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    Just like with our mobile number we are forced to change email address because of unavoidable circumstances. But constant changing of both mobile number and email address presses the possibility of losing contact with friends, business colleagues or relatives.


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  1. But the-pardon the album pun-flip side to being signed by a cutthroat record label is the promotional opportunities it provides. Even these days, when record labels are spending less and less yet still expecting immediate results, they provide a budget that independent labels can't hope to match. So what do independent musicians do in order to spread the word about their music and activities? The answer is an email campaign for independent musicians. email database Indeed, an independent musician's email marketing campaign is the perfect way to engage both the artist and his or her fan base. Those who seek out independent musicians-or remain a fan of an artist after he or she is dropped from a major label and forced to take the independent route-will be particularly eager and likely to participate in this type of grassroots marketing by offering up their email addresses. There are numerous methods by which independent musicians can solicit email addresses and implement a successful email marketing campaign, including concerts, promotional appearances and via their own websites. The latter is the best and fastest way of building a database that is uniquely your own. Simply have a spot on the homepage where visitors are prompted to enter their address to learn the latest news about the band, including information about concerts and album releases. For an independent musician's email marketing campaign to pay off for the artist and his or her fans, the focus of targeted emails should be to get the fans feeling more connected to the artist and, by extension, to his or her success. Engage fans by offering contests and giveaways, or provide exclusive email-only information that fans will want to have access to, in order to get them checking for and opening each email blast. Plus, musicians who are long used to doing everything on their own-from booking concerts to booking time in the recording studio to loading and unloading their equipment before and after a show-will be adept at generating their first successful email marketing campaign. From purchasing effective email marketing software to learning how to use all the simple, user-friendly features, to customizing each email blast, and on to maintaining the email database and updating information periodically - it's easy enough to manage on your own without training or support staff. Given how difficult it is to make a living as an independent musician, email marketing software can fit into even the most budget-conscious musician's expenses. Email marketing software is an affordable investment in an independent musician's future success. It's simple, easy to learn and maintain, and will provide returns for years to come! If you're an independent musician seeking to keep fans informed and hoping to expand to a new audience in the future, invest in your success and get email marketing software today.
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