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  1. Hi. Did you get my email through craigslist? I am not getting notifications through this website for some reason. My direct email is: eyecandyclassic@hotmail.com or hit the craigslist ad above. I have everything ready for you. I just need to know if you need the back interior panels. Thanks again.
  2. I saw you have several 71-73 center dash trim pieces. Do you have one for the 3 gauge cluster?

  3. Hi. Sorry, I'm a day late. I took pics of what I think you needed. I didn't clean everything, but I did take pics for you to look at. If you like something, I can clean it and take better pictures for you. There are numerous pics so, I did a temporary ad on craigslist. That is a nice quick way to let you see 24 pics, without numerous emails, etc. Here is the Craigslist ad: https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/pts/d/valparaiso-mustang-parts/7232834645.html
  4. I can take a look for you tomorrow. I haven't been very active in trying to sell my Mustang stuff. But I need to downsize, so its time I try again. Thanks.
  5. Hi, that's my ad. I have not been active in trying to sell all the stuff I have, so I believe I still have all of those in the box. I can check for you tomorrow, if you like.
  6. My best ones for $25 + shipping.. or drop on by Valparaiso, IN 46383 Thank you so much. I received the parts promptly after payment. The parts are in expected condition as described. A pleasure doing business with you. Thank you so much. I feel better knowing the parts are being used. Let me know if you need anything else. Have a great week!
  7. Yes, it hurts to do it but we did all of it together.. we worked very well together. I find myself giggling about how we went all over the U.S for parts and part cars (not to mention the stories of mishaps while picking up the parts cars). Yes, I'm still learning this forum. I will pm you my direct email. It is easier to keep up with the requests if they go to my email. Sifting through all of these posts gets confusing, the way it is set up. PS: I do not have a rim bow steering wheel, for anyone looking. No tilt wheels either. Thanks.
  8. My best ones for $25 + shipping.. or drop on by Valparaiso, IN 46383
  9. Thank you. I do not have the tilt steering column. I can look and see if I still have the phone number of a guy I met at a Wisc. swap meet years ago. He supposedly had 3 of them. I'll look for it. I have tons of knobs and dash bezels. my email is: eyecandyclassic@hotmail.com If you could send me a pic off the internet maybe?? of the exact type you are looking for, I more than likely have it. *Because I noticed than some people call the instrument cluster surround a "bezel" and others call the radio surround part a center bezel. I also have them in different colors, deluxe and regular. wood-grain and painted, textured and not. Some have a/c vents and others do not. Attached is my current dilemma. Pics are all 71-73 mustang parts. Thanks, Amy Thanks, Amy
  10. I have almost a trailer full of parts to sell. I need to downsize, now that my hubby passed away. Mustangs 71-73 Machs (and a few Grandes) were our passion and we have had MANY of them. I used to work on them with him a little but I have been out of the game for 4 years now. The most rare stuff I can think of is: Fold down back seat stuff. My husband did the conversion to a fold down seat, so I have before and after pics too (and my Mach to show the finished conversion and parts needed). I just want $200 for all of the back seat conversion stuff. I may have more parts than listed, in boxes. t Deluxe door panels (with wood grain, pulls, and cups). AC and heater stuff. I probably have 6+ of everything else, other than what is listed above. [/url] I have center radio bezels, some seatbelt parts, a chrome bumper, lights of all sorts, rear lights, mini consoles (no more full center consoles), some magnum 500's, radios, antennas, extra wood grain/chrome/pulls for the deluxe door panels... too much to list here. Let me know what you need. THANKS! I hope I can help someone else find the parts they need to keep these beauties on the road. XO
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