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  1. Snow is finally gone, and we're ready to get Sally out from under her cover and on the road!
  2. '73 Convertible 351C 2V C6 "Cruise-o-Matic" transmission... 40th birthday is May 2nd!
  3. Welcome from Ford's hometown of Dearborn MI, and from another '73 convertible owner!
  4. Want to replace the rear window handles on my 73 convertible, as the little aluminum caps keep popping off, and seem to be molded into the handle. I've not been able to find the shorter handles anywhere online. Suggestions? One site said the door window handles would work, but I think they're too long.
  5. I see joined in November but this is your first post so welcome to the site! Probably the easiest way to get to the dash speaker to replace it is to remove the dash pad assembly. It's easier than you would think. Go to the link below and follow steps 1 through 4. Then you should easily get to the speaker to replace it. Probably any new speaker will sound better than your old original. Good luck. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-how-to-replace-your-71-73-dash-pad?highlight=dash+pad Thanks! looks pretty simple - I'll give it a shot.. Bought a '73 convertible last summer - she's covered up in the garage for the winter, but I thought I'd go ahead and replace this speaker and possibly the poor instrument panel lights (a common malady with 71s-73s I believe) with LEDs before driving weather.. She is in excellent shape, with just some minor restoration, including new paint and top. The Marti report shows it came originally with an AM radio, but a previous owner put a Philco AM/FM Stereo in it. Stereo needs work (one channel is shot), but i want to keep it all looking original, so I found this place who will replace the electronics: http://www.turnswitch.com/radio1.htm - that's next on my wish list..
  6. looking at upgrading the original dash speaker on my 1973 to a stereo dash speaker I found @ NPD.. I'm a newbie to working on it, and wanted tips on replacing the speaker. Any suggestions or publication references would be great.
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