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  1. Oh. Mah. Gawd. I think I need a towel. One of my favorite movies and TV shows growing up. Blue Thunder's movie still holds up fairly well, although Airwolf's lost its teeth. Put aside the cheesy acting, plot, and dialogue, and I still love watching those birds fly. Both are definitely on the list as part of my quest to reclaim/rebuild all of the model kits I had as a kid.
  2. Yeah, I remember re-watching some of the shows/movies I thought were SO cool when I was a kid thinking, "Wow - did THAT suck" (Airwolf, for one). For the record - I was a fan of the Ferrari Daytona LONG before Miami Vice came out. I ain't gonna lie, though - I'd be perfectly happy with an LS-powered kit car version on a C3 chassis... even if it was black. ;)
  3. I have too many to be specific. But, I suppose if I had to choose just one: 1971 Ferrari 365 Daytona GTS Spyder Then again, this would be pretty awesome: Coyote X (McLaren Marauder kit car from the TV Show Hardcastle & McCormick) I'm going to stop right here... I could go on for days.
  4. I was recently promoted into my boss's job after he retired in June... and I honestly have no idea what he actually did the past 7 years besides watch TV and grouch at us. My inbox blows up daily, and the phone's always ringing with people asking me various things, and I've found plenty of things that need improvement along with getting some of our personnel transitions finalized. We figured I'm so busy these days because I'm more approachable and some of those folks calling me now might've been happy to see him go. Whatever the case, I've been too busy to slip into the fourms while at work
  5. I have a similar set-up, except with a Duraspark ignition and Accel SuperCoil - runs awesome and looks great! The factory-style distributor even allows factory Ram Air fitment without modification like the other aftermarket (larger) HEI style distributors.
  6. Same with mine, except I didn't do anything to them hoping that the body shop would've made it all pretty. There's a lesson learned: body shops will do the absolute minimum necessary to get the car shiny again... which will have such an effect on the owner that he will most likely miss all of the details they ignored and/or forgot to take care of. People like Kevin are rare, and anybody who is lucky enough to find someone like Kevin to work on their cars are going to be extremely happy with the results and knowing it was done right.
  7. I also have a set of ceramic coated Hooker Competition long tube headers with power brakes and power steering - they fit very well and had no issues going in. They're backed up with a Pypes 2.5" stainless exhaust with X-pipe. The AOD's valve body and pan are a bit bigger than the factory automatics, though... that's why they look so close to it. Still plenty of room and no issues. Hope this helps (don't run your brake line like I did mine, though - rookie mistake ;) ).
  8. I went with the TMI Sport seats up front and standard seat in back - Love It! Then again, mine's more of a restomod than restoration.
  9. I know perspective is always a factor, but I think these offer up some compelling evidence to support argument that the '71-'73 are are NOT as gigantic as everybody thinks. So this shows the relative size comparison - pretty much the same except the nose looks MUCH smaller on the '70. Why is that? (The '71 would also look shorter and possibly even longer if the TuTone and rockers were black, I imagine) Because the nose is squared off on the '71-'73s, rather than tapered on the '69-'70s. Look how much bigger the nose of the '70 Shelby looks than the '69 Mustang. I
  10. Could be. Could also be they figured out they could do that (some forums won't even let you have an avatar until a certain number of posts). If you have some screen names, we can keep under observation. Thanks for keeping an eye on things!
  11. I found a link to a local hobby/model store who does resin pieces. He has '71-'72 grilles/bumpers/headlight kits, along with coupe bodies. I snagged a couple of '71-'72 front end kits, and will go back for a few more along with a couple of coupe bodies at some point - I'm wanting build a coupe and 'vert so I have one of each to go along with a handful of Mach 1 kits I have to build (at least 3 depicting the various states of mine: factory fresh, how I found it, and how it is now, for starters - I might cut one in half for a 'shop diorama'). The guy makes 'em by order, so it can take a bit o
