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  1. You don't by any chance have a second tail light assembly, do you?
  2. Welcome from West Texas! It doesn't look weird at all - it's just a '73 with '71-'72 stripes and decals, along with a set of late-model Mustang GT wheels (those are actually the weirdest part). Ain't nothin' wrong with Edelbrock goodies, either. ;) Good lookin' car - can't wait to see it all come back together and what you have planned for it!
  3. I also went with ACC Cut Pile (from CJPP) and I'm VERY happy with it, even considering I'd moved my seat platforms back 2" for more legroom (self-inflicted wound doing that). The molded bits didn't fit right, but that's nothing some time in the sun and the heat gun didn't fix. I just wish they had a kit without the vinyl inserts in the foot wells, since I have a set of thick cut-pile floor mats that slide around a bit as a result.
  4. Congrats Brian! I love the sport covers - you hardly ever see those anymore! Gorgeous car! Thanks for sharing, David! Looks like a strong turn-out for the Clydesdales - beautiful specimens!
  5. Today, I took Frank out to get his annual inspection for registration, and decided that since it was such a nice day, I’d stretch the ride home out a bit and swung by the Vietnam Memorial at the airport. Since I have a cool new phone, it was such a nice day, and I’d always wanted some pics like this, I figured why not? I've always wanted a pic like this. Perfect day for it. My favorite of the bunch - I love 3/4 views of these cars! This one makes the hood look really big, and those are indeed bug splats on the windshield. Time for a bath! One of these days, I really need to get the trunk lid aligned... along with the doors, too. Good job, body shop. All that glass in the rear, and still can't see sh!t out the back. Oh well, unless I'm backing up, I really don't care what's back there - LOL! Sorry it's been so long, but we've been a bit busy. Mom passed on 14 Jan - her medical issues finally caught up with her... at least it was peaceful and quick. The day after, my pal Dave showed up and we swapped the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive shafts, exhaust, steering column & brake pedal assembly from my Jeep to his new project (after I pulled all of the same out it), and a week later he took it home to Phoenix to start in on his own Jeep project. Now I need to finish tearing down the engine for the machine shop, rehab the transmission and transfer case, rebuild the steering column, clean up the brake pedal assembly, and put it all back together, along with paint the new YJ top and 'paddle handle' doors Dave brought me, install a new carpet kit, update the stereo, (re)install the A/C, and rebuild the TJ seat brackets for my CJ-7 to be road-worthy and ready for the future. I'm planning on retiring in another 7 years, so I'm hoping to have all my major projects out of the way by then so I can just enjoy my toys going forward. Here's the link to my Jeep blog with all the gory details of the engine swap so far: http://mister4x4.net/mister4x4/category/jeep/
  6. THAT, and being able to hit 'pause' if potty/snack breaks come around, is exactly why I'd rather wait and watch 'whatever' at home.
  7. I've always had a home theater surround sound set up in the living room... not a proper dedicated home theater room, per se. When I was overseas in Izmir, Turkey, I put together a monster stereo/HT system (like most single enlisted seem to do when overseas, apparently). My original system: Pioneer VSX-7500 (Dolby Surround 5.1) Yamaha 2/4-channel 200 watt amp JVC SEA-70 12-band graphic EQ (the only non-black chassis piece in the rack) Pioneer PD-T505 dual-tray CD player Kenwood KX-W6010 dual cassette deck JVC 4-channel Hi-Fi Super VHS JVC XV-S200BK DVD player JVC 36" i-Art TV (CRT) Infinity SM-150 main speakers Infinity SM-82 secondary speakers Pioneer surround cubes Optimus center-channel I recently 'upgraded' a few of the components to (mostly because of HDMI video): Onkyo HT-R695 Dolby Atmos HT amp w/7.2 speakers Sony 4K/UHD BR/DVD Mitsubishi 60" DLP (2010) TiVo Edge It's getting close to time for a new TV, and we'll be going up to a 70" 4K/UHD LED TV (probably Visio). The Onkyo speakers are responsive and crystal clear, but they and the powered sub leave a LOT to be desired over the Infinitys. I might wind up reconfiguring to place the SM-150s back in the mix as the main speakers, either dump the gain on the powered sub or eliminate it completely (maybe just replace the sub itself with a Kicker Solobaric), and enjoy slab foundation-shattering bass once again. I also miss having the EQ in the mix, since the pre-programmed sound profiles kind of suck, but that's the trend these days - less adjustability. There's nothing quite like having a concrete slab foundation shaking in full surround when the afterburners are lit in the early scenes of Top Gun, or when the cannon fire from the 1812 Overture rattle your fillings. The old system did that with the volume knob perched at 12 (0-30 range), but the Onkyo powered sub clips with anything over 65% gain and the volume (0-100) runs around 76... which is not even close to what the Pioneer was capable of. Still sounds nice, though... for relative weak sauce. My wife wants me to get rid of my old 'junk,' which I don't know that I have it in me to just throw it away. It still works and flat out-cranks the new stuff, even though it's 32+ years old.
