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  1. Hi! Being car folks we would very much like to hear about your car, if you have one, or at least about your interest in these cars. If you do have one, pics are ALWAYS appreciated. Welcome from Missouri
  2. More progress. Pulled rearend. Removed pumpkin. Waiting on new yoke (upgraded to 1350 u-joint).
  3. I am looking for a hood light that was part of the convenience group. Shipping to 63368. Anyone have a source for one of these?
  4. Welcome from MO...and we need pics!
  5. Thx for all the responses. I should have taken pics when I was replacing the dash pad on my Mach (it has this option).
  6. I got a great map light. Cleaned it up and had previously spliced into my existing harness to upgrade to the convenience group (I repurposed a plug from a hacked up harness). Light works as expected however I am not sure my splice work providing enough spare length to install correctly. It looks like there is no obvious hole for an original harness so I simply have it on top of the dash. I can splice in additional length if needed.
  7. Welcome from MO. Nicely optioned car! Gratz on acquiring it.
  8. Got my dash back in over the last few days. Got the voltmeter wired correctly. I checked most of the wiring that I could by jumping from my truck to the engine bay harness. Lights working like they should but I think the brake switch needs replacing (I put the original in and it seemed to work ok on a bench check).
  9. I agree with everyone. Are you wanting to do a driving restorations? By that I mean take on smaller projects like fixing the gages or freshening up the interior. Or do you need to do a bunch of metal work? Many people focus on the drivetrain however that can be expensive and takes a lot of time (at least at a really good shop it does since they will have a lot of work). I do not recommend completely dismantling the car since parts will be everywhere and it can be overwhelming to put it back k together. I tore mine down 26 yrs ago. The painting scared me so it sat for 25 yrs. Since your son is interested that may keep momentum going.
  10. I am having a bit of a problem here with getting my voltmeter conversion working. I had Rocketman do the conversion. I got my dash assembled and installed and am ringing things out. I am using a jumper cable to apply power. It reads 14.4 volts at my truck. The plug to the voltmeter is a separate 2 pin connector. It reads around 13.4V with the ignition on ond 0V when off. The jumper is at the fusible link in the engine compartment so there is about 1V loss which I can live with. I am getting good connection thru the 2 pin harness since I am getting 13.4V at the ring terminals I used at the voltmeter posts WHEN THE RINGS ARE NOT ATTACHED TO THE VOLTMETER POSTS. Now for the really odd thing. When I attach the wires to the posts, the posts read 2.0V? The voltmeter does not move. I had 3 converted and checked another one and it does not register either. Does anyone have any ideas?
  11. Thx for the replies. I picked up some from Lowes and they did the trick. Problem solved.
  12. Agree with request for pics! No matter what it looks like.....PICS! Their should be a data plate on drivers door side. Go to web search like duckduckgo.com and type in "1971 data plate decoder" and that will get you started. Then you can go search "Ford Marti reports" and order one for your car. It will give you much more info. You can get a basic report for a very modest fee or a deluxe report for a bit more. I prefer the deluxe report since it provides more info. The elite report is even more but does provide more info. The elite might be nice if your car is something more valuable? The report will provide build date info along with all OEM options. Also search "1971 Mustang body buck tag decoder". This provides some basic info and some options info. It is usually located on front of radiator support. It is a small metal tag with cryptic info (abbreviated info on options which sometimes is counterintuitive to the actual options). Or you can post pics of the tags and we can provide info on what it means.
  13. I am trying to install the passenger side deluxe dash panel. These have the undersized (compared to OEM parts) posts. I have purchased metric and SAE speed nuts (PAL nuts). I also have the AMK set and some original ones. The original and AMK match each other but are too big (as mentioned in other posts). The 10mm and 3/8 are too big. The 5/16 and 8mm seem very small and I am reluctant to force them on as the plastic is rather brittle. I can't find 9mm. Wrapping the posts in electrical tape was mentioned as a possible solution to increase the post diameter but i worry about the adhesive slipping over time (particularly with heat). If you have installed these parts, how did you do it?
  14. I found an alternate way to install a map light. I have a pretty chopped up under dash harness that I bought to get the gauge connector from. It had the heater light bulb harness on it. It was a perfect fit in the glove box light. I have already tapped into the light green/yellow stripe used in the door switches. I think this is a live line all the time. I used the harness and the plug from the hacked up harness. This may not be an option for everyone but perhaps it will work for someone. I have made a few other mods to the harness for tach power and tach signal. I hope it all works when I get power on it. I still need the switch. WCCC has them for $20 or I may just get a repop.
  15. Congratulations! Great news!!
  16. Thx. I found it earlier and it was helpful for some things but I did not see this connector/ wires. It is a great help!
  17. 1971. My diagram shows this being tied to a parking brake light and i just verified looking at my original diagrams dated 8-1-70. I used a repro copy in the garage. I also have the original diagrams for 1972 (but did not look at them). Myt car does not have convenience group (if that matters). Although i am trying to piece together all the miscellaneous lights to add it.
  18. I need some help please. The pic shows a 2 pin connector with a light green/red dot wire along with 2 brown wires. This plug is shown on the "Mustang Convenience System" wire diagrams. The plug is located above the glove box. I am uncertain what harness plugs into this other than the number 13B712. I know the panel is not supposed to be painted. I did that 25 yrs ago.
  19. Very good bones! I also have a grabber blue 71 vert. Have had it over 26 yrs and never driven it. That green steering wheel sticks out! Anxious to hear how things go.
  20. Welcome from MO.....pics please (even if needing some TLC)
  21. $28 shipped. Seems like a good price? https://www.ebay.com/itm/200282675778?hash=item2ea1c71a42:g:Av4AAOSw9mpaStVS
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