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  1. Thx much! I should have asked first. So much for assuming they make them correctly.
  2. I got these custom made from someone on etsy. Richard Valenzi sent me a printed version. They were not as easy to install as the licensed Mach 1 fender emblems but it turned out OK. They cost me about $15 each so not bad at all. If you know anyone that needs them I can hook them up with a set.
  3. I tried installing a Ford licensed decal but it does not quite follow the trunklid body lines. This is the decal that is the full width of the trunk lid and continues onto the quarter extensions. It is like there needs to be a slight curvature to the decal but is it cut straight. The bottom thin strip is too long. Trying to tweak it simply did not work and the decal was trashed. Is there a trick to installing this decal?
  4. I came across Eckler's first when i was looking into restoring a vette. I did just buy something from them and it was promptly delivered.
  5. First, sorry for your loss but it is special that you have such regard for your friend after all these years. Second...welcome from MO! Last.....listen to the folks here. Restoring a car is painstaking and, at times, frustrating. Set your expectations for what you want it to be when you are done. My restoration started 26 yrs ago and languished for a good portion of it. I hope u can keep your car inside or at least under a roof with concrete or a vapor barrier underneath it. Ask questions here. It looks like some members are sorta close by. Go to some local car shows and find similar cars. Strike up a conversation with those owners. Look for a local or regional Mustang or Ford club. In a year or two you will have a few local folks. I have a few around me that are on this forum. More pics are always welcome and there are no stupid questions (only arrogant answers)
  6. I have gotten some parts from this guy. He is the same guy that made those weatherstrip things that attach to the rear of the fenders on early 71's. He makes good stuff but better dig deep. He has one guy that works full time for him. Both are nice guys but stuff is pricey (even for used). I think he sells a lot to high end restorers.
  7. Does anyone know what would be a good vinyl to use for a GT-351 Mustang fender emblem? I finally found someone willing to do this. They said they use 2.5 mil thick Oracal 651 calendared vinyl glossy (meant for outdoor use with permanent adhesive). The price is reasonable but i am thinking the black decal on our cars is a Matte finish? Any thoughts appreciated.
  8. Welcome from MO! Fun times coming soon!
  9. i imagine it comes down to "What are your plans for the car?" If you plan to autocross or other track type use then perhaps 4 wh discs make sense. perhaps you like the look of them if you are putting wheels on where they would be visible. that being said i am putting them on one of my cars that only meet the "looks good" criteria (557 BBF in a convertible) BUT I bought them with the idea of having better performance. The folks here and on other forums changed my mind. Your car, your money, your way.
  10. Late follow up to this. I used a different source for switched power and the problem went away.
  11. Anyone going? http://www.showmemustang.com/EventFlyer.html
  12. Welcome from MO...almost next door to you. PM me if you would like. My cars are in my signature. I would love to see your car at an upcoming show!
  13. Your prior comment was things are moving slow....I wish I had your energy! I have not touched mine in close to 3 wks but that will change this wkend. You are moving along great. I enjoy seeing your progress.
  14. Do those tabs have a tendency to break?
  15. It was nice to meet detritus. Roberts Ford a few weeks ago had 2 Boss 9's which was very nice. I did not take a single pic for some reason at Pundmann. I will likely go to the show at Chesterfield Mall on 19 Sep as well. It is not a Ford only show.
  16. 4 post double wide is what I use but I use mine for storage primarily. I could raise it to at almost 7' on the locks but stop at the one lock below it. I am ceiling limited but I can walk under it without ducking (I am over 6'). You will need a taller than normal garage ceiling and a high lift door setup (can be a normal door but uses a wall mounted rotary lift unless your garage is extra deep and the doors are not a problem). I pocketed my ceiling to about 12.5'. Research it and measure, measure, measure. Shops have 2 post because they are using them to work on the cars. Very high end dealer here (think many $1M cars) uses 4 post lifts.
  17. Dude! I was there with the Mexican Mustang (I assume u went to Pundmann Ford). There are a few others on this forum that are from this area. Welcome!
  18. It wasn't doing this before as far as I know. I haven't done anything to this car in a few months. I can't swear it wasn't doing this since I would not have looked for it but I sorta look at the back of the car pretty much everyday. The wiring seems to follow US cars (but the harness wrap is grey as opposed to black). I will have to dig into it I guess. Other gremlin is the horn stopped working. I also had to undo an ignition cutout (kill switch) but that also was months ago. Thx for reaponding
  19. I have one of those!
  20. I checked to make sure my garage door was closed and noticed my backup lights were on. I drove it to work today. It just started doing this. It has to be in reverse to remove key (lockout rod works properly). This is on my GT-351 4sp. I pumped brakes and turned key etc but they remained on. I took it out of gear and the lights went out. Is this the neutral safety switch going out? Any help appreciated!
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