  8. Thank you for that, David! Nice find!
  9. After some major cleaning of the garage, picking up some big tools (26-gallon air compressor, low-profile transmission jack, full set of wheel skates, and a tow bar), I'm finally ready to bring Dave's Jeep home from Harry's back yard. My wife decided we needed to rename the Jeeps, since Dave's Jeep is being pieced together from others, it's now "Klooge." "Klooge" was a name Dave used to use for his toon when we played Unreal Tournament so many years ago, so I asked my wife if I needed to rename mine to "Dookie" (my toon's name), and just like that... "Dookie" it is. My wife likes to name our vehicles, and she's pretty much a genius about it, as well... so, it's all good. Here we are in front of Harry's house with Klooge hooked up to Clifford (The Big Red Dodge - wife's fault again, LOL). It towed like a dream... probably would've been even better with the right amount of air in the tires. LOL! Tow bar from Tractor Supply for only $150. Not a bad deal. Did just fine. Finally found a use for the bumperettes, since there's so much bondo on the side panel, and since the diamond plate's non-ferrous... And here we are in the driveway. Klooge and Dookie, brothers reunited, and will be donors for a major heart transplant between the two. Tomorrow, I start in on getting Klooge ready to pull the 304 & TF-999. Don't worry, the Mach 1 is safety tucked away in the garage, and I have some motivation for a quick turn on this project, since Klooge is blocking it in - ain't goin' nowhere until I get this Jeep out of the way. Not to mention, the wife's not all that impressed by having her car hanging halfway out from under the carport... even MORE motivation to get these engines swapped in the next few days.
  10. I'm thinking with that Santa, it will be more like, "Be careful what you wish for." LOL!! Like others, I'd wish for things to calm down and for everybody's lives to return a little more back to a pleasant level of normal, rather than have to accept all of the turmoil and irregularities of 2020 to become things that we just have to learn to live with as a 'new normal,' in anticipation of worse things to come. I'm also hoping that the weather will hold out long enough for me to get my Jeep Heart Transplant project underway and to the point where the drive train from my Jeep is successfully swapped into my buddy's Jeep, so that we can just relax and piddle with his Jeep once he gets here in January, rather than scramble the whole time he's here.
  11. Makes sense. I was just curious. Can't wait to see how it all comes out.
  12. I just ran through the entire thread, and I have to say, Excellent Work - Truly Inspiring! I love the vision and direction you're going - very cool, indeed! My one question: why did you feel the need to mini-tub when you're planning on stuffing 'just' 295/50R15s on 15x10s w/5" back spacing out back? I have the same wheel size setup as what you spec'd without any modifications whatsoever, although I have 5 1/4" back spacing on those 15x10s. Just my curiosity asking the question.
  13. The repop piece I picked up for mine (from OMS) fits perfectly, even though mine was a non-A/C originally. But the woodgrain veneer was already trying to come off (cheap adhesive in the production process). No worries though, as I was planning on removing it anyway (I replaced it with 3M DiNoc black carbon fiber vinyl). The OE A/C vent, 3-gauge pack, and map light all fit perfectly as well, along with the chrome trim plating being of good quality and all of the fastener points lined up perfectly.
