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  1. Saw one on eBay a few nights back, complete and in great shape, for only $350-ish. Saw another one that claimed to be Ford bench-stock quality (still in appropriate packaging) for 'only' $1200. I'll be back with the same request about this time next year when I'm hopefully ready for such luxury. ;)
  2. Wow - finally see one that's in worse shape than mine. Whatta bummer it's that bad off - if I didn't already have my Jeep and Mustang taking up more than my allotted space at the shop, I'd take a road-trip and go get 'er.
  3. Hey - I'm Eric from San Angelo, Texas, and I just picked up a '71 Mach 1 (matching numbers) from a local Craigslist ad. Still has the original 351C 2V, C-6, and 9-inch under there, with some long-tube headers (not sure of the brand) and traction bars. Since I was 14 (almost 30 years ago), I've always wanted a '71 Mach 1, and now I've finally made it happen. She's a little rough, the engine's seized, front suspension shot, body cancer in the normal places, trunk floor pretty much gone, and interior's trashed... but the Ram Air flappers still work, the glass is good, power front discs are all there, seat frames are solid, gauges are clear (not cloudy), and I actually fit comfortably in there (I'm 6'5") - so it's all good. And now she's mine and will be restored over time to become my new daily driver (I believe in enjoying a car, rather than just parking it). I'm planning on warming up the engine a little with some Edelbrock Performance goodies (cam, intake, heads, and MPI), turning the C-6 into an AO6 w/a B&M Mega-shifter, Flowmaster dual-exhaust, 3.90s in the rear end, 15" American Racing Torque-Thrusts with some fat 50-series BFG T/As, Wilwood or SSBC discs all around, VintageAir A/C (a must in West Texas), a new interior, and a complete coat of proper metallic silver paint with the black Mach 1 trim package. Here's a couple of pics of my new 'Rustang.' I've got my work cut out for me (and a lot of it as well), but I'm stoked and hopeful to have her back in shape by this time next year. I'm also patient and willing to spend what it takes to do it right. I'll be happy to take any advice offered as well. Wish me luck and stay tuned.
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