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  1. Have not been active on here for some time now.

    One year ago my wife was diagnosed with an untreatable liver cancer and I lost her in January. It has been a tough go, but trying to get back in a groove now.

    Took my convertible out Saturday and took a few pictures. Will be taking a few more in next couple weeks.





  2. i used the Distinctive Industries upholstery for my 71 vert and I posted several pictures of my progress in a thread last winter as i recovered all seats and redid the interior of my stang.
  3. Welcome from NE Kansas. Like seeing the convertibles show up.
  4. Why not pull a second name out of the hat for the second light?
  5. Is the dual exhaust system for a convertible the same as a coupe or mach body style? Wayne
  6. For now, I am leaving the original 2bbl and all original intake. So any increase in performance would be exhaust upgrade only. Wayne
  7. Interesting. is there a rule of thumb as to what a few pony's is? Also what does the dual exhaust over single exhaust do for performance?
  8. I am considering adding dual exhaust to my 71 convertible. She has a original 302 and original style single exhaust now. I want to hook up to existing manifolds and use H pipe with mild flow master mufflers. I would appreciate any recommendations and advice. The research I've done seems pretty confusing for exhaust systems for the 302. Would I be better to get mufflers and have muffler shop fabricate the system or is there a good kit? Thanks in advance Wayne
  9. Beautiful car. Welcome from Kansas
  10. my son and I were out cruising around and noticed the tach just quit working for maybe a couple minutes then it was working fine. Does this sound like a ground problem or what? I did put a pertronics ignition on it last fall. Wayne
  11. I saw and chuckled to myself about that one,too. Rare indeed. If memory serves, it was a dealer, which made it dumber yet for me. Wayne
  12. I know what you mean. I waffle back a forth. That is why I bought both.I really like both and I can trade back and forth. I did this post just to test the reactions.
  13. i found a nice set of dog dish hub cap with the trim ring on ebay for $100 shipped to me. I couldn't pass it up just to see what it would look like on my convertible. I really like both but I am leaning toward the sleek look of the dog dish caps. I will trade them back out when I want a different look. Also it is the second time i got the boot on. It was easier the second time. Wayne
  14. It looks like most of my pics are from 1.5MB to 3.3MB. they can vary a lot. I'm trying to figure out how to take smaller size pics if I need to. I use my I phone to take pics then I have to email them to myself to get them on my computer. Sorry, but I am not real savy to this stuff but it is the only way i know how. i see people posting multiple pics on one post---how do they do it within the 2.44 MB? Wayne
  15. Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 2.44MB Is this typical for everyone? i can't get my pics to upload because after i upload one pic it says file is too big. What am i doing wrong? Wayne
  16. Just got my Marti Report and was surprised to find that I have tilt steering wheel,too. So I had to do research to find this post to figure out how it works. Push blinker handle forward and it works great. That will make it easier to get in and out now. It was worth the cost of the Marti report to find out that I have Tilt Steering. Love this forum. Wayne
  17. Since new software, i can not post any pictures because it says my Maximum total size pic that i can post is .24MB. and most pics are over 1MB. Does that mean i can't post any more pics? Wayne
  18. Welcome from NE Kansas. Like your color scheme!! Wayne
  19. The boot came with 1/2'' foam pads that I glued in with contact cement. Thanks to all for the compliments. Took the boot back off today to put top back up. Top and boot both need to stretch and get broke in. Wayne
  20. Finally got to 90 degrees in the sun yesterday here in Kansas so I got out the boot to see if I could get it to fit. In early May i tried and would have sworn there was absolutely NO way it would ever fit. Well, after it got good and warmed up, it was a struggle but i finally got it on. Took me nearly 30 minutes but here it is. My wife and I went out to have ice cream for supper after I finally got it on. It even stayed on in the wind. I was very happy.
  21. Just a follow up post here to note that the RockAuto sending unit with red threads seems to work fine. Factory gauge stays right in middle between hot and cold now. i feel much easier while driving her now because it does not read hot all the time. thanks for all the help. This forum rocks. Wayne
  22. Welcome from neighboring Kansas
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