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  1. Another vote for lower body stripes in black. And instead of a decal for the thin line above the rocker panel; tape and paint. But as you said it is a personal choice how you want it to look.
  2. My heart goes out to you, I am sorry for your loss. That is a gorgeous convertible and awesome background in the pictures. I'll bet there are fond memories with the top down and cruising with your wife.
  3. Paul is great at MDL! He has helped me a bunch with our project.
  4. Yes I would "re-buy" the 72 we have again. The smile it puts on my wife's face and the way she gets excited about the next item up for resto is priceless. Hell, I'm a long time bowtie guy and I'm considering a his and hers as I've recently heard of a 71 Mach 1 in need of rescue.....
  5. Never did figure out the sign in issue on my apple pos. Still the only site the browser is messing with sign ins. Just using my wife's beat to poop acer laptop at home now.
  6. Welcome and my sincere condolences for the loss of a friend. This site has been incredibly helpful in our restoration. I could not be where we are without this site and all the great wisdom that is shared. All the vendors here are top notch. A big help before our Mach 1 was started was reading through many of the builds. Tips were stored away for later, ideas for planning out the stages really popped out and frustrations put my mind at ease, knowing I'm not the only one that can have a bad day in the garage. Don't get locked into a timeline for completion (stuff happens). Remember the good times with your friend and the Mustang. Hang onto the vision you dream about no matter how tough some days are with your restoration. Yes, pictures, lots of them. Ziploc bags and a sharpee are a must for parts that come off. Good luck and wrench well.....
  7. Earlier today Mrs.72Mach1 showed me a side by side comparison; then and now. Whew! We ARE getting somewhere. Good reminder.
  8. Will do. Looks savable. I told him there is repro metal. From the .mov file he sent I thought it was doable. Only the hidden monster of the dreaded cowl rot could be there because of where it is sitting. But dang, it's all there. I let him know if he ever decided to part with it that I'd love to be the one he calls. It HAS to be saved. He knows.
  9. Ya'll are gonna have a good chuckle.......I've got a line on another Mach 1. 71, Pewter, 351c, auto. Emailed some pics to a ham radio buddy and as it turns out he has a Mach 1 too. Wasting away in a pasture. Hmmmm....didn't I say something in the last couple of days about "never again." Hey, anyone wanna buy a Camaro?
  10. Yes, trust me, I had to crawl out of the corner for this last week. If the furnace, ac, septic system, etc. craps. We are so screwed. I'm just a aircraft mechanic supporting a family of 5 1/2. And Christmas is only 3 months away. Fixing up an old car from the bottom up is tough on the wallet.
  11. Now the monumental task of completing the Mach 1 may now commence. Some body issues still remain with a solution yet to be determined. The passenger door alignment (wasn't original door and never addressed), NO parking brake cable provisions (hole in floor, floor pan brackets), rear window trim clip studs install (weren't done when 1/4 was replaced), side mirror/hood scoop/urethane bumper paint.
  12. The ceramic coating 24 hrs. later. A few pics.
  13. The Paint Whisperer has completed his mission. A mission he chose to accept. Code name: Save Paint. Here are some pics prior to a ceramic coating.
  14. It was fantastic to see the younger generation just as car crazy as I was at that age. And to be so skilled at what they do as I was at that age. We were lucky to have had them take time out from their schedule and come to our house to do a job. I certainly wasn't ranking on young people. Hope it didn't come across that way. Friends from yesteryear have also enjoyed the recent pics. Albeit a good ribbing came with the "looks incredible" comments. They reminded me more than once how diehard of a bowtie guy I was back in the day. Not that I didn't appreciate the blue oval. I sure did. Those friends of yesteryear had awesome ones that I still tell stories about to folks that I end up talking cars with today. But I do remind them that the Mach 1 isn't mine. It's my lady's Mustang.
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