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  1. I've enjoyed reading other builds and have learned much about 71-73 Mustangs. I came to this website seeking knowledge and will continue to do so. I bought the 1972 Mach 1 for my wife 12 years ago. Originally Ivy glow paint, green interior, 302, 3 speed, console, gauges, Magnum 500's. Non spoiler, hockey stick stripe. It has a 351W 2v motor installed, with headers that fit very well. It is a 71 casting, possibly out of a Galaxy. I've seen evidence that it might be a low mileage engine. The front of the motor is missing everything except the power steering pump. Even the H2O pump is removed. It has sat in our shop for 10 1/2 of those years. My wife disassembled the interior 7-8 years ago. Life got in the way and we are now going on a journey to restore her Mach 1. Neither one of us has the skills or knowledge for the bodywork. At one time we fancied the idea of doing it ourselves. That isn't reality for us at this point. I have at one time or another in my 50 years worked on every part of a car (except setting up rear end gears or rebuilding a transmission). My wife is very mechanically inclined and doesn't mind greasy dirt and oil. We are on the schedule for December to bring the Mach 1 to the bodyshop. So here we go...
  2. Seat platforms are just one concern of many and that list seems to grow as we become more familiar with every shape and contour. I may just start a whole new posting in the build forum so as not to clutter this forum with my ignorance. Be as it may, the more we disassemble, more sheet metal looks worse every time we work on the Mach 1. The floor support on the passenger side will probably not be reusable and a solution for the "toe board" (don't know what to call it) will be needed. Good thing yard work is winding down for the season. The Mustang is consuming whatever time we can afford to spare after kids, house, meals, etc. Good bonding time for me and the Mrs. though. Brett picture upload
  3. Yes it does and I'm mildly perplexed. But, as you said they fit. I haven't been a member of this forum long. But I have read enough posts via search function that I've started to recognize posters that know this vintage of Mustang well and find their input very useful, since I know very little about Mustangs. Your input is one I value. Not posterior kissiing here, just an observation of what I've read. The full floor pan that you stock as you mentioned comes with the platforms, are they already installed on the floor pan? thanks Brett
  4. Thanks for bringing this back up! Another part we'll probably need that isn't readily available as a reproduction part. Brett
  5. I'd guess installed height once attatched to trans tunnel, floor and rocker panel "shrinks" down from the manufacturers listed height of 3.5". My self described condition PMD (precision measurement disorder) has me replaying the images in my grey matter of my attempt to measure the old crusty platforms in my wife's Mach 1 and it causes a involuntary wrinkling of my brow, scratching of my head, followed by a guttural "huh?" definition; PMD abbreviation precision measurement disorder a complex disorder caused from years of working with precision machined, tight toleranced aircraft grade parts or components. Including but not limited to the maintenance of airframes and powerplants that operate at altitudes exceeding 35000 feet. Of which the standards, set forth by the manufacturers maintenance manuals and specifications approved by a governmental intrusion (err institution, ie. FAA), that at times are measured out to four decimal places (0.0001). This disorder manifests itself in several possible conditions which may include all or part as follows; the inability to construct or modify anything made of wood without undue frustration and involuntary cursing (a 2X4 is not 2.0000X4.0000 inches), forget about particle board. Household plumbing is avoided at all costs, period. The least serious condition is the inability to comprehend an automotive engineers design intentions or the almost careless assembly by automotive manufacturers. If monitiored and limited, automotive work can be enjoyable such as; daily drivers can be maintained without loss of control of mental faculties as long as the occurences of maintenance events is infrequent. Restoration or the general maintenance of automobiles of a preferred vintage can be tolerated as well, mild frustration can be tolerated if reason is instituted that the work performed is being accomplished on something that is antiquated technology that was never meant to fly at 35000 feet. When frustration arises from the maintenance of anything automotive, one who suffers from PMD is often heard uttering the phrase "good thing auto manufacturers and engineers don't have a damn thing to do with airplanes, cuz they'd be crashing all the time!" Ultimately someone suffering from PMD is fascinated with tooling that is of high quality, measuring devices of all kinds are almost worshipped (especially if measurement capabilities are as small as 0.0001 of an inch) and likely have a special and protected area for storage. Manuals for maintaining anything mechanical are collected and adored. Precision rules the life of someone with PMD. Brett
  6. Well I'll be dipped! I guess I owe the Dynacorn sales manager a sincere apology. I feel like an ee-dee-ot! Thanks Don! We shall be placing our order with OMS in the near future.
