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  1. Thanks guys. This is kinda what I figured. Just didn’t know for certain. I’ll try and find a code tomorrow. That said. I did find a complete 351 Cleveland from a guy locally who said he will give to me for $100 just to haul it off. He said he doesn’t know a whole lot about it. But believes the block is fine with no cracks. Even thinks the 2v heads are good but said the rest probably needs a full rebuild. So for the price, I’m going to pick it up tomorrow. I’ve never built an engine from the ground up before. Other than disassembling it. What should be the first thing I do? Is it going to need to go to a machine shop? What should I expect to pay for that? And what should I be looking to get them to do?
  2. Hi. Thank you. I know it’s a Windsor. But my question is how can I confirm if it’s the original engine or if it originally had a Cleveland?
  3. Hi all. New member here. Turned 40 years old last week and bought my first ever muscle/classic car project. I’ve been wanting to do this since I was a teenager but never had the means. This week I bought a 1971 Mustang Mach 1. Previous owner did a lot of the body work and gave up on the project. Windshield, fuel tank, panels, trunk etc all replaced. Car runs and drives but needs restoration. Mostly the interior is trashed. But here’s my plans and my questions I’d like to get he car as close to original stock as possible (except I’d like to cha he the interior from red to black). I think initially I want to just get everything cleaned up, engine bay painted and motor painted pretty, underside painted, interior redone etc. I don’t expect it to be a $100k show car. But I do want it done to the best of my ability and somewhat limited finances. So here’s my main question. Whenever I get to the engine work. I do want to beef it up a little. Add a little HP. However, my car was an original 351 2v per Marti report. But it doesn’t specify if it was Cleveland or Windsor. Well.... my car has a 351w in it and the previous owner swears it’s the original motor. But I’m finding conflicting results when I search. Some say these 71-73 stands never had a Windsor at all. And others say there were rare instances when a Windsor was used. Specifically early production 71 models (mine was produced 11/1970). So my production date would support that theory if it’s fact. So before I dig into the Windsor and build it up and paint it. I want to know for a fact if it’s original. If it’s not, I’d rather replace with a Cleveland. Anyone have any ideas??
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