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    1971 Mustang yellow fastback
    1996 Mustang Cobra
    2012 Expedition 4X4
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    Central Virginia

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  1. Great idea I'll have to see what I can do that season.
  2. What's the best way / if any way to to find a 71-72 front soft bumper without breaking the bank?
  3. RIP Thank u Carrol for everything
  4. RIP, Thank u Carrol for every thing There is also a thread on off topic , to express our loss.
  5. After thinking about this and if I pretend its that era again gas would be 30 cents a gal. This makes the 429scj very cool but i'll order a boss 351 with the works 4 sd.
  6. The 429 was rated at 9 MPG I'm not sure about the 351 but with today's gas prices wow. This brings into focus weather it's going to a daily driver or not I don't care who's filling the tank.
  7. Great video , I love the vintage stuff! I wonder why?
  8. I was unaware of the prior thead thanks guys
  9. Pegasus it is. Note the caption reads "Forgotten mustang"
  10. Saw this in the 2012 june issue of hot rod magazine To each his own but I don't like except for under the hood 5.0 coyote power But its 99% 2011 GT under there.
  11. S4Stang

    New pics

    I'm not a new member, but just wanted to mention that I've finnally added the 71 to my garage with some pics. check it out.
  12. Looked like a great turn out for so early in the season. Oh and sounded like fun with the shelby too. Cruz ins are a great place for me to destress.
  13. The rear quarter scoop is kinda cool. I notice it's missing on the shelby what gives ????
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