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  1. Paul is great at MDL! He has helped me a bunch with our project.
  2. Yes I would "re-buy" the 72 we have again. The smile it puts on my wife's face and the way she gets excited about the next item up for resto is priceless. Hell, I'm a long time bowtie guy and I'm considering a his and hers as I've recently heard of a 71 Mach 1 in need of rescue.....
  3. Never did figure out the sign in issue on my apple pos. Still the only site the browser is messing with sign ins. Just using my wife's beat to poop acer laptop at home now.
  4. Welcome and my sincere condolences for the loss of a friend. This site has been incredibly helpful in our restoration. I could not be where we are without this site and all the great wisdom that is shared. All the vendors here are top notch. A big help before our Mach 1 was started was reading through many of the builds. Tips were stored away for later, ideas for planning out the stages really popped out and frustrations put my mind at ease, knowing I'm not the only one that can have a bad day in the garage. Don't get locked into a timeline for completion (stuff happens). Remember the good times with your friend and the Mustang. Hang onto the vision you dream about no matter how tough some days are with your restoration. Yes, pictures, lots of them. Ziploc bags and a sharpee are a must for parts that come off. Good luck and wrench well.....
  5. Earlier today Mrs.72Mach1 showed me a side by side comparison; then and now. Whew! We ARE getting somewhere. Good reminder.
  6. Will do. Looks savable. I told him there is repro metal. From the .mov file he sent I thought it was doable. Only the hidden monster of the dreaded cowl rot could be there because of where it is sitting. But dang, it's all there. I let him know if he ever decided to part with it that I'd love to be the one he calls. It HAS to be saved. He knows.
  7. Ya'll are gonna have a good chuckle.......I've got a line on another Mach 1. 71, Pewter, 351c, auto. Emailed some pics to a ham radio buddy and as it turns out he has a Mach 1 too. Wasting away in a pasture. Hmmmm....didn't I say something in the last couple of days about "never again." Hey, anyone wanna buy a Camaro?
  8. Yes, trust me, I had to crawl out of the corner for this last week. If the furnace, ac, septic system, etc. craps. We are so screwed. I'm just a aircraft mechanic supporting a family of 5 1/2. And Christmas is only 3 months away. Fixing up an old car from the bottom up is tough on the wallet.
  9. Now the monumental task of completing the Mach 1 may now commence. Some body issues still remain with a solution yet to be determined. The passenger door alignment (wasn't original door and never addressed), NO parking brake cable provisions (hole in floor, floor pan brackets), rear window trim clip studs install (weren't done when 1/4 was replaced), side mirror/hood scoop/urethane bumper paint.
  10. The ceramic coating 24 hrs. later. A few pics.
  11. The Paint Whisperer has completed his mission. A mission he chose to accept. Code name: Save Paint. Here are some pics prior to a ceramic coating.
  12. It was fantastic to see the younger generation just as car crazy as I was at that age. And to be so skilled at what they do as I was at that age. We were lucky to have had them take time out from their schedule and come to our house to do a job. I certainly wasn't ranking on young people. Hope it didn't come across that way. Friends from yesteryear have also enjoyed the recent pics. Albeit a good ribbing came with the "looks incredible" comments. They reminded me more than once how diehard of a bowtie guy I was back in the day. Not that I didn't appreciate the blue oval. I sure did. Those friends of yesteryear had awesome ones that I still tell stories about to folks that I end up talking cars with today. But I do remind them that the Mach 1 isn't mine. It's my lady's Mustang.
  13. The decal installation was performed by a local guy. The shop is about ten minutes from my house. They specialize in "wraps". It's a thing these days I guess. Anyhow the owner impressed me, only about 25. He came over with one of his workers who was maybe 21. They did the decal install in about 45 minutes or less. If anyone recalls I put together a 40 page guidebook on paint and decal details. It came in very handy. Just a couple of kids really (am I gettin' old?). Impressed the heck out of me. The decal guy had come over before the PW arrived and we put a game plan together. He was stunned at how the paint was compared to when he first saw it. At one point with the first fender decal I was on the edge of my seat. Two words; shelf life. The decals were ordered January 2020. But they were fine. A milestone. Absolutely.
