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  1. Very nice turtle5353! I read through that build and it helped plan ours. After a couple of back and forth texts that were less than acceptable. The "manager" (a.k.a. my wife) of this project has informed the bodyshop to fix the emblem holes and we will hire a professional to wet sand and buff. He's had her Mach 1 for far too long and it is time it comes home.
  2. I slept on it (not well). I am disappointed. And yes the whole car does have the orange peel. The passenger side rear quarter looked worse. Which may have been due to that being the shady side and no direct sunlight. Back side of doors not painted. To keep dirt out or something along those lines as to why that happened. Front fenders are not original and were from a non-Mach 1 Mustang. So the fender emblem holes are still there. This did not register while at the body shop, looking over the fresh paint. I recalled it later last evening and zoomed in on the pictures. Yup. Holes are still there. Wife remembers that conversation months ago and that they were to be filled. Can't wait to hear his response this a.m. when my wife texts him. Passenger rear quarter should have been replaced. Bottom where it meets the rocker is bowed out 1/2". It shows up with paint. I never noticed it in primer and neither did the painter. I'm sure not many will notice. We'll live with that. His solution for the front edge of the hood piece looks bad. We had 2 trim pieces. The straightest one was installed. Both had missing studs. The trim piece was "metal bonded" (glue) on. He then filled and blended with the hood. From a distance it looks like the trim piece is missing. We'll have to live with it. From talking to two other friends and reading here I have come to understand that "cut and buff" post paint should be a matter of course for a paint job. Orange peel is quite common. Driving into work this morning I started to get a little red under the collar thinking about the paint job. To this point I have had my wife be the contact point for this job. I wanted her to feel as though this really is her car and her decisions are how things will be done. I've stepped in when appropriate. So this morning I've came up with an idea. If he is reluctant to do anything. I'll let him know I won't be doing any work on the Mach 1 for a while. But it will be going to car shows on a trailer. Every one I can find for the next 12 months in my geographical area. With a big sign that says "judge my paint job that I paid XXX dollars for". The above listed items will be on the sign. Along with the paint shop name and address. To quote my friends text from last night "if they'd put their cell phones down and stop taking smoke breaks, maybe they'd get some work done." This is funny to me because I can hear in my head, my buddies Georgia drawl and his special way of sounding condescending. The sign thing might be a bit harsh and over the top. Just irritated right now.
  3. Just got a text from a friend that has built dozens of Mustangs. I asked how long to wet sand and buff to remove orange peel. He said 10-15 hours. Hmm. Guess the bodyshop owner wants our Mach 1 gone.
  4. We saw the Mach 1 with fresh paint. Some misgivings. Some frustrations. I probably need to sleep on it. Mainly lots of orange peel and a feeling that painter was reluctant to deal with it. Offering 80 (@$65/hour) hours of labor to polish/buff out orange peel. The level of orange peel that I saw was explained as that was the difference in $350/gal of clear versus $600/gal. I chose the $350 or mid grade as how it was explained, months ago. I really don't know paint and was hoping that a friend could have shown up with us, but he was working late. Maybe I was expecting too much. I said more than I wanted to as I said I wanted to sleep on it. It does look good in pics though.
  5. Just got word that this Friday the 16th is the planned delivery day!
  6. See, even after all this I STILL don't know paint. Thanks! I'm feeling really good about my wife's choice to return the Mach 1 to its original color. I liken it to a life sized Hot Wheel. I'm old enough to remember the "different" colors they were...
  7. That it is. Now my highest hopes for all hopes when we see the Mach 1 today.........please, oh please, no orange peel!
  8. I like how he staged the quarter extensions and marker light housing for the photo op. Nice touch!
  9. Thanks all! I wish he would've pulled off his reality tv show "punk" job better. As I would've like to have seen it in person for the first time. My wife's reaction would have been priceless. I'm a lucky guy. She deserves it. All is good though. We shall see it today. Stay tuned. More pics this evening.
