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  1. Ouch on the finger. I did something similar and started a thread on things like that (i have done something similar and other things as well). I did lap welds for the most part. Easier for me (also self taught). For a first try i think that panel looks pretty darn good!
  2. I have a couple of issues. I have taken pics for one of them. My passenger door to fender alignment is a bit off at the top near the windshield. My daughter knocked the door off a stand and I did my best to straighten it. Not sure if that is what is wrong or if it is the fender that needs tweaked. I am comparing passenger side (1st pic) to drivers side. Any ideas what i should try?
  3. Very nice. I want a medium blue something...haven't decided what. Hello from MO
  4. Fate...karma....guardian angel...just being a good soul. So much happens that defies rational explanation or scientific justification....never hurts to be a nice person
  5. Mach I from CO is up on a lift probably until spring. I have a few minor things to do on it but really need to get vert done or at least significant progress.
  6. First observation....you have the right attitude and are not fooling yourself that it is "easy". You mentioned bikes and cars so you probably understand the s ope of the task you have undertaken.. It looks like there is little real rust on it and that is a huge benefit. Welcome to the forums. The other guys on here have an unparalleled breadth of knowledge on these cars. Two pics enclosed. Older one is when I got the car in 1995 or so. Latest is from 3 wks ago. Car sat for 20+ yes. Just keep at it and you will see progress. The folks on here motivate me and I hope they do the same for you
  7. paint, paint and more paint. I am getting closer to having entire car smoothed and ready for color.
  8. Welcome from MO. I read some good suggestions for simple HP boost. If you are planning to do them yourself some may be easier than others.
  9. Looks like a 1971. Late in 71 production year Ford changed design to a single grille support which has a tab near the center of the valance
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