  12. Oh man, that sucks! Are you OK? Hopefully, that's all the bad juju you need for awhile.
  13. Went to Austin, TX last Saturday and scored a complete '86 258/T-5/D300 for my pal's '86 Golden Eagle, and found me a 304/TF-999 for my '80 CJ-7. Of all the luck, the 304/TF-999 came with an '80 CJ-7 Laredo, which I'm thinking my other BFF needs a Jeep project, once I swap the 304/TF-999 for my 258/T-176. Also scored an early YJ top for mine (I like the bigger windows), and grabbed some half doors, a YJ soft top, and some 'like new' CJ fenders for my pal's new project. I got really super lucky. My buddy Harry was looking for a 'new' 258 for his Jeep, and found a guy on A
  14. If there's one thing I've learned over the past 20+ years of frequenting internet forums (and running a few of my own), it's that "no 2 forums are alike," and "if you don't keep up with the updates, you'll lose control in a hurry." Barry saw the writing on the wall with MyBB and took the initiative to move over to the new platform, which in the IT world, is a Herculean undertaking - think of it like taking the biggest salvage yard in a big city and moving it across town - some things might get lost along the way or just left behind, but eventually everybody will figure out where the thing
  15. I'm not surprised that so many of those (as well as 'vert top switches) are broken off. I installed a small toggle switch in pretty much the same place to kick on my '82 Mustang's electric fan when the relay went bad, and broke it off twice getting in and out of the car before I finally got smart(er) and installed an illuminated rocker switch. Should've just replaced the dang relay... but no... I was WAY smarter than that when I was in my early 20s.
  16. I think that's the standard configuration for that switch (mine's the same).
  17. Wow! That's pretty bizarre, and very cool at the same time. Good for you! One thing that I found particularly cool is that you were able to call [former] Mrs. Luxstang and have laugh over it. Also, Good for you!
  18. OK, so Torque Thrust Original are the original style Torque Thrust rims from the '60s. They have painted spokes and a machined or polished rim. The spine of each spoke is basically straight - they're also 1-piece construction, I believe. Torque Thrust 'D's are basically the same thing - the construction might be slightly different - the spine of each spoke is curved. Torque Thrust 2 are the same rim, but in either all chrome, or all polished, with the spines of the spokes being curved. I struggled with those as well - I originally wanted Torque Thrust 2s on mine, but everybody
  19. I'm a big Richie Sambora fan - he always had a way of putting the perfect solo into whatever tune they came up with... that, and he's definitely got some technical chops as well. Again - well done, Brother! Can't wait for more!
  20. I have pretty much the same set-up, except Pypes Street Pro mufflers that came with the 2.5" stainless exhaust system. Sounds deep and meaty to me from the driver seat and not 'brappy' at all. I don't have any Cleveland-powered H-pipe cars around to compare with. Frankenstang_20180928[1].mp4
  21. DUDE!! That. Was. Freaken. AWESOME!! I can't wait to hear more!
  22. The Performer (2750) dual-plane intake has the same deck height for the carb as the factory 2bbl intake - I think the Air Gap sticks up a little higher, which will cause interference issues with the Ram Air set-up. Be advised also that the Ram Air Air Cleaner will need a small cap distributor (like factory, Pertronix, Duraspark, et al), otherwise it will need to be modified to fit an HEI-syle cap (like MSD, DUI, etc.). It's doable, but kind of a PITA.
  23. Yay! Thank You Anonymous Donor!! Welcome aboard, brothers! Hey midlife - did you actually check to see if the French Maid uniforms will fit them this time?
  24. I'm running my factory H-Code (2V) heads with an Edelbrock Performer 4bbl intake topped with a matching Edelbrock 1406 Performer 4bbl carb. Did some mild port and polish on the heads with a 3-angle valve job, roller-everything with a mid-range CompCams bumpstick, blowing the gasses out thru Hooker headers and 2.5" stainless exhaust with X-pipe. It's a beast - CompCams CamQuest utility says to expect around 400-ish at the crank, and it feels like every bit of it is there. The good thing is with a small head distributor (mine's a Duraspark), the Ram Air Air Cleaner fits like factory. If
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