  14. Thanks! Yes the nibs were removed. Turns out it wasn't just dirt and hair like fibers. It was also metallic particles. The PW in his experience figures the spray gun was tilted at a less than optimal angle at times. Which caused the metallic to flow toward the nozzle at an increased rate causing the nozzle to "clog" and spray out tiny chunks of metallic occaisionally. There is a spot or two on the car that the clear is distorted from the nibs. We'll know where they are, but not many will spot them. If I understood the PW's process; the paint everywhere but the roof measured out at about 1.5 mils. He only blocks about 1/10th of a mil off in his process. If my math is right that's about 0.005 of an inch. Amazing. The side mirrors and hood scoops are not workable. Paint/clear way too thin. The urethane bumper....his recommendation is a complete redo. Unlikely it was done correctly. The final primer seal coat wasn't done correctly as well. In his experience that he has seen before that one possibility is the mixture wasn't correct (happened to great painters when the poly stuff was new). What it causes is what he calls chunking. Which ultimately leads to a distortion in lighting at particular angles. Almost like a ripple effect. But only at certain angles and especially with fluorescent lights. Mind you I can read the individual letters/numbers on the end of the 8 foot bulbs on the ceiling in the reflection. I have pondered what he could do with a paint job done by a competent painter. He has prepped cars for Pebble Beach and Hershey. As I type this in the house I feel so small having him work on my wife's Mach 1. But when we're in the shop together I don't feel that way. He's very humble and down to earth. Just a car guy helping another car guy out with his project.
  15. It was decal day and nearing the end of the....what do I call it? Paint resurrection? Paint correction? Because it does not look like the same car that has been sitting in my shop since April. I'll try upload some pics.
  16. Today's images to share with the site; It is becoming "The Vision"
  17. Thanks guys. Looking forward to the time when wrenching begins. That I can do.
  18. Probably just a rhetorical question as I pondered the current state of our restoration. Yah, it is looking fantastic. But the path to this point going on 2 years now have had frustrations and disappointments. And deep down inside I am troubled by the fact that to get the car to this point is me paying someone else to do the work. I feel like less of a car guy lately.
  19. Here's a question for ya'll; am I the only one that blew their entire budget on paint and bodywork? At least what "I thought" we could do the entire car for.
  20. End of day 3 is showing stunning results. And it's not done yet as there is more to go. I'm afraid I'm unable to replicate what is seen by the eye with a digital picture. Especially one from a flip phone. But here are 2 examples of passenger rear quarter (couldn't decide which one to post)...
  21. He hit it with his electric orbital buffer this a.m. He is currently using his DA and may cut it some more after. The first section on the fender this morning after the buffer was astounding. I saw no orange peel and the metallic was more apparent. The depth of color is different as well. Both he and our local detail specialist said of the paint/clear was "cloudy". I didn't notice, but I have no experience with such things. No cloudiness at all now. He's getting emotionally excited about how it is turning out. Along with us. Very cool.
  22. Couple of pics at the end of the day yesterday. Amazing that the sanded sections actually feel smoother than the two spots (where side mirrors mount) of un-sanded paint.
  23. He didn't say the product names/types. I'm not sure it would be appropriate to ask finite details. The only thing I do know is the sand paper is made in Switzerland. Nice stuff. Amazing to watch him work. His name is Chris Larson. I showed him the website and this thread and asked if I could put his name on here, he didn't mind. I know he mentioned taking it to 3000 grit. Not sure if it will go further. He started the roof at 1500 dry. But it didn't do what he wanted. So he switched to wet. If I were to guess and I did earlier today as to why the roof coatings ended up so thin. It was because the car was on jack stands in the paint booth and the painter is about 5'6". Tough to reach. To add to my theory of the roof, Chris mentioned the angle at which he had to hold the spray gun if the painter was short caused the metallic to "splatter". Which are the dark spots we see and the chunks we thought were dirt here and there could be the metallic particles clogging the nozzle. He also mentioned the difference in gun types top loading vs bottom loading. Or was it feeding not loading. Not sure. He has sooo much knowledge to speak from I have a hard time keeping track of it all. Oh btw. Finally page 12. That last page was a pain to scroll through with a misbehaving web browser.....
  24. 1000 grit to start. He did an ultrasound measurement of the paint. All is well except the roof. It is thin. Special care will have to take place......
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