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  1. Also look for the body buck tag usually mounted to the radiator support by a single screw. It was used by the factory workers as the car went down the line....and the Marti will tell you what it left the factory with (but I have heard of some incorrect cars.....I can easily imagine as a car went down the line that the workers did not always get it right).
  2. I have 2 usable harnesses. They are the ones that come from the engine bay into the underdash area. One has a 72 part number as shown and has an additional power tap inside the engine area. Is this for a light? I would really like to know what this additional power tap is used for since I would like to upgrade to an engine bay light when I find one. The first 3 pics are of the 72 harness. The last pic is the harness I pulled from a 71 convertible and it matches the trashed one from the 71 I am restoring. I believe these same harnesses are used for power windows as well.
  3. I would like to get my convertible done but maybe next year. I am trying to get some additional work done to one of mine. Hoping to show it this Saturday. I have never shown a car before so a little uncertain what to expect. I have only been on the spectator side of things.
  4. I picked up the white interior parts. With the exception of the rear seat they were not nearly as nice as advertised. He did have some other generic Ford stuff that I picked up. I will be offering some of it here. I will be keeping one of the 71 and the 72 wiring and vacuum schematics. I got one 1970, two 1971, and a 1972 plus the two brochure type items. I think the 58 light truck item is in amazing condition. I will be keeping the door panels to use the items on my repop panels. Most of the other stuff will be offered up separately.
  5. https://boston.craigslist.org/sob/pts/d/kingston-1971-ford-mustang-door-panels/7316384512.html Here is another pair for $200. I have not inquired about them.
  6. It looks like 10-29-90 may be some type of date? I did see another set of black deluxe panels while I was looking around for $200 on CL. Not sure where. If I get a chance I will try to find them and post them in this thread. They looked pretty good but carpet was faded a bit IIRC.
  7. I am going to look at the OKC parts tomorrow. 7 hr drive each way and fingers crossed.
  8. My prayers for all of you. I sincerely hope the best. I was going to offer to help but looked where you are....that is a bit far. Let me know if you need anything other than prayers.
  9. Sorry about your cousin. I hope the entire family recovers quickly.
  10. I do not have a direct comparison for this but here is what I did. On my 71 Mach I converted to halogens FIRST with a Hella relay. I got some crappy lenses (I mean they looked awful) but the halogens were noticeably brighter. I rather like the halo LED look so I bought a pair of those and swapped them out but retained the relay. I also put a pair of halo LEDs on the GT-351 WITHOUT a relay. I did not see a noticeable difference between the two cars but i did not have them side by side BUT I did note I probably pissed off some neighbors in my subdivision driving around at night to check the
  11. He responded to my ebay enquiry but it looks like you have his email so all is good it appears!
  12. That manganese phosphate is NOT easy to do (At least i found it difficult, nay, impossible). You have to vapor degrease and acid etch and blah blah. They used it on various guns as well (Known as parkerized i think when talking about guns).
  13. Well i have 3 so I obviously really like them. Any old car is (or should be) nostalgic for the owner and often is for others. It is also a personal statement. New cars can be too but they often have a larger percentage of practicality to them. The older cars are more of a personal statement in my opinion.
  14. Sent you a PM. I tried to find an email for him, unsuccessfully. He is on torinocobra.com forums as postaldan, on ebay as postaldan514. I contacted him from his ebay sale (where i bought mine). I will see if he responds.
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