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  1. Thanks all! Will inform bodyshop tomorrow. Have no clue and will no longer speculate as to when the Mach 1 will be painted.
  2. Still in body shop prison.... Waiting on "the" phone call so I can get over to the body shop to install the fuel line befor fender and splash shields are installed. Bodyshop wasn't sure on silver body accent paint code. I posted a question in the paint forum. I came up with: PPG code 32520 - silver gray
  3. Looking for the paint code for the Mach 1 silver body accent color. Is this correct? PPG code 32520 - silver gray
  4. Well, the Mach 1 didn't make the paint booth. More delays. Maybe before Christmas (sarcasm)?
  5. How's the Mach 1 from CO doing? (I think I remember correctly) Covid screwed up regular life for sure. I actually got very concerned (back in March) I was spending so much money on a project during a pandemic. Stuff is settling down and yard projects are ending (incomplete). So back to the shop for the winter I go!
  6. Got lost for a little while. The excitement has been renewed since the body shop informed us the Mach 1 is headed for the paint booth next week. I plan on doing a bunch of reading to refresh my memory on all things 71-73 Mustang. Good to be back. I really like this place. Not afraid to say it is more friendly than other car sites...
  7. Ok folks. The bodyshop FINALLY informed us today that the Mach 1 will see the paint booth next week. I sure hope all our picture taking during disassembly was sufficient, cuz I feel like so much has been forgotton! We're planning a visit prior to paint to reaffirm what we want done. I did give him extensive notes. But his line of questioning with my wife today, leads me to believe a visit is necessary. One such question was base/clear or single stage. I know we decided on base/clear but I couldn't remember why. Some back and forth texts resolved that issue.
  8. Awesome find!! Homer is awesome too! (wife and I honeymooned there back in '09)
  9. I've been absent from this site for a bit. Not much in the way of work on the Mustang for the last few months. But I haven't been twiddling my thumbs and watching paint dry. Did my first 1911 build. And picked up a couple of 81 JD's for yard/garden work (some minor tinkering involved).
  10. Still alive! The Rona didn't get us. Life's distractions got in the way, etc... The Mach 1 is still in bodyshop prison. It has been waiting on final coat of primer since March. I think the youngster with a new business (started last Nov.) made too many promises to too many customers and took on too many projects. That's my opinion. The financial uncertainty of all things post virus put a stop to further purchasing of Mustang parts. As of this writing my job is still secure. The world changed with a sneeze. So we've been ok with being in limbo with the Mach 1 project. I'm not "ma
  11. You sir are too kind. Might be good enough if the paint job turns out well.
  12. Going to the bodyshop today. I put together a 39 page binder with 30 pictures of paint and decal details with 9 tabbed title pages with descriptions. I added some descriptions and details on the pictures as well. I could not have put this binder together without this website and the forum members who have done this before and have offered their pictures and advice. I wish I could remember everyone by name who has helped thus far, I can't. So: THANKS TO EVERYBODY HERE AND 7173MUSTANGS.COM!!!
  13. I would love to drive a Z28 with crossram dual 4's at least once. Just to row through the gears and hear the motor sing! Awesome that it is in the registry! Bonafide. No Marti reports in the Chevrolet world.
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