is in bits as I ordered the wrong pump shaft. Still need a replacement roof drip rail. (so cant assemble anything back until I find one of those). Need new left and right front floor pans. Found one of the power steering lines rubber outer sheath is split, Drivers door has taken a big hit. I managed to find a replacement door on ebay but the seller did not show the true state of the door! I paid the equivalent of $203 Dollars for this piece of junk that turned up this morning. Needless to say I have started a return via ebay, but I have to pay shipping :( I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel with this car at the moment and just do not have capital to keep throwing good money after bad. Sorry Guys....Bad day :(
  16. 92GTS-R


    Mine have holes too :(
  17. 92GTS-R


    My floors are Ginger with Rust :D
  18. 92GTS-R


    Thank you. Car is far away right now. Will see if I can get a pic of the dataplate. I do have the VIN (serial) number: 2F02F10 if that,can help. VIN (serial) number: 2F02F10 2 = 1972 F = Dearborn Assembly plant 02 = Sports roof (Fastback) F =302-2V (2 valve) 10---- Consecutive unit number (normally 6 digits) Welcome to the fun
  19. When you say sprayed on the bottom of the car? do you mean under the carpets in the seam areas OR Mixed in with the underseal on the underside of the car? If we are cutting out floor pan sections and cutting through that underseal then this could be dangerous work?
  20. Are you looking for "Good Used" or New? I know of at least 3 "Good Used" ones for sale in Indiana in the USA by the same seller. Let me know if you want the contact details.
  21. Bought a complete replacement drivers door today on eBay UK! Its from a 71, Now bear in mind these bits are hard to find in the UK, and my car left the factory Wimbledon White with a red interior, the replacement door is white with a red door card! What are the chances of that! Its a bit rusty at the bottom but a bit of acid treatment should sort that out. Door comes with Glass and door handle too! ::thumb::
  22. Tried to make good some holes in an old aluminium Mustang roof drip rail, Watched the youtube videos on Aluminium welding, Check. Ordered thin Aluminum welding rods supposedly able to fill a hole in a thin coke can. Ordered some powder aluminium welding flux to aid flow. Cleaned trim thoroughly but no matter how many times I tried the trim kept oxidising as soon as I put the blow lamp on it and aluminium beaded and rolled off the trim. Having spent a few hours getting various dents out of the trim I was gutted when the trim started distorting and holes started appearing in it due to being heated and cleaned time and time again. so now I need a replacement roof rail :( Can't win em all :(
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