  14. I have the full Pypes X-pipe system with Street Pros on mine (non-staggered shocks), and it's awesome. Here's a link to a thread with some pics of the underside of my car with the Hooker Headers, AOD, and Pypes installation. https://7173mustangs.com/forums/topic/36463-exhaust-header-help-please/?tab=comments#comment-373381 http://www.mister4x4.net/cars/Mach_1/Frankenstang_20180928.mp4?_=1 Hope this helps!
  15. Finally got a chance to finish up my wife's new computer. Back in June, she mentioned that Blizzard would be releasing a new expansion pack for World of Warcraft, and that her machine might not be able to run it very well without struggling, so I pretty much blew her stimulus check on a new machine (some assembly required, of course). I decided to make it WoW-themed and hopefully, a little over the top. Fractal Design makes awesome computer cases, and I’m hoping they’ll like it enough for their case mod gallery when I’m done. Here’s the gear: Fractal Design Focus mid-tower case ASUS TUF B450-Plus AM4 AMD RYZEN 7 2700 8-core CPU G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GBx2 Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Crucial MX500 1B SATA III SSD Thermaltake Toughpower GX1 500W power supply Lite-On Super AllWrite 24X SATA DVD+/-RW Rosewill RDCR-11004 Data Hub Started off with this: Fractal Design Focus G mid-tower case, $55 from Newegg.com I wanted it to look like a piece of hammered metal distressed over time (like most Horde things are - never anything 'new' looking). Went with some Rustoleum Hammered Metal Pewter as the base coat: There was a high-end WoW-themed case I found with a cool map mural wrap, and decided to incorporate that into the look: Here's my version of that to start with... it gets crazy from here: Here's the box stuffed with the gear (before the paint), up and running. I loaded up Win10 and World of Warcraft, then punched up all of the game resolution settings to max... and none of the fans even spun up from idle for increased cooling... unlike her current machine that sounds like a wind-tunnel when she's playing. I went a little nuts with the distressing and rust effect - almost like I had a flashback to my Mach 1 after I first got it - LOL! Here's the mural panel with a cool Horde shield a buddy of mine 3D-printed. This is the window side. It was a little bland, so I hit it with the Dremel for some cool etching. With all the red lights inside, it takes on a cool red glow. I stuck a nice 3D Printed Horde symbol on the front, which is backlit by 2 red LED fans. Can't really see all the lighting effects since my el cheapo Harbor Freight LED lights are so bright (best $50 I ever spent there, BTW). So, I put my thumb over the flash on my camera, and this is what we get (looks like I need a better camera): A nice top-down shot, which has more distressed metal than rust... which is really what I was going for, but she likes it because of all the red (rust red, but red). Last shot, 3 quarter of the front and map mural panel. I like it, had fun building it, and the thing's an absolute beast running the game. Now, I gotta get back to vacating my Mom's apartment, since she'd now stuck in a nursing home.
