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  1. I remember seeing tons of '70 Mustangs (mostly Boss 302s) as the topics of articles in Mustang Monthly way back when (probably because the editor, Donald Farr, had one at the time). Funny you should mention 'Falcon.' I've been trying to come up with a clever zinger relating the 'classic Mustangs' to being not much more than new carpet & drapes on a Falcon chassis.
  2. Considering that the 'huge increase in size & weight' is measured by just a few inches and couple hundred pounds, I'd say the 'vintage Mustang snobs' need to pull the stick out a little. They also technically started getting bigger and heavier in '69, but the '69-'70s are still revered. I would also think with as much as there is for anything Shelby, '71-'73s would have the love, considered how much the noses are alike.
  3. I think you might've gotten the same one I did, but I can't remember if I grabbed it from NPD or CJPP. https://www.npdlink.com/product/headlight-power-upgrade-harness-for-two-headlight-vehicles/208636/200546 Right now, I have a set of Scott Drake halogens (https://www.cjponyparts.com/scott-drake-headlight-halogen-fomoco-mustang-1965-1968-1970-1973/p/HL4/), and while they're a LOT brighter than the standard OEM replacements, they're basically just vintage lights that aren't very bright at all (compared to what's available these days, that is). I also picked up a set of these so I can run
  4. I was born and raised in Sandy, Utah, a suburb of SLC (and no, I am not... you know you were wondering). Faced with no money for college after high school, I joined the Air Force thinking I'd do my 4 years, get the GI Bill, and get back to SLC to attend the University of Utah Architecture program. Along the way, I got orders for Izmir, Turkey, and absolutely loved being overseas. Then I had a follow-on assignment slated for Ghedi-Torre AB, Italy (just outside of Brescia), and had to re-enlist to take it. So, I did... thinking I'd take the opportunity to see some more of the world on Uncle
  5. Check out the Vintage Mustang Forums sometime - the lack of respect for the '71-'73s is only somewhat less than their hatred for the Mustang IIs.
  6. I have a set in mine, and like the others mention they don't fit very well... but I was in a hurry to get my car done, so they're still in there - ill-fitting, and all. I used the SEM black metallic paint & process to at least get them to the right color. But, they're in the back seat area where nobody ever sits, and are WAY better than the mangled ones I pulled out after I first got my Mach 1, so I'm not sweatin' the small stuff. One day when I get froggy, I'll pull 'em out and try to make them fit a bit better. And just like the others, I am not endorsing these panels, or recomme
  7. Those are very nice, David. And you're right about simply cleaning up and refreshing the 'reflective' surfaces - makes a ton of difference. I know my tail light lenses suffer from 'still holding together, but cracks running everywhere,' that show up in direct sunlight despite being almost invisible when not. I just scored a handful of some new ones, which I'll be cleaning up and prepping to stuff in some of the Vintage LED panels - best of both worlds. It won't be quite as cool as the 'Obsidian tail light mod' that I still really want, but at least they'll be bright, sequential across a
  8. I think most of the things I don't like about the '71-'73s can be remedied with some subtle changes. The biggest being the tail lights - I've never really liked them, and always thought that they could've done a better job of making something fit the design a little better (for instance, the Cougar tail lights they tossed upside down into the Cougar's chrome bumpers would've looked WAY better on these cars - although, they were awfully Trans Am-esque, so that explains why they didn't go that direction). The trapezoid shape is hit or miss for me (some days I hate it, others not so much), but
  9. Yeah, well the Danish discovered it, and you don't hear them mispronouncing it. Just sayin'.
  10. Why do they call them 'apartments,' if they're so close together? Why is it called a 'hot water heater,' isn't the hot water already hot? Just for fun, last week I put a humidifier and a de-humidifier in a room and let 'em fight it out. "What I like best though is you guys cannot pronounce Jaguar ... we find that funny as hell ! ! ! " Yeah... "Jag-yoo-Argh." From the same people that can't pronounce "Aluminum." (How in the Hell do you get "Al-yoo-min-ee-um" out of that, anyway?)
  11. You don't by any chance have a second tail light assembly, do you?
  12. Welcome from West Texas! It doesn't look weird at all - it's just a '73 with '71-'72 stripes and decals, along with a set of late-model Mustang GT wheels (those are actually the weirdest part). Ain't nothin' wrong with Edelbrock goodies, either. ;) Good lookin' car - can't wait to see it all come back together and what you have planned for it!
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