  7. I received a reply from Dynacorn: Hello Brett, Our seat platforms are for the fastback.22.5 x 16.50 x 3.50 hope this helps Thank you James Liapis Sales Manager Dynacorn International, LLC. Dynacorn Classic Bodies, LLC. 4030 Via Pescador, Camarillo, CA 93012 P: (805)987-8818 | F: (805)388-0786 IG: @dynacornllc FB: Dynacorn International, LLC | Dynacorn Classic Bodies My reply: Thanks James! I appreciate your time. I am currently at the beginning stages of restoring my wife's 1972 Mach 1. My previous experience has been with Camaro's. So I have been doing as much research prior to undertaking the current project as I can. From information that I have been able to gather from many 1971-73 Mach 1 Mustang restorers the seat platforms for a coupe versus a fastback differ in height by a large margin. I have gathered most of my information from the website 7173mustangs.com. On CJPonyParts.com they sell your seat platforms as a coupe/fastback platform. That as far as I can tell is very incorrect from the information I've read on the aforementioned Mustang forum. Coupe seat platforms are too tall for a fastback. Measuring the actual height of the platform is difficult to be sure, due to its shape(s). According to my measurement in the 1972 Mach 1 (fastback) that is in my shop, the tallest measurement I can take is approximately 2.5". Far shorter than 3.5" of your platform. There is no possible measurement that could be taken on the platforms installed from Ford in my wife's 72 Mach 1 that would approach 3.5". According to those that have restored Mach 1's and other reputable parts vendors, nobody manufactures a seat platform suitable without modifications to fit a 1971-73 fastback mustang. I am happy to discover that Dynacorn is the sole manufacturer of a correct full floor pan for the 1971-73 Mustang, as we will be purchasing one from a vendor. Prior to that restorers had to modify a 64-69 full floor to fit. So I'll leave it at that and may I implore you to contact those on the forum 7173mustangs.com to help Dynacorn make the correct part. Another good person that I have recently discovered to discuss what works and what does not for this vintage of Mustang is Don from Ohio Mustang Supply, as he is an active participant in the restoration forums, helping us in the 71-73 Mustang community. Again thank you for your time. Brett
  8. CJPonyparts has 71-73 seat platforms by dynacorn part numbers; 3648NE and 3648NF. They have them listed as coupe/fastback. From what I have read on this website is that coupe versus fastback are different heights. So a few days ago I posted a question on cjponyparts inquiring as to whether or not they will have to be modified for a fastback. Today I notice there is a response that I believe to be in error, from what I've learned on here. The answer was "No, they are the same from coupe to fastback." So I went to Dynacorns website and they do not have a description of their part but they are listed "seat platform RH (LH) 71-73 FB". So I sent them a message asking the same question and also asked for dimensions for height on their product. We are a couple months from the bodyshop and it is unknown at this time if the original platforms can be saved. I'm just trying to get educated on correct parts and how much in parts we will be spending (as close as I can figure). Has anyone used the current offering of seat platforms from Dynacorn? Thanks Brett
  9. $159/yard for the CW per SMS. Spendy, but doable. We'll just be reusing the 8 inch rear and not springing for a 9 inch assembly.
