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  1. Thanks Kevin! Very helpful. What is (was) the purpose of the black section on the underside of the hood?
  2. Thanks all for the pics!!! Absolutely gorgeous convertible Jeff. Sad to see the blue Mach 1 became reclaimed by the earth David. If only cars could talk. The tales they could tell.
  3. Thanks for the info! Interesting history for the 73 model year and emissions. Ooops!
  4. Thanks jpaz! Sorry my question was not asked well enough to be understood. I'll try again; What determined whether the hood got accent paint (argent or black) or was left alone in body color? Was it the hockey stripe option and/or rear spoiler? thanks all. Please forgive my ignorance (this time :) ).
  5. Is the battery tray apron support bracket only for 71-73 years? Or did previous years of Mustangs do something similar?
  6. Thanks! Pics would be fantastic. With maybe a tape measure/ruler for reference. My wife wants the hood in body color only. No argent. So thanks for the offer of the rub off of the hood paint. What determined hood painted in argent/black?
  7. Her Mach 1 is moving along nicely. It may be done a whole lot sooner than expected. Even the bodyshop owner is suprised. Hopefully in part it is because we brought him a stripped, rolling shell. The other part is definitely the quality dynacorn parts. I had a good conversation with an experienced bodyman at the shop and he said the drivers 1/4 on my wife's Mach 1 was one of the easiest ones he's done. Another project in the shop (impala) he's working has a 1/4 that is one of the worst and he's sure it isn't a dynacorn part. Another visit is planned for tomorrow to bring the urethane bumper and interior metal parts. Some pics
  8. Thanks all! Will visit the 429mustangcougarinfo site. Chemicals...that explains much Hemikiller. They (paint/body guys) do have talents I do not though. Not going with lower body bright trim molding. Deciding on just running an thin argent stripe in place of that. I've seen that done (in black) in a build on this site and rather like the idea, as it looks good when the molding is absent. Thanks for the tailpanel tips. The honeycomb panel is now on the list for stuff that is going to the bodyshop tomorrow. It's the green connector for the engine bay harness Don. Thank you!
  9. Tried a search, no joy. Is there a reference in the factory assembly manual or otherwise that would give the measurements on how wide the lower body accent paint (argent or black) is? Not sure if our painter can find this info. So I'd like to know for myself and provide him with the info. Thanks
  10. I am pleased with the progress and the bodyman said it is moving along faster than expected. But at the same point I am left with a feeling like I cheated on an exam in school. I've spent a lot of time reading other builds on this site and have been and continue to be amazed at the talent and workmanship that others have put into the paint and bodywork on their Mustangs. I do not get the feeling of accomplishment seeing the Mustang being reworked by someone else. I felt good about prepping the Mustang for the bodyshop, but now I am just paying someone else a lot of money to make the Mustang look great. I'm looking forward to getting the Mach 1 back home so my wife and I can get back to work on the restoration.
  11. Good luck on your project!! Our project is a husband and wife team effort also. It is great bonding time for us, as life has gotten busy with raising little ones. Lots of great folks on this site to help as you go along. Our project wouldn't be this far along without all the information available for reading and folks that participate on this great forum.
  12. As I am verrrry ignorant as to what is correct. Would you mind pointing out what is wrong? What my ignorant eyes can see is crummy looking exhaust and the underside is RED. Thanks.
  13. Bodyshop work coming along nicely. The Dynacorn 1/4 panel gets a quality rating from the bodyman. The trunk to 1/4 gap was all that needed addressing for fit. Core support and battery apron tacked in place. Gap work.
  14. Made a visit to the bodyshop today. All those brackets are in the scrap metal dumpster. He said he didn't save them as the older (64-??) Mustang replacement full floor pans come with the brackets. Oh poop. We also had a discussion about bracing (again). In short: how he is doing our Mustang is how he has done Mustangs before and he is confident in his procedure.
  15. No they didn't Kevin. Yes it is a lot of structure removed. I have a planned visit to the shop tomorrow. I have no hands on experience with floor pan removal. But I have read a fair amount on the subject over the years (magazine articles, internet) and recall an episode or two with the tv show that Stacey David did some years ago. Generally just being imersed with car stuff for 30 plus years. That said, I questioned the body shop owner before work began as to whether or not, does he "brace" the body before he cuts the floor out. He had replied something along the lines of; he does not brace the body as the structural integrity of the Mustang lies in the outer structure (perimeter) of the car and further explained that once he places the car on jackstands that the car is not moved until the floor is done. I took that as a learning experience for me, because I thought that bracing is necessary. I figured he's the pro and he has replaced full floors on Mustangs before ours. Buuuuttt, when I saw the picture of the rear quarter panel skin removed I once again became concerned about the effect on body dimensions. I don't want to stress or worry about his work. But with my limited knowledge and no hands on experience it gives me pause. Ignorance can be bliss. Thanks Don. Sounds like you have more pieces than what we took off. We may be missing some pieces.
