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  1. qQuote


    Thank you for the pointers! Unfortunately life has been in the way of progress - hoping for a mild winter to keep at it.
  2. qQuote


    Thank you. Sure is a nice starting point - lucky that its pretty much "all there"!
  3. qQuote


    Stopping by to introduce myself at the start of a project several years in the making... I've already found a ton of useful information on this site, and figured it was time to join up - if for nothing other than a "thanks" to all the wonderful contributors who have helped so far...and are sure to help some more! The car is a sentimental one for my wife. It is a 351C 4V, 4 speed manual stored back in the 80's - only occasionally started over the following ~25+ years. Selling was never an option following the passing of the original owner - but we were living out of state and unable to do anything but temporarily move it and store it some more. Fast forward - and here we are several years later. We finally found ourselves in a situation to take it from temporary storage and bring it "home". It is not currently starting - but it is believed to be in sound 'running' mechanical condition. Of course, after sitting for 30+ years, there is a lot to be done before venturing back onto the open roads. Hopefully we get to that point soon. I would love to get it road worthy soon and in time for some of the other family members to see it on the road once again! Photo several years ago... ~25+ years of storage before getting new tires for the move: After relocation and a bath at temporary "new storage": After relocation "home" - 4 years of accumulated dirt once again :( You can see some overspray here... I'm told it had some "make do" body work / rust repair and haphazardly repainted at some point in the late 70s or early 80s. It was once a daily driver in the Northeast, after all! First priority - finish replacing the battery storage tray (thankfully, the apron isn't perfect, but its going to be fine for now!)... Then a fresh battery, replace points, plugs, wires, dizzy cap, and hopefully hear some signs of life. Planning to rebuild the original carb for now...and planning to rebuild suspension and brakes. I'm also assuming it would be wise to go through all of the coolant system and fuel system before trying to put it on the road... And the same for replacing other fluids (rear? transmission?)? Seeking any advice from someone who has put one back on the road what might sneak by that deserves attention! We don't want a show piece - just to enjoy the car as it was once enjoyed before. Maybe one day, a full restoration will be in order - but we're hopeful that it will give a few years of smiles to those who remember it first. Thanks for reading.
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