  10. I'm sure the bodyshop would know how to look up the paint codes for the interior paint on the dash. I haven't found a resource for that. Brett
  11. I used the "search" function and just typed in "green interior" and found a lot of information. I only made it through 6 pages and have seen some amazing Mustangs in this search. Some fantastic folks posting throughout the years here as well. If we want to maintain originality we'll contact SMS for the comfortweave and lighter green vinyl. We do have a couple of automotive upholstery shops in our area. My wife had a good conversation on the phone today with one of them. They sounded as though they could help us on our seats and door panels. We do have a set of black ones that my wife bought years ago that were in ok shape for a driver. So they could be used as a base or we'll decide if a set of white ones from mustang market will work. I also learned that NPD carries some great paint (SEM) for the plastic pieces. Thanks to this site I believe keeping it green is doable. Now I can settle back down and concentrate on further disassembly for paint. Thanks all Brett
  12. My wife's Mach 1 interior was missing the front buckets and the rest was in poor shape. Interior trim code is GR and option listed is Mach 1 sports interior. We are a long ways away from installing interior pieces. But we are sending the Mustang in this winter to a body shop for paint. My wife would like to keep the original colors; Ivy glow metallic paint with green interior. Trying to locate all the parts we are going to need is proving to be difficult. Mainly the front seats and door panels. Hard to believe because a lot of other stuff comes in green, even the special carpet for a Mach 1. Nobody makes a green door panel for the Mach 1 interior. TMI seems to be the most correct looking. So a possible vinyl dye on the white door panel is our thought. ACC sells the green carpet for the door panel. It looks like mustangmarket.com has the cheapest price (their panel shown looks identical to a TMI panel on cjponyparts but $270 cheaper). For seat upholstery it sounds like distinctive industries has the most correct seat upholstery, with ohio mustang supply being the best price. But nobody has a picture that represents the seat color that matches what I thought it should look like compared to interior pics I've found online. Should we just change to an easier color? I find it frustrating and kind of a challenge for us to put the Mach 1 back to its original colors. I'll try attatch a picture I found online. Thanks all, sorry for the rant Brett
  13. Thanks Jason! Most of the exterior trim is re-usable. Provided the removal doesn't damage the pieces. The only piece that is not fixable in my opinion is the passenger side roof drip rail molding. It has some serious dings. The repos are a bit spendy. An email I got from someone parting out a fastback Mustang proves that good shape originals are crazy expensive; $250 for both. I was bummed this week to discover that the trim pieces are anodized aluminum and not stainless (like my project car). So I doubt we could save the passenger roof drip rail molding. Brett
  14. Corrected picture in post #11 Mach 1 is paint code 4C Ivy Glow and not 4Q. It's been awhile since I looked at the paint code on the door sticker. Of course my wife told me that she was sure I was wrong about it being 4Q dark green. When I cleared out the drivers side of the car in the shop this morning I was able to open the door and read the tag. My wife retrieved her Marti report and doubly proved I was previously wrong today. Disassembly for paint continues. Mostly by my wife, with my assistance for the hard to break loose hardware. Today I am assisting mostly by entertaining, feeding, watering, settling disputes, etc. With our two daugters (5&3) in the house while my wife works in the shop on HER Mach 1. Brett
  15. I read through the entire post. Very informative. Very detailed. Spawned many ideas. My wife and I will probably reference this build as we progress through ours. I especially liked the parts that you refurbished, instead of replaced. A Harbor Freight blast cabinet will be added to our "tools". Attention to detail is fantastic. I am no fan of red, but your Mach 1 looks awesome!!! Thanks for the detailed build post. Brett
  16. Thanks Mike! I'm about 10 pages into your restoration thread. Impressive. Love the rotisserie! Our current thought process is for my wife's Mach 1 to arrive back home from the body shop as pictured in your post. Assembly we can handle. We are full of elbow grease, but unskilled in welding, bodywork and paint. My wife picked up her keys today. A couple of days ago we dropped off a door lock and the trunk lock at a local locksmith shop. Her project car came without keys 12 years ago. So it was an epic occasion when I got home from work today for us and our kids to go out to the shop and try a key in the ignition. It worked! She didn't wait "until" I got home from work, she had arrived back home at the same time as myself. But she sure hightailed it out the back door for the shop as soon as she could. Me and the kids had to catch up. A seemingly insignificant part or step to the overall restoration from an outside observational point of view. It was not I assure you all. It brought tears to my wife's eyes. She has keys to HER 1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1. Being able to unlock the steering column will make it sooo much easier to move her Mach 1 out of the shop and onto a trailer when the time comes. Thanks all Brett
  17. That is awesome Hemikiller!! I showed the pic to my wife and that is probably more the level of her vision. To put her Mach 1 back to how it came from the factory. I like the steel wheel, hubcap look. She's undecided. It's been an exciting week, finally deciding to restore her Mustang. Every conversation on how she would like to see her Mach 1 when it is finally back on the road has ended up with her wanting to have it in the colors and options as it was built originally. Including finding another 302. We met with the body shop today and formulated a plan. During our dinnertime conversation this evening it changed 3 or 4 times. The biggest single expense that we will face is going to be paint and bodywork. Originally it was floor replacement, replace radiator core support and paint engine "bay". Bring it home and do drivetrain and suspension. Then bodywork/paint. We now think that step progression is in error. Because of some rust issues that may grow bigger and more expensive. As of this evening the plan is; bring to the body shop a rolling shell (in about 2 months). With fenders and hood removed. What we bring home will be a complete painted rolling shell. Drivetrain, suspension and interior will come later. Never having done a restoration this big we may be wrong and plans can change.
