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  1. Thank you for that, David! Nice find!
  2. After some major cleaning of the garage, picking up some big tools (26-gallon air compressor, low-profile transmission jack, full set of wheel skates, and a tow bar), I'm finally ready to bring Dave's Jeep home from Harry's back yard. My wife decided we needed to rename the Jeeps, since Dave's Jeep is being pieced together from others, it's now "Klooge." "Klooge" was a name Dave used to use for his toon when we played Unreal Tournament so many years ago, so I asked my wife if I needed to rename mine to "Dookie" (my toon's name), and just like that... "Dookie" it is. My wife likes to nam
  3. I'm thinking with that Santa, it will be more like, "Be careful what you wish for." LOL!! Like others, I'd wish for things to calm down and for everybody's lives to return a little more back to a pleasant level of normal, rather than have to accept all of the turmoil and irregularities of 2020 to become things that we just have to learn to live with as a 'new normal,' in anticipation of worse things to come. I'm also hoping that the weather will hold out long enough for me to get my Jeep Heart Transplant project underway and to the point where the drive train from my Jeep is success
  4. Makes sense. I was just curious. Can't wait to see how it all comes out.
  5. I just ran through the entire thread, and I have to say, Excellent Work - Truly Inspiring! I love the vision and direction you're going - very cool, indeed! My one question: why did you feel the need to mini-tub when you're planning on stuffing 'just' 295/50R15s on 15x10s w/5" back spacing out back? I have the same wheel size setup as what you spec'd without any modifications whatsoever, although I have 5 1/4" back spacing on those 15x10s. Just my curiosity asking the question.
  6. I saw you used the CAA A/C unit.  I was thinking of buying the complete unit for my wife.  I looked into this and found several pulley issues.  One guy used his alternator to power the unit with a long belt.  I saw that you used a factory style kit.  I am not sure what to do.  I could just go with the alternator type for now.  If it fails go with the 3 groove pulley.  What do you think?

    1. Mister 4x4

      Mister 4x4

      I picked up a 3-groove pulley from a parts car, and a factory idler pulley set from one of the members here.  There's also an adapter for a Sanden compressor from CAA/Old Air that ties the factory idler pulley to the Sanden compressor.  I went that route because CAA said to run a longer belt on the power steering pump circuit... I wasn't too keen on having 4 pulleys on a V-belt.  I suppose it's doable and someone else did that with no issues (I can't remember who mentioned that).

      If you don't have power steering, that would be a super long belt and I'm not even sure how all 4 pulleys would work, especially with the alternator on the passenger side with the A/C compressor on the driver side.

      Hope that helps!

  7. The repop piece I picked up for mine (from OMS) fits perfectly, even though mine was a non-A/C originally. But the woodgrain veneer was already trying to come off (cheap adhesive in the production process). No worries though, as I was planning on removing it anyway (I replaced it with 3M DiNoc black carbon fiber vinyl). The OE A/C vent, 3-gauge pack, and map light all fit perfectly as well, along with the chrome trim plating being of good quality and all of the fastener points lined up perfectly.
  8. I have the full Pypes X-pipe system with Street Pros on mine (non-staggered shocks), and it's awesome. Here's a link to a thread with some pics of the underside of my car with the Hooker Headers, AOD, and Pypes installation. https://7173mustangs.com/forums/topic/36463-exhaust-header-help-please/?tab=comments#comment-373381 http://www.mister4x4.net/cars/Mach_1/Frankenstang_20180928.mp4?_=1 Hope this helps!
  9. Finally got a chance to finish up my wife's new computer. Back in June, she mentioned that Blizzard would be releasing a new expansion pack for World of Warcraft, and that her machine might not be able to run it very well without struggling, so I pretty much blew her stimulus check on a new machine (some assembly required, of course). I decided to make it WoW-themed and hopefully, a little over the top. Fractal Design makes awesome computer cases, and I’m hoping they’ll like it enough for their case mod gallery when I’m done. Here’s the gear: Fractal Design Focus mid-tower ca
  10. The first big regretful mistake: I'd bought my first 4x4, an '85 Nissan 720 and absolutely loved it - lifted it, big tires, added all of the cool 'monster truck' accessories from the '80s-'90s, and wheeled the crap out of it. About 3 1/2 years into it, the truck was coughing and puking when you first fire it up and let out the clutch in the morning, but would smooth out and run fine after awhile and not while it was warm during the day. After changing out plugs, wires, cap & rotor and timing the sucker, the problem persisted. Then I threw in some Split Fires, new coils, an
  11. My Mom's been in and out of the hospital since 22 Sep for Parkinson's and old-age related degradation. She's currently in a rehab center looking to move to the other end of the building to the permanent 'nursing home' wing. Every weekend since has been all about getting her stuff squared away (bank account, bills, insurance, and literal things in her apartment). Sucks getting old.
  12. LOL!! Can't really argue with that! You know, interestingly enough, her V6-powered RS actually would have about the same HP as that 'Vette.
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