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  1. Could be settings. But since I haven't changed them, I wonder why that would help. this is the only site that I have login issues where a password is required. I don't have another browser, just the Safari that is on the laptop. Again I wonder why a different browser would help as I've seen that as a suggestion from tech's when troubleshooting. I really have no idea. I am ignorant why settings that haven't been changed or a browser that works one week and not the next causes problems. I've never had a tech explain why these are the typical first steps in troubleshooting. Maybe it is too lengthy or too complicated to explain in short. Then again I'm a computer dummy. Explaining might not help. I am actually using google chrome at work (yes boss, I'm on break). The reason for that is internet explorer which was the go to browser on the work pc's for years, lately (past year) does not play well with websites any longer. What kind of magic computer voodoo does that? Back to my macbook; Personally I think it is an apple thing. They've implanted a "bug" on my laptop when it was made. Maybe a chip on the circuit board that remains inactive until a certain number of hours of use have passed or a specified date is reached or it receives a activate message from the mothership then it renders the device a pain in the ass to use so as a consumer I HAVE TO buy a new apple product. Not far fetched of a theory I am sure, ie. battery life on older iphones. Thanks RocketFoot! I'll see if I can take a look at browser settings. I really need to buy an external hardrive and save all things that are important to me, like the dozens of Mach 1 pics that will be critical for reassembly and then download a new OS (kinda have to as that is how apple rolls). Been meaning to upgrade the os, just haven't got a external hard drive. Even then I'm kinda limited on which OS I can download thanks to apple and their expiration dates on their stuff. cheers
  2. Having problems logging into my home computer (on at work, yes on breaktime boss). Tried changing password. No help. Just receive error. Forgot what it says. Just something about not recognizing password. Could be my laptop (macbook), since it has been wonky for a month or two. Possibly a cookies setting error. Not sure if I have them setup right, even though I tried that. Thanks
  3. Detail guy finally was able to come over and take a look at the Mach. The orange peel does not concern him, but the larger dirt nubs and air bubbles that are numerous do, for there are many. He'll come over on the 28th and work on the Mach 1 at our house. Kind of surprised at that, considering our shop is small, but it does have air conditioning. Plan of attack is the hood first as it is likely going to have to be redone. He doubts our painters claim of 4 coats of clear. If there are 4, they are thin, is what his experienced eyeballs tell him. He'll know more soon.
  4. Welcome! This is the best car site on the internet. Not just 71-73 Mustangs. So many helpful and knowledgeable folks. That is a fantastic backstory to your Mustang!
  5. Well if it is lke parkerized finish on a gun, then not possible in my shop. Best I've been able to do is cold blue. I did a 1911 frame last summer in cold blue and was proud of myself on how it looked when complete. I imagine there is a paint that may replicate manganese phosphate finish. Made it through the night without feeling like death was knocking on my door. We're fortunate. Worried about my wife's cousin as he was not doing well yesterday. He was the victim of the same irresponsible, ignorant and selfish relative that infected us all. Hope to have energy to do more than sit on the couch today.
  6. Excellent explanation on "slop gray" David! I did not know this. You should do a write up and it should be made a sticky in the paint section. Since we have time, this should be a detail we could add with little effort. That green car is impressive! I've seen pictures of yours on this site and it is a perfect example of a survivor! Not sure if I've seen an engine bay pic though. Yes we are doing fine today. I spiked a minor fever this afternoon and felt a bit crummy so I took a nap. I lost sense of smell today. I peeled a fresh orange and couldn't smell it. My kiddos are fine so far, but both of us are positive, our house is small and no way to self isolate from them. There is no doubt in my mind that they too will contract the commie crud. Long term heart, lung and brain damage frighten me the most for all. Losing taste and smell ain't cause of a runny nose. It's my brain being screwed up.
  7. I hadn't given it much thought until David brought up the color. But I hadn't considered anything but black. It isn't a concours restoration we were after, but it is food for thought, since a detail here or there would be a nice touch. Thanks to Cwalker509 we will have a straight bracket to install! Day 5 of the covid for us. I'm a little achy this a.m. Wife had a mild fever last night. We're fortunate we didn't get real sick. We have little ones to care for which means no way to isolate from them. So far no signs of sickness for them, but at their age they are likely to be asymptomatic. We hope to have the detail guy over after the quarantine period. Two weeks extra for the paint to cure/harden. Damn china for putting this on the whole of mankind. Now we get to worry about future health issues. Only good commie is a dead commie.
  8. Wish we would have upgraded our compressor and gave it a try! But what I doubted the most was our ability to replace sheet metal. The ability to weld well is a gift I don't posess. Cancelled the detail guy appointment. I tested positive for the Kung Flu yesterday. I got the rapid test due to my line of work. The efficacy of the rapid test has been questionable. But I have the classic symptoms minus serious respitory issues. My wife had the PCR test and will find out results later. But again she is symptomatic. Eisenhower's advisors were right. Did I type that out loud? Too bad.
  9. Great thoughts Galucha. I just "wanted" a 9 inch! But that darn bodyshop bill was higher than anticipated.... More an economic reason for us to stay with the 8 inch we already have. But yes, parasitic drag, unsprung weight; factors to be considered undoubtedly. We're not there yet, so maybe we'll match 5 numbers on the powerball soon...
  10. That is cheap! I wonder what lurks beneath the car cover in the background.
  11. This topic is relevant to future plans for my wife's Mach 1. It too currently has an 8". I have been unsuccessful at locating a 9" that fits the 71-73 Mustang. Locally. I do like the cheaper option of upgrading the 8". I haven't checked the local pick a part yards for an 8.8" out of an explorer. So I don't know the cost. But I have priced out an aftermarket 9". That is going to come in around $4k. It comes down to intended use I think. And engine power level. For my wife's Mach 1 it will never see a road course. It might do a couple passes at the local drag strip on "Ford Fun Days" or some such event. And the h.p. goal is 400 at the flywheel. So in our example the smart money says upgrade the 8". I don't like that option. Before paint and bodywork I envisioned (fantasized) bulletproof drivetrain and track worthy suspension. I look forward to more "talk" on the subject!
  12. Great! I was momentarily worried my wife's bagging and labeling was incomplete. No clips, just screws in the bag. Kindred spirits or something like that MustangSally44! MY car in the shop is a 68 Camaro.
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