  16. Not much to report on our end. But the bodyshop has done some work. A thought came to mind since the Mach 1 has been away from home; I removed all fuel and brake lines prior to heading to the body shop. I have to come up with a plan to reinstall fuel feed line and possibly drivers side brake line, BEFORE the drivers fender gets the final installation. Also the plastic splash shields will need to be addressed. One side is reusable, the other is not(cracked). If I could find a nice "set" I would rather go that route as the one side that is reusable is kinda "old" looking and doubt a coat of SEM paint will help.
  17. Neat history on the Mustang. Buuuttt...it is in such poor condition and rust never sleeps. If I had a bucket load of stupid money to spend I would have to "fix 'er up". I would not leave it as is. If I had won that auction (not possible, I don't have stupid money) I would restore the Bullitt Mustang and then I would drive it like I was Steve McQueen.
  18. Had the same screen shot as turtle5353 (Kevin) this a.m. All is well now!
  19. Didn't see any posts relating to this, but yesterday and earlier today when I tried to pull up the website all I saw on the screen was "SQI error 1114" and a link to mybb dot com. Both home and work. Thought I'd check before heading off to bed and it appears 7173mustangs is accessible. Was starting to "jones" for my 71-73 Mustang fix. Maybe it was just me.
  20. Thanks Kevin! I did ask the bodyman about his process in removing the floor and whether he braced the body or not. His procedure did not involve bracing. He has done several Mustang full floor pans without bracing. Hope all remains squared. Don I will double check with the bodyshop and make sure he has saved those brackets. Thanks!
  21. Bodywork is progressing along nicely. Floor is cut out and epoxy primer applied to the bare steel. A big shoutout to Don at Ohio Mustang Supply! Thanks to OMS replacement metal is on the way. The excitement in my wife's voice and the expressions on her face are priceless this week. The journey continues...
  22. Over the years I've read about restorations and the ones where folks do it all themselves are my favorite reads. I posess zero skills (no good at it so might as well be zero) and tooling for metalwork. Those that can do it, hats off to you, I shall live vicariously as I watch and read about your restoration. I will enjoy seeing this transpire.
  23. Thanks for the heads up on the tire deal! I think RWL BFG's on a set of Magnum 500's look great on the Mach 1. Just a side note on date codes; a few years ago a friend had a set of BFG's on his 71 Camaro that were just over 15 years old. Normally he just cruised the "side streets", but one day he thought he'd clean out some carbon and took his car out on the freeway and at 65 mph one of his rear tires came apart and ruined a rear quarter. Personally I was always cautious about older tires, but after that incident I have been extra vigilant.
  24. That's a fact Jack! Ours has nowhere near the rust (only floor pan) and the current guess-timate to get a rolling painted shell 6-8 months from now stands at 18k. Our starting point was $1200, I couldn't imagine a starting point of 20k, whew! If the original drivetrain were with this car that may be a different story for the right person. It's a passion and love of Mustangs that makes us do it. I purchased this 429 Mach 1 for $6000 (numbers matching, but rusty) and I have $29,000 in it now (and I am doing all the work except body/paint - $18,000). Figure I have another $10-$15,000 to do on it, but I like restoring them and then driving them. free image hosting I agree an absolute passion. Like before we started restoring my wife's Mach 1, I searched for what's out there in the world for sale. I could buy a turn key Mach 1 for my wife for 25k. But it wouldn't have the meaning or blood, sweat and tears hers will have when it is done. Sure, we'll spend much more than it is worth. But it will have been saved from certain death by crusher and my wife will have an unprecedented level of pride that she did it with a little help from me. Every time she turns the key to fire the non original motor up and shifts gears in her non original hydraulic clutch 5 speed transmission, she'll know that it was her passion that saved the Mach 1 from the grave. I did not want to give the impression that I thought that anyone who would start with a project like the one linked in the OP at that price point was out of their mind or wrong headed. I apologize if I did. It truly is a passion. As a 30+ year Camaro nut "you guys" and my Wife are extremely fortunate to have Marti reports and engine codes in the vin, for a Camaro (67-69) without the original engine and trans and a paper trail at least a foot thick there is no difference (IMHO) between a base model 327 car and a SS 396 model in value. A Mach 1 with a J code in its vin number is a true pedigree all unto its own.
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