  10. Thanks! Harness work may be discussed shortly!
  11. Bodyshop guy tried some reality tv humor with us today. He sent a text asking if we could stop by the shop tomorrow afternoon. Nothing bad he said. Just need to go over a few things. I broke out into a cold sweat. I thought "now what? Nothing bad, as in, it can be fixed but it is gonna cost $$$." So my lady politely answered "yes, how does 4p.m. sound?" She also added "sooo, don't leave us in suspense. What is it?" At that point Brad (bodyshop owner) texted this picture. Mind you, I'm driving our 01 Suburban with two kids in the back with crummy traffic all around us and I hear "OHHHHHH!!!" I about crapped and sideswiped a car next to us. Fortunately for me a red light halted our forward momentum and I was able to eyeball my wife's phone screen. Suffice it to say, I'm not a wear my emotions on my sleeve kind of guy, I got misty eyed and a bit choked up. My old self of four years ago was not capable of managing and paying for such a project for my wife. I can hardly wait to get to wrenching. That I CAN DO!
  12. Holy Shamolee! It's a real Bobby-Dazzler!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Nice! I love the color! Do they still have the big indoor car show this time of the year? I forget the name of the place. I attended when I visited 26 years ago. I rode Puffing Billy out to Emerald Lake as well.
  14. The excitement is brewing, ideas are flowing, imaginary money is being spent, friends are spending our money with ideas, etc.. I am looking forward to the day my wife turns the key for the first time and the Mach 1 roars to life!
  15. More progress!! A paint job IS imminent! Appropriate blackout on the bottom of the hood. Not going for a councours restoration. Just some details here and there added for some reason (don't know why exactly, just wanted it done).
  16. More parts painted. It will be a one of a kind. It is greeeeeen.
  17. I was wrong about there being paint on the bottom of the trunk lid. Nope. It was blasted clean months ago. I misunderstood. The painter was comparing the tested paint patch to 2 different shades of green he was seeing on the drivers side mirror. Color is locked in. It will be Ivy Glow for sure. Test patch looked great. It will be unlike any 71-73 Mustang in our area. I remember in my younger car crazy days joining in with friends in the admonition of any green colored muscle car. Now I think it will look like a life size Hot Wheel when complete and will be awesome! As for the silver; whoever manufactured the decals did not do a good job on color match (my opinion) as they are much lighter than the argent/silver accent paint. So the decision was made to match the paint TO the decals. Hadn't been to the bodyshop in months. It is still crowded. My wife's Mach 1 is supposed to be on deck for paint. I am not irritated at the timeline anymore, it'll come home when it is painted. Whenever that is.
  18. Don't recall who we ordered the Mach 1 decals from, but it is not a good match. The silver of the decals is lighter. We could look through our receipts and order again from a different source. But we are not. We went with the painters recommendation and match the paint TO the decal.
  19. We are taking a trip to the bodyshop tomorrow to check out test paint patches. Apparently for the green he has two different brands and they aren't an exact match to the unfaded underside of the trunk lid. We have to choose which one. The silver paint is a darker shade than the Mach 1 graphics. I posted a Q in the paint forum. Soon. Very soon. A much needed distraction to the world around us at this time. Knowing what has been done to the Mach 1, even with a lot of "down time" on the bodyshops part. There is NO way we could have done this much in the last 15 months.
  20. Ok, just got a call from the bodyshop. The silver paint he now has on hand per the paint code is quite a bit "darker" than the silver Mach 1 graphics. I told him that I doubted they would be a close match. But he'd rather I come down to the shop to look at a test spray to verify. He said if we didn't like the color difference (paint/graphics), he would get the graphic scanned to get a closer match. How different or close in color match were the Mach 1 graphics compared to the silver paint? Thanks all!
  21. Thanks RIO! I won't have to rent a trailer to get it home. I think he feels bad that it has taken so long, that he said he's going to deliver it to my house.
  22. Progress is starting to take place! I am relieved.
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