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  1. brackets? Looked at someone else's car and the bolts were zinc dichromate and were opposite what is shown in the pic from my mach. The pic shows captive nuts on the bracket and the bolts going thru the radiator support from the rear. What is correct?
  2. Maybe I will take a day and go look at the convertible again. I looked at it in late Dec last year and it is still available (so perhaps price is negotiable...I recall when i was there he said make an offer but i simply didn't want to deal with it then). Car looks very complete but it has been out in the elements for years. Interior is sad. Pics sent to me were from when the current owner bought it. Would have been a good deal then. Then he parked it in a field and it sat.
  3. I just got back in a couple of weeks ago. I jump from hobby to hobby. Perhaps others do as well or maybe covid is impacting things. No shows or swap meets in my area. I imagine true in other areas as well. Probably not unreasonable to think shows and meets help inspire interest in the members? Now with covid and so many stories on looming civil war as the US convulses with civil unrest......yeah it is kinda not fun inspiring. People trying to locate guns and ammo. Easier (and cheaper) to find an original ram air setup
  4. Nice music choice...but I don't recognize it? Looks like great progress
  5. Thx everyone for the responses. Tells me the 71 vert 302 sitting in a field for 1500 (negotiable) is not a good deal. A local guy i get some parts from says he usually pays 500-1000 for a complete car. Shoot.. I want a coupe or grande but prefer a 71. For 1k I would have snatched that car up for sure to restore....hint hint.
  6. I have a local guy that has 2 mustangs that might have that part. The trunks are pretty intact.. thing is I don't know what that part is lol. More pics perhaps?
  7. Welcome aboard from eastern MO. Nice looking car!
  8. So I am in the process (finally) of getting serious about putting the 71 vert back together. I am considering getting a parts car for two reasons. First is to use as a guide to reassemble mine. Second is to have an on hands source for the miscellaneous items that i am bound to have misplaced or were missing to begin with. Lastly is to sell miscellaneous items that i do not need (I already have most parts from a Sprint i stripped a while ago). I have an empty spot in my garage. I was wondering what the basic value i should associate with a parts car. Baseline assumption is 302-2v (so 8" r
  9. A belated howdy from O'Fallon, MO! I was EMCON on this site for a few months. How did you locate your project?
  10. I just ordered the last instock set at Summit. ~175 shipped. Also available at Jegs for about the same price (~179). Summit charged shipping but no tax, Jegs free shipping but tax. https://www.jegs.com/i/Global+West/459/911C/10002/-1?gclid=CjwKCAjwnef6BRAgEiwAgv8mQXceQoPxFa665Wd8tY2aTSsILzLcJ1250owtN0xFcstfMy-k2keZOBoCZvYQAvD_BwE https://www.summitracing.com/parts/gls-911c Shipping dates are not that far out on either. $50 cheaper than other places.
  11. Does anyone else find this as motivating as I do? And maybe a fair bit of jealousy
  12. Following....I am thinking of a stroker 545 in my vert. Subframe connectors seem like a good idea
  13. i have 3 original lower valances not on a car....the one on the right came off my 71 vert. They all have some damage. a good body guy could easily fix. Notice the one on the right does not have the center hole.....I learned something today.

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