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  1. Correct - but you can easily swap a 3-groove crank pulley just the same. That's one of the 4 pieces of the puzzle (A/C compressor, factory idler pulley assembly, 3-groove crank pulley, and adapter bracket - and a belt, of course). I pulled mine from an A/C equipped parts car (but no A/C or idler pulley available - they must've forgotten the crank pulley). Check with Don at OMS to see if he's got one to offer, find one from a parts car, or check ebay... otherwise, CAA has them for sale (for JUST $150 - geez, they're proud of those things).
  2. Jason, I believe you are correct (the link won't open for me here at work, but I figured it out by staring at this picture for hours, thinking I could make my own... but then found it on their Original Air Group site and ordered one, too). You can clearly see the 'bent piece of flat stock' bracket joining both the idler pulley assembly and the Sanden air compressor together - just like with Mezell29's post toward the top of the thread (he has a prettier shiny bolt, though). And before anybody asks, the article said that the Monte Carlo bar is custom. I know... I want one, too. 😉
  3. I don't have the information, but would be interested to hear as well, since I've got the same set-up (but not completely installed yet - just the pulleys & belt). One trick would be to take a piece of string and wrap it around the path to measure, then get the belt that's the closest in size, and adjust the tension from there. I still can't believe CAA sold me my system thinking that it's better to just add the A/C pulley into the circuit with the power steering pump, rather than just tell me I would need a 3-groove crank pulley, factory idler pulley assembly, and a small adapter bracket that could've been added-in by simply walking across the hall to 'Original Air Group' to get those factory style parts. Oh well.
  4. That rear defroster switch is gorgeous! (Mine was broken off before I bought it - and I swapped in new rear glass). But, if nobody else wants it I'd be interested, just to fill the hole in my dash. The little button-looking thingie next to it is a light indicator for the rear defroster when it's 'On,' BTW. I see you also have the fresh air vents - you might want to hang onto those and the ducting if they work (and your main car doesn't have A/C), or you could sell those off as well. The headlight bezel and Park light look to be in good shape as well. I'll bet the instrument cluster looks pretty nice behind the cloudy/dusty/dirty 'glass,' which the clock could be converted to become a tach by The Rocketman. The center console looks like it would be awesome with a good cleaning and some fresh paint. I see lots of good, usable parts in those pics.
  5. Wow. And I thought filing for a bonded title for mine was a little bit of a PITA. Good luck, Tommy!
  6. Great post, HK! I have one of those with some factory-looking H4 lights to install yet - but I haven't driven mine at night enough to worry about it. Last time was 3 years ago and I pretty much had to feel my way home in the dark, not only because of factory OE sealed beam technology (meaning, tiny yellow splotches of light), but also because one was spotlighting birds in the trees on the side of the road as I went by and the other lit up a 4 foot wide puddle about 20 feet in front of the car. LOL! As you mentioned, the headlight switch was getting pretty warm as well in just the 3-mile drive from the park to the house. Wrap the harness with some factory-style tape and tuck it down below the fan shroud, and nobody even will know it's there.
  7. I'll bet "he was that buddy who had one in high school that everybody knew," as well. LOL!
  8. I did the same for mine (notch in the windshield trim piece, ran cabling up behind the A-pillar trim, etc.). I see now with these newer, less-expensive models that my old Pyle Audio clip-on monitor is old and toinky (mounted at the top of my license plate as well). I'm looking into replacing that one now. Thanks for sharing your results, everybody - I'm really diggin' how much nicer these newer units look. I'm also thinking about getting an electric trunk popper and replacing the lock with a back up camera, to put a little bit better perspective on the camera view. Anybody done a trunk popper yet?
  9. Nice score on a good lookin' car! It's no secret that I'm not a fan of the dog dish hubcaps, but they look really good on this car - maybe I'm turning a corner or something.
  10. Good lookin' car - I'd have it... but I'm not seeing $33K worth.
  11. Mine are also frozen open - which is just fine by me since it never gets cold enough to worry about needing the engine choked up too much when starting. I also don't ever plan on driving in the rain, but if I must I'm not going to worry about it. As Roy, Jeff, and David have mentioned, it would take a LOT of water getting sucked in to be enough of a threat for engine damage. Aside from the drain holes doing their job, the air filter will saturate and cause performance issues long before there's any danger of the engine seizing up. It would also probably take more than a teaspoon to really FUBAR an engine, but David's right that it doesn't take much to do so. I watched a Chevy Beretta suck in its fill at a low water crossing after a storm one day, and we were able to get it running again a few minutes later after pulling the plugs and evacuating the water (shot it out the plug holes about 15 feet when we cranked the engine). After drying out the air filter and replacing the plugs, the car reluctantly fired up and smoothed out after a few minutes... back to normal. Oddly enough, there are actually water injection systems out there that shoot a mist of cool water straight down the throat, the theory being it will cool the air and effectively condense it for more power (with more fuel, of course).
