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    Looking to buy a 73 Mustang Mach 1 locally.


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  1. Thanks for the advice, I think he's trying to make up for the cost of the motor/trans... I do like the way the vinyl top looks after seeing a few examples. I didn't think I would but it does look cool!
  2. Thanks for the information, makes sense...
  3. Good morning everyone, I've loved Mustangs since I was a kid but never got to own one. Now I'm looking at one near where I live, but am looking for some advice on it before I go see it in person. The vin is 3F05Q233928 from the seller who's owned it since 1990, but from his description, it doesn't have the original motor or transmission. The original ginger interior has also been swapped out for the black interior, which is okay with me. I wasn't looking for a fully original car, (couldn't afford one like that likely!), so I'm okay with the changes. I was wondering about some things though, from the pictures, it doesn't have any Mach 1 markings, but does match that from the vin. Also, it has the 3/4 vinyl top, which I'm not crazy about, but if this is a rare version of the Mach 1(?), that might affect if I buy it, and what I do with it. I also noticed it doesn't have the hood locks, so wasn't sure if that was an optional add-on for that year model. I'm still learning about these model Mustangs. Any advice? He's asking $7,500, says it has been sitting in his driveway for 10 years, but the new motor and auto trans have 10k on them. It seems he had the motor built with speed in mind, .030" over, forged flat top pistons, and you know the rest.... Thanks for any direction!
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