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  1. Great video! Very helpful. Like the black paint on the pillars and I don't remember our windshield having the plastic trim at the base when we removed it 18 months ago. Wishing your wife and son a healthy birth! Looking forward to the day your video includes driving your Mach 1. Out to the Spit maybe? My wife and I went on our honeymoon 12 years ago in Homer.
  2. Welcome! This site is great! I couldn't do what has been done so far to our Mach 1 restoration without this place. Awesome looking red Mach 1!!
  3. Welcome to the best 71-73 Mustang forum! There are so many great members on this site. Beautiful convertible!
  4. Just had a visit from my Other Brother. He knows Gobs about paint/bodywork. Unfortunately he was unable to be with us on our intial paint inspection visit to the body shop. His appraisal is that "if" the painter in fact laid down 4 decent coats of clear as he said, our car will be fine. He told us of an early 60's Falcon that he painted years ago. I saw the finished product and it was a show stopper. He told us that it looked awful after clear coat, like a satin finish. His Falcon turned out great. He said we have a much better looking starting point. He did say that our painter has a lot to learn about painting a car before he starts charging what he charged us. I should sleep better tonight.
  5. Thanks all! We have been in contact with a detail shop that came highly recommended by 3 collision repair shops in the area. He's THE guy they call to do their wet sand and buff as they don't do that step. He's actually going to come to us next week and give us a bid to finish the damn paint job. Yes I am very looking forward to working on the Mach 1. With my wife.
  6. Oops! I freely admit to being completely out of my leauge when hiring a bodyshop. Thankfully the internet allows me some level of anonymity. I truly am embarrassed at the amount that I paid. But it is home. We found a few more flaws within the first 10 minutes of having it in our shop. Can't believe I missed them. I'm sure there will be more. One such doozy is the tail panel. The doofus managed to paint blackout for the honeycomb panel to tail light gap. But the Moron completely forgot to make holes for the honeycomb panel. And not to mention some sort of black colored splatter on the roof that appears to be UNDER the clear coat. I'm typing concise and clearly I think and trying to be respectful to the site owner and mods. But I really want to scream obscenities via the keyboard. Anyways here are some pics. We shall keep on with the restoration/resurrection.
  7. I am sorry for your loss Rod. If you need anything, give me shout. After all I am just "down the road".
  8. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Loose parts collected yesterday. The Mach 1 was already loaded into an enclosed car trailer when we got to the shop. Guess he didn't want any more things for us to find ;) Shop prepped for arrival. ie. I put my car on wheel dollies and pushed it into the corner the Mustang occupied for a decade. Delivery expected this afternoon. Update to follow.
  10. Neat stuff Carolina! It would have been neat to watch a car put together like that. Even better would be a time lapse video.
  11. I thought there was a "place" for items like this, I could've swore to it. Heck I printed one off for our 72 project prior to going to the bodyshop. Another disturbing memory, considering the bodyshop guys response when I handed a copy to him. He looked confused.
  12. Thanks Tim! We kind of had a laugh about the bumper. We forgot all about it. Didn't think about it until after we inspected the paint job. We figured the painter forgot as well since he didn't bring it up. The painters response to my wife's text, when asked, led us to believe it was forgotten about. Any hazards for off gassing paint while driving around with freshly painted parts in the back of a suburban? I ask for my family as I've already got brain damage (self inflicted) ;)
  13. Painter found some more parts to paint today. Pretty sure he forgot about the bumper til yesterday. Hoping to get the Mach 1 home this Friday. I like to solve complex problems. Can't wait to dig into this project on our own turf once again.
  14. Nice!!! Blue is my favorite color. The tunnel ram will look great cleaned up and sitting on a shelf! Or you could buy another hood and......
  15. That is AWESOME!! Reading about your build stirred some pleasant memories from the Laguna Seca racetrack many years ago. I got to see the Penske-Donahue Camaros. I met a guy who had the "best" job in the world (I thought at the time); he maintained and prepped vintage Trans Am Camaros (don't recall how many 2 or 3 maybe) for a guy that travelled the vintage race circuit. He always travelled ahead and had the cars ready for when his boss the driver showed up. His boss owned a big company which he was considered an employee of and received a salary, medical/dental and retirement. Sorry for the thread derail. Vintage Trans Am racing is the best racing. Wish I had the time, money and skills to be involved. If you ever make it out west to run your Mustang I'll volunteer for pit crew duty. I can turn a wrench.
  16. Impressive build! You have some serious fabrication skills! Sorry if I missed it; Do you plan on racing in vintage races when complete? I attended the Monterrey Historic races many years ago and recall being in awe of how the Trans Am cars were modified for track duty. To the point that the cars body was all that was recognizable.
  17. My wife watched bunch of videos on "how to" wet sand and buff yesterday. There is more to learning than that I know. But as a friend of mine who is also a Mustang fanatic said we have a perfect piece of the car to learn wet sand and buff on. The hood. Even if we don't do it ourselves, again, the hood will be an excellent piece to start with.
