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  1. Pics enclosed. Bumper is straight but by no means is the chrome perfect
  2. Someone else had some interest in the bumper. I will try to get some close up pics of it today (using a step ladder). The grille looks to be intact. If it is I would like to sell that as an assembly. The weather is breaking here. If it doesn't rain all day every day this week I hope to be able to lower the lift to start tearing it down.
  3. Those parts are on the vert i am parting out. I think they are in decent shape but car is on a lift until the weather warms up and i can move some cars out. It looks like that is at the end of next week maybe. I tried reaching the parts from a ladder but not not feasible (or too risky).
  4. Sorry for the delay. i have been holding onto the parts in the picture since I took everything off my 72 Sprint that i could before junking it around 1992. I think the part you are asking about is in the pic below. It is the part from the vertical support to the grille, correct? At the top of the picture.
  5. motivate, motivate!!!! Thx for your service. My vert languished for 25 yrs but just got it painted this winter and LOTS of parts sitting in the house (daughter griefed me for so many car parts in the house). Take it slow but be realistic about what you can get done in a certain time and be ready for changes to the plan as things turn out to be more than you had thought. i find this forum inspirational and that enthusiasm is infectious. Welcome aboard!
  6. I would like to find an original color black car (yeah, i like yours but am also partial to keeping original colors therefore i buy accordingly even if repaint needed). Welcome to the group! lots of knowledge within the minds of those here,
  7. I think it is closed cell or at least sealed open cell. It is definitely spongy
  8. I am curious if the 69 switch connector ends can just be replaced with the style used on our cars? The 69 is noticeably less expensive. Has anyone tried something like this?
  9. Nice ride! Welcome from MO.
  10. This applies to the Mexican GT-351 i just got. I did some troubleshooting on the horn. Note these are Mexican made horns and a bit different that ours 1. The rim blow wheel is in constant contact. I measured resistance across the two wire leads as 2.1 ohms BUT the horn does not "work" in that it should be blowing the entire time (which it doesn't). Both wheel connectors are at 12v to ground with the wires connected to the pins, 2. SO the horns....i took both off and cleaned up the interface locations to make sure there is a good ground. I bench tested both and they both work. I
  11. I just got a notification that these should be here Saturday. I plan to take a pic of one next to an original one and then confirm with folks that put dibs on them that they would still like them. So look for another update Sat or Sun
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