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  1. i used the Distinctive Industries upholstery for my 71 vert and I posted several pictures of my progress in a thread last winter as i recovered all seats and redid the interior of my stang.
  2. Welcome from NE Kansas. Like seeing the convertibles show up.
  3. Why not pull a second name out of the hat for the second light?
  4. Is the dual exhaust system for a convertible the same as a coupe or mach body style? Wayne
  5. For now, I am leaving the original 2bbl and all original intake. So any increase in performance would be exhaust upgrade only. Wayne
  6. Interesting. is there a rule of thumb as to what a few pony's is? Also what does the dual exhaust over single exhaust do for performance?
  7. I am considering adding dual exhaust to my 71 convertible. She has a original 302 and original style single exhaust now. I want to hook up to existing manifolds and use H pipe with mild flow master mufflers. I would appreciate any recommendations and advice. The research I've done seems pretty confusing for exhaust systems for the 302. Would I be better to get mufflers and have muffler shop fabricate the system or is there a good kit? Thanks in advance Wayne
  8. Beautiful car. Welcome from Kansas
  9. my son and I were out cruising around and noticed the tach just quit working for maybe a couple minutes then it was working fine. Does this sound like a ground problem or what? I did put a pertronics ignition on it last fall. Wayne
  10. I saw and chuckled to myself about that one,too. Rare indeed. If memory serves, it was a dealer, which made it dumber yet for me. Wayne
  11. I know what you mean. I waffle back a forth. That is why I bought both.I really like both and I can trade back and forth. I did this post just to test the reactions.
  12. i found a nice set of dog dish hub cap with the trim ring on ebay for $100 shipped to me. I couldn't pass it up just to see what it would look like on my convertible. I really like both but I am leaning toward the sleek look of the dog dish caps. I will trade them back out when I want a different look. Also it is the second time i got the boot on. It was easier the second time. Wayne
  13. It looks like most of my pics are from 1.5MB to 3.3MB. they can vary a lot. I'm trying to figure out how to take smaller size pics if I need to. I use my I phone to take pics then I have to email them to myself to get them on my computer. Sorry, but I am not real savy to this stuff but it is the only way i know how. i see people posting multiple pics on one post---how do they do it within the 2.44 MB? Wayne
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