  18. No worries Geoff! I wish my wife's Mach 1 hood, looked that good! :) Don't know what the heck he was thinking. Just go back a few pages to the pics of the body in primer with fenders and hood attached. He hadn't "filled" it in yet. Why oh why? More thoughts while driving kids to/from dentist appointment; Poor bastard probably is upside down on his price/labor. He probably really was in over his head on this project. We chose poorly. He started his own bodyshop one month before we brought him the Mach 1. He is not ready for the big leauges. Or even triple A. Apparently the few 64-67 Mustangs that he has worked on must not have needed as much work and/or there is enough manufacturing differences between the generations that it was overwhelming. Not that he didn't do good work. Cause he did. The gap on the rear quarter extensions is beautiful! A far sight better than they were when I took them off the car. The silver paint accents turned out just the way I envisioned. And after a cut and buff the paint will probably be gorgeous. There were a few tell tale signs early on; I brought him a printed copy of the body dimensions for a 72 Mustang before he cut out the floor and he looked a might bit confused as I handed it to him. He failed to recognize the full floor pan from dynacorn did not come with parking brake brackets attached or rear seat side panel brackets. So when he cut out the floor. Every piece went into the scrap metal bin. I need to quit typing. I didn't intend to turn this into a complaint blog. My apologies.
  19. Yessir! Heck, my wife was "ok" with the orange peel while first looking at the paint job. Her beef and it really bugs her is the hood trim piece. It was the first thing she saw upon exiting our suburban. And it took a few minutes of staring at the hood trim before she was able to walk around the whole Mach 1. I really hate to blow up. But I'm percolating. I am entering John Wayne movie quote territory. "I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a-hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them." I really just want to be done with incompetent people. I have a difficult time interfacing with other industries outside of my career field of 34 years. It is a personal physcological problem. The standards at which I have been held to in aircraft maintenance since I was 19 leaves me without a choice to be jaded the away that I am towards other industries. I just want to find a professional, pleasant to deal with person(s) to finish out the paint job. So I can get to making my own mistakes turning wrenches.
  20. Thanks Timachone, Geoff, Kevin and all others. Tim there were some major panel replacement; full floor, drivers quarter panel, tail panel, core support and battery tray apron. We brought the car to the shop in a very disassembled state. The only thing remaining on the body were the doors which only had the door latch and interior door handle. The front coil springs were replaced with wood 4"X4" blocks. We settled on a final price to get the Mach 1 into paint post structural repairs and before final primer coat. It was a verbal contract sealed with a handshake for $18000. Three days ago I was excited to see the picture of the Mach 1 in the paint booth in paint. In my euphoria I quickly agreed to an additional $1100. Obviously I do not know paint/bodywork but "I" can see the orange peel. I hope to get a professional opinion on the final product produced by our hired painter before WE hire out a wet sand and buff job. And at this point a redo of the entire hood to fix the front trim piece. In one of the unprofessional text messages to my wife the painter claimed to have 500 hours into our car and something to the effect that he helped US out along the way to stay in our budget. As I said I did (do) not know what it took (takes) to put a Mustang into paint that needed the amount of panel replacement that it did. But I did as much research as I could prior to undertaking this restoration. This website was my main go to source. My best guess was 300-350 hours. I have not threatened legal action. I would need to do my homework on that before I did. One such task that I believe would help is to pick up the Mach 1 with our own (rented) trailer. And bring it to a professional bodyshop for evaluation. My wife contacted such a bodyshop that was agreeable to that course of action. I am starting a mini vacation from my job today. It was planned for a 5 day spring time work to get stuff done around the house and yard mini vacation. Earlier this week it looked like the addition of bringing the Mach 1 home after 16 months was going to be the crown jewel to this planned time off.
  21. Beautiful Mustang Kilgon!! The painter of our car should be the one to "finish" our car not some detail shop. Just before our painter painted the body I expressed my hopes that it turns out well enough to "show" the car and like you have business cards available. Also if we did put a poster board together that his shop would be listed as paint and bodywork. Unless he changes his mind in the very near future, which I doubt, I won't be recommending his shop. I get the impression our painter is pushing us to pay and get lost.
  22. He said that if we wanted the orange peel gone it would be an additional 80 hours labor ($5200). The agreed upon $18k turned into $19100 two days ago. After he said he had some additional hours in sanding just before the paint booth. I agreed to the extra $1100. But I won't do $5200. I even asked what could we get for 40 hours. He balked at that, stating that few hours would only remove the peaks and still leave texture. He said we paid for a factory looking paint job and that is what we received.
  23. The Project Manager contacted several bodyshops and detail shops today. No bodyshop will touch this car with a ten foot pole. But a few did recommend the same detail shop that does wet sand and buff. The detail shop that was recommended was nice to my wife over the phone and offered to come over and give a quote when we get it home. Every shop she called except collision repair outfits the wet sand/ buffing IS performed post paint for every car they paint. My wife did have a nice and detailed conversation with the owner of one of the high end bodyshops in town. It takes him 40-60 hours to wet sand / buff. This is for SHOW CARS. The kind that have velvet ropes attached to shiny metal poles surrounding them. I doubt my wife's Mach 1 will be the only paint job that is sent out the door this way. Long term it will not be good for business.
  24. Thanks Geoff! I'm not a fan (normally) of green myself. But I agree it will look awesome. The kid said he applied 4 coats of clear. We plan on hiring someone else to cut and buff. We probably could handle the task ourselves. But I don't want to make a mistake. I'm ready to get wrenching. I usually do ok with that and am humble enough to own up to my own screw ups. For the life of me I can't remember why on earth we did not seek out and buy a "perfect" hood trim piece.
  25. Thanks Kevin! Yourself and many, many members here have been a great help. I sure wish we all lived in the same town.
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