  18. Nice! Wish ours was that complete!
  19. Here is a very close approximation of my wife's vision. She's not sure about adding a front/rear spoiler, hockey stripe, chrome front bumper (if her urethane bumper is ok probably not), or choice of wheels. But it is THE color her Mach 1 left the factory as... 4C IVY GLOW
  20. Thanks all! We're calling the body shop today and getting on the waiting list (December). Being that there is a waiting list and we've seen pictures of his work(nice!), the shop must be competent. Yes, that is an assumption. I've asked my other-brother (x-BIL, long story) who is "in" the car community far deeper than us to ask around to check their bonafides. We're a family of 5 with only 1 income. So the first stage is going to be get the floors replaced and radiator core support straightened or replaced. The core support got bent when towing the car out of the dirt. The yard the Mach 1 was sitting in was full of dog crap. I mean f-u-l-l of dog crap. We couldn't tip toe through the yard to avoid stepping in dog crap, impossible. So, when the tow truck showed up and was ready for us, my other brother had to get on his hands and knees to wrap the chain around a cross member, he mistankenly put it around the core support. To this day he feels bad, even yesterday he offered to pay for the core support (straightened or replaced). I said no way. In the heat of the moment, incorrectly using his triple A free towing coverage insurance (not supposed to be used for derelict, abandoned cars), nervous tow truck driver (worried about getting in trouble for towing a not covered vehicle) and a yard full of dog crap. My other brother quickly wrapped the chain around the first solid looking structure he laid his eyes on, so he could stand up and get his hands and face away from the dog crap. Hence the bent core support. I did tip the tow truck driver, it's been 12 years, but I think 40 bucks. It was only just over a mile from our house. I digress. The Mach 1 will then return to our shop, where we will do as much prep as we can for the next stage. We'll mock up/install complete drive train for fitment, then remove. Detail/paint engine compartment. Rebuild suspension. Then back to body shop for body work, paint. All this is as time and money permits. We are hoping for $12k body shop bill, but willing to go to 18k. A coworker just had a 72 Chevelle restored (not our shop) and spent 24k. He spent 5k in PPG paint alone (my guess paint from Germany, hopefully NSA doesn't talk to EPA, LOL). So we are aware of how deep our pockets need to be in 2019, if upon stripping old paint/bondo more body work is required. The Mach 1 was a 4Q, dark green, with silver lower body paint. Urethane front bumper (reusable), no rear spoiler. And I'm just learning, so I'm guessing no stripe, but probably had just had Mach 1 decal. This will be a fun journey and at times not so much. But I'm the type that loves numbers and statistics (guns and cars) so the research and learning about all things 71-73 Mustangs will be good brain food for my 50 year old mushy brain. Cheers
  21. Hello all! About to embark on a restoration journey on my wife's 72 Mach 1. We've owned the car for 12 years after rescuing it from the previous owners yard. Life stuff got in the way of the restoration along the way. But it has been stored in doors in our shop. The Mach 1 sat outdoors neglected for 10 years with a shot out (pellet gun) drivers door window. There was shag carpet on the floor for several of those years just soaking up moisture, year after year. By the time the previous owner tore out the carpeting, the floors had rusted. The tunnel, rear seat area, rockers and firewall are good to go. But needs full length pans both sides. It's a pretty solid body otherwise, with non-original front fenders, passenger door and hood. Previous owner replaced those body panels for reasons other than a major accident, so no underlying structural worries. It's originally a 302, manual trans, non-ac, 8 inch rear, tach/instrument gauges, Mach 1. Currently has a 351W motor installed of unknown origin and condition. It had many missing parts when we brought it home. The gauges were not missing thankfully, hope they'll work. Some parts were purchased years ago; front buckets, door panels, tail lights. Disassembly of the interior was done by my wife, with everything bagged and tagged and many pictures taken before disassembly. I've done a partial restoration on a 68 Camaro(yes I am one of those guys), but have never done a restoration of this magnitude. My wife is very mechanically inclined and isn't afraid to get dirty. She likes Mustangs and I've always been a Camaro guy. Although I've never been a Ford vs. Chevy confrontational car person. Good natured ribbing is all in fun. I've been a fan of fastback 71-73 Mustangs since my Air Force days 30 years ago (friend had a 71). My wife and I went back and forth over the years on selling her Mustang or buyng something further along. Recently we've decided to jump in with both feet and see where this journey takes us; time and money permitting.
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