  12. Interesting you're having legroom issues at 6'2". I'm 6'5" and my biggest problem is headroom (I did screw up my headliner installation by using the lowest holes for the headliner bows, so it's kind of self-inflicted). I did, however, move my seat platforms back about 2" to help with the legroom issue, but I'm not gonna lie - when I first hopped in the car, I didn't feel like head or leg room was all that much of a concern, given some of the other cars I've had in my lifetime so far. Hope this works out for you. As well, I understand TMI Products offers a one-piece headliner solution that could also free up some headroom space. I'm thinking about getting one for mine. I hate the idea of tearing out a perfectly good factory style headliner that I actually did a fairly decent job of installing... but then again, mine's a restomodded H-Code, so it's not like I'd be bringing the value down or anything. 😉
  13. ^^^ What he said! When the transmission in my '80 CJ-7 grenaded, it took a couple of the 'dog ear' bolt holes off the transfer case adapter. I found one, but another was MIA, along with a portion of a third one. An oilfield specialized welding shop said they could fix and only charged me something like $30. As well, the engine block of my '85 Nissan King Cab 4x4 had a straight-up divot between 3 & 4 on the head mating surface. The machine shop I took it to was able to fill in the divot, re-deck it, resurface the head, and only charged me $60 for all that. All is not lost!
  14. My wife keeps telling me how she rebuilt the engine in a Gremlin she had early on, yet won't pick up a screw driver anymore for fear of messing something up. Interestingly enough, my '80 CJ-7 has the same 258 I-6 that her Gremlin had, but she says it looks funny. I think I might have to call B.S. on her hinky stories. LOL! I like Gremlins - a lot like Vegas, Mavericks, and even Pintos, they can be some nasty little sleepers. Would've loved to have had the '71 Javelin I was drooling over when stationed at Holloman AFB in Alamogordo, NM.
  15. Hey Mike! Glad ya found your way back! Hope everything keeps getting better and better... for all of us riding around on this rock (what's up with this crazy year, anyway? Oh yeah... "America's having another one of those 'Election Years.'" Sorry 'bout that, everybody).
  16. Welcome (back) from West Texas! Good lookin' car(s)! I originally fell in love with a '71 Mach 1 when I was around 14, but since I've been here at this site, I find myself wanting a 'vert now, as well.
  17. I was wondering what that smell was... put your shoes back on, please.
  18. I'm more of a Sport Caps guy - the dog dishes just look too... sanitary... to me. Lots of people like 'em, though. Go with what'cha like!
  19. I was mostly just picking on Barry, but in all honesty - much like on the road, you hardly ever see ANY '71-'73 Mustangs - so, it's ALL good, as far as I'm concerned!
  20. I got mine last week - Thank you! I'm also having a hard time figuring out where to put 'em. I got 2 inside and 2 outside decals, and I was thinking the insides of the quarter windows would be the logical choice, but it might hamper visibility when backing up out of my alley-access driveway. Now I'm thinking it might be best to go in the lower corner, passenger side of the windshield, since my 7173 Mustangs plate is currently living there on the dash. Definitely going to stick one of the outside decals on the back window of my Ram.
  21. There's an "Unread Content" clickable spot toward the bottom right of the page, and just below the header to the right. It works for stuff that's brand new, since the site stood up. Barry's still got the system populating all the old stuff, so it might be awhile for all of the older content to be available. Hang in there!
  22. I like it! Thanks for all the hard work, Barry!
  23. I was wondering when that pic would float back up. Those are exactly how [i think] the factory should've done 'em. Just a little subtle change from what they actually did, but I love it! I'm not so sure about the round lights, though - the more angular body lines don't support 'em very well, IMHO. Maybe if they were a little smaller. What about the same model year Cougar lights, like Jason's doing on his. Now, those look sharp - and before anybody says how much they look like '77 Firebird taillights - had the factory gone this route, they would be talking about how much the '77 Firebird taillights looked so much like '71-'73 Mustang taillights. 😉 Something like this:
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