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  1. I pulled off my triple cluster in the middle of the dash to replace the circuit wiring and bulbs. I put everything back and reconnected the speedometer cable. Now the speedometer needle jumps a lot and I didnt have this problem before. Anyone have any ideas what I need to do?
  2. I have pretty much straight pipes with cherry bomb exhaust but when I bought new hooker long pipe 3" headers (6915hkr) the old pipes didnt fit. I had to bend the old pipes and rig them to work so I'm looking for a new exhaust that will work and still have some rumble. Honestly the cherry bomb was pretty loud and I could go quieter with some flowmasters but just want to get something that sounds good with some rumble like modern mustangs. I wanted to see what exhaust systems others have chosen with these headers
  3. I jacked up the car and then put the car on stands and then jacked the engine up about 2 inches and had to turn the front wheel to get the header to fit.
  4. I also have an Edelbrock 650 cfm 4 barrel carb and it has a rear vacuum port, maybe I can use that for the ram air?
  5. So I ordered the ram air plenum and air breather but noticed all of my vacuum lines are taken up on the port behind the carburator. The vacuum port on the front of the intake has a bolt covering it so I dont know if I can remove it and put something there or use one of the ones on the backside. The Tee on the backside is all used up, it has 4 ports. One goes to the brake booster, one goes through the firewall into the dash, one goes to the C02 canister and the other attaches to a metal line behind engine to the gas tank. I found this photo on this site and the port looks the same as mine.
  6. Awesome kit, but I thought all the 71-73 mustangs came with front disk brakes. My 73 had front disk brakes from the factory
  7. i read an old post about someone who reverse engineered an original map light to produce a led clone. I messaged that member a week ago but never heard back. I would like to buy one for my car and wanted to know if he still makes them or if someone had one for sale.
  8. So I have had this car for 20 years and restored it myself back in 2002. I never really paid the engine much attention other than changing some engine parts like the water pump or distributor. Most of the work to restore it was the body, interior and electrical. I checked the heads recently to see what type of gasket ill need for the valve covers and realized they are 4V. I was able to talk to the guy I bought it from years ago and he said its a Q code engine. The vin starts with 3F05H, but the original owner was a mechanic and did some work to it. He found the engine in a salvage yard in another mustang, rebuilt it and put it in the 73'. I've wanted to get a ram air induction for the mustang and wanted to know if I should label the intake or hood with the 351 4V hood and breather decal since its not a Q code car or if it doesn't matter since it is a daily driver. Guess i just need to find a Q code in a junk yard and swap the dash and drivers door XD
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