  16. The first big regretful mistake: I'd bought my first 4x4, an '85 Nissan 720 and absolutely loved it - lifted it, big tires, added all of the cool 'monster truck' accessories from the '80s-'90s, and wheeled the crap out of it. About 3 1/2 years into it, the truck was coughing and puking when you first fire it up and let out the clutch in the morning, but would smooth out and run fine after awhile and not while it was warm during the day. After changing out plugs, wires, cap & rotor and timing the sucker, the problem persisted. Then I threw in some Split Fires, new coils, and bought a used carburetor, which my buddy Dave and I rebuilt and installed. No dice. So I get this idea to take the truck to the Nissan dealership. Lynn Alexander's Autoplex of San Angelo. Hey, I figured: Nissan Truck + Nissan Technicians = Problem Solved. Right? Wrong. As I was paying the bill, I saw my truck coming into the service pick-up area, but no engine noise...it was coasting. They handed me the keys and I tried to start it - read, tried. Since it wouldn't start, I called the technician back - had to yell, he was running away too quickly. He finally came back, and tried to start it. He then copped a 'tude with me, so I then demanded that he fix it properly - I had just given them $185 for it to work and they had called me telling me it was fixed after all. He adjusted and tweaked and got it to run finally - with the idle at 2000 rpm! Uh-uh, no way. I was not happy. So I told him that I would bring it back down the next morning and they would fix it this time, and unless there were some new developments - I wasn't paying another dime either. They reluctantly agreed. The next day, I dropped it off as promised. They called me in the afternoon and informed me that they needed to replace the computer - and for only $1500. "WHAT?! What are you people smoking?!" I think was my response. A new computer was something like $150, and all they had to do was pull out my driver's seat to change out the old unit - it's a plug-in affair, and no adjustments are available..it either works or not. There was no way I was going to allow myself to get screwed like that, so I told them to put it back together and I would come get it. A good friend of mine, who is also a Jeep Guy, used the term "Awfulplex" to describe Lynn Alexander's 'Autoplex' dealership, and I'm afraid that it's stuck with me. And it's a whole lot nicer term to use than what I really think of them. So Yes - these guys suck, too. After some more failed attempts, and a seeing an awesome-looking '78 K-5 Blazer for sale, I finally decided it was time to throw in the towel on the Nissan and traded it in for the Blazer - which I got majorly hosed on that deal - by a local used car dealership no less. The ugly, ugly twist to this story is that I bumped into the kid that wound up with my Nissan, and he told me that he fixed the whole problem with some new vacuum hoses (makes sense - when it's cold, they contract and open up the cracks, then close back up once everything warms up - Dammit!). I was instantly sick and pissed at the same time. Plus, he had beat the piss out of my poor truck - cracked the windshield, broken some headlights, and there was now a big-ass dent in the driver's door. Not a good day for me. Then, several years later, I took my Mom's '87 Nissan Sentra to the Auto Hobby Shop on base to change oil and service the transmission, so I picked up the necessary stuff to do all that (fluids, filters, etc.) and proceeded to do so. When I went to back the car out, it wouldn't move. WTF - all I did was change the fluids and filters. Well, I wound up pulling the transmission, thinking I'd messed it up somehow and tore it apart and spent the next few weeks chasing down the parts needed for a transmission rebuild (bands, clutches, bearings, etc.)... and also picking my Mom up and carting her around to the various places she needed to go. Got it all back together and ready toss back into the car, and went to get another filter and more ATF. Before I did, I noticed on the bell housing, in yellow grease pencil no less, the words "1986 Sentra" scrawled. Oh - OK, so it's not the stock transmission for the car. So, I went back to the parts store and asked for the filter kit for an '86 Sentra - and it was completely different than the one I'd pulled out. Then I asked to see one from an '85, and it was the same as the one for the '87, except the pick-up neck was much shallower. Wow - so, the light bulb went on and I thought that the neck had bottomed against the pan and prevented the fluid from circulating. I installed the '85 filter, topped off the ATF, and Bingo! It worked like a champ. So, basically the junk yard guys got the year of the transmission wrong, the transmission mechanic didn't indicate that it had been replaced, and I'd jumped the gun in assuming that I'd done something wrong just by changing the fluid and filter, wasting a perfectly good transmission rebuild and driving my Mom around for several weeks.
  17. My Mom's been in and out of the hospital since 22 Sep for Parkinson's and old-age related degradation. She's currently in a rehab center looking to move to the other end of the building to the permanent 'nursing home' wing. Every weekend since has been all about getting her stuff squared away (bank account, bills, insurance, and literal things in her apartment). Sucks getting old.
  18. LOL!! Can't really argue with that! You know, interestingly enough, her V6-powered RS actually would have about the same HP as that 'Vette.
  19. I have a polar opposite story - a few weeks ago on the way to Cars & Coffee, I had a 2003 'Vette pull up next to me at a light, and blipped his throttle to get my attention, I looked over and blipped back in reply. We both had our windows down, I gave him a thumbs-up and hollered, "I suppose you want to give it a go?" And the guy blew me away. He literally said, "No way, Man. I want to see more of that cool car than just the taillights." He followed me to the Cars & Coffee and we hung out for about a half hour before he had to take off to run errands. Made my day!
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