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  1. If I do, what and where exactly am I looking to verify it is what it should be. I am aware of the vin number and fender tag. Where on the engine, trans, reared and body etc. am I looking for numbers?
  2. Is there anyone nearby that can check this red car out? it’s in Jefferson, Iowa.
  3. with the 3:50 conventional rear end, will only one tire spin when it loses traction? It’s not a traction lock rear end is it?
  4. marti Report 1971 429.pdf this is the Marti report for the red car. I'm not sure how to make that a picture.
  5. I have the Marti report and photos of the restoration the current owner has in my computer at home. It says it should be light pewter. Personally I like the red ones, so color doesn’t bother me. I just want to know it is the real deal. He claims it’s the original drive train, and the original car. that’s an interesting tidbit about the fasten seat belt light. I know my Moms 71 convertible has a belts light on the drivers side. Belts and something else, two little red lights that fall off all the time.
  6. Yeah I was considering offering 60-65 for this white car, maybe not now. Please point out all that’s wrong with it. in the mean time...there is an alternative. the seller says this car was restored in the 90’s and changed to red, originally light pewter. They added factory AC during the restoration, not original. They claim the power windows are correct. Like the above car, it is a presumed original J Code, 4speed Mach1. This car has 3.50 gears vs 3.25’s which I think I’d prefer. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/ford/mustang/2410816.html
  7. https://www.cruznclassics.net/details/used-1971-ford-mustang/66492419
  8. It’s the louvered vent, but it looks like some Phillips screws hold it in.
  9. I am curious if there is an easy way to replace the passenger side AC vent. I have the part, but am not sure if I have to remove the whole dash, or part of the dash. Figured I'd ask before I start removing it all piece by piece until I figure it out.
  10. I am looking for all of the knobs and bezels for the headlight, wiper, and lighter switches on the dash. I have found all but the Headlight bezel. Does nobody make this part. Reproduction is fine, but I will pay for a mint original if anyone has one. If you have the part and are willing to sell let me know....or if you can point me to the part somewhere, that would be great. I've been searching online all day and just cannot locate one. Thanks
  11. https://www.koonssterlingford.com/used/Ford/1971-Ford-Mustang-ba19904c0a0e0ae71e4d0d97edd64c13.htm?fbclid=IwAR34mqrKvffAPJq3JNS4qKs_hftxKGBpnmcCwEuVLxf5Qkd1OTvFvnNzYnM I'm wondering how bad of shape this car is in. I'm in TX and its in VA.
  12. I am looking to purchase some LED headlights for my mom's 71 mustang convertible. I am needing advice on which to choose. She would like to retain the stock appearance but have much brighter lights that won't cause all of the oncoming cars to flash her constantly. I don't think the turn signals were normally part of the headlight, but some of the options I am looking at have that, seems odd. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Ryan
  13. Well she bought and it arrived (the solid red car). It is running and driving fine. However, it doesn't have working heater, AC, or even the heater and AC fan. I noticed some odd things in the engine compartment not seen in the pics. I'll have to get some pictures of it to post up on here later. But it looks like a heater hose is removed and zip tied into place along the AC lines. I think it should connect to the water pump. But instead a 5 inch or so long hose is connected to the water pump, which makes an immediate U turn back into the intake manifold. Can someone with a correct engine bay give me some good close up shots of where the proper heater hoses and coolant hoses should run to. The suspension is also very squeaky. Feels solid, but very noisy. Does it just need to be greased? Know of some common causes of the front suspension squeaking? The car has one small oil drip that we will have to address, not bad though. I id notice after it warms up the engine oil light will come on at idle in gear. Once it has a few revs or in neutral it goes out. I am guessing the RPM needs to be bumped up a tad?
  14. With this gauge cluster...is there no water temperature reading? Is it just an "idiot" light? How much work is it to install the other three aux gauges? Also, is there a good specialty shop to send the cluster to for refurbishing?
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