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  1. Thx for the reply. It could be from my 71 vert but there is this odd connector on the harness (1st pic). 2nd pic is of the pump motor. Ialso bought the harness from a 73 vert and when I went to take a pic of it.....the odd connector connects to the power top switch! So I did not need to but the 73 harness but it did solve my own problem. Sorry for wasting anyone's time.
  2. it is in great shape but what does it connect?
  3. found this link wherein folks say the trunk is harness is vinyl tape wrapped I am going to use a 72 coupe harness in my 71 vert. The trunk section has some rotting cloth harness on it as shown in these pics essentially no vinyl tape (I saw one piece that appears to have been used to keep the wires together during assembly). Any idea what is a close relative to this braid? Do I have to un-pin the bulb side and start there or from the connector side past the red and white connectors in the last picture below?
  4. Got a bit more done. Trunk lid and weatherstripping plus 1/4 extensions and hood cowl seal. Put a bucket of sand on lid to help with seal. Had to tape it since it wanted to slide off.
  5. NPD has these https://www.npdlink.com/product/weatherstrips-door/212213/212141 Problem is I did not plan in advance and want to install tomorrow. The screws don't look like anything fancy. Does anyone know what size these are? I could not find them on AMK website
  6. It wasn't missed. I had a but of crap fall in. Whilst fixing it I did not fill and block correctly. I am always about learning
  7. Just occurred to me this was probably low place meaning a low spot. I would attribute it to not blocking correctly. This is the first time I have ever painted a car....always learning. I can live with it
  8. Thx! Kinda hard to tell but got 3 more coats of clear over the blue. There is a flaw visible in first pic where I tried a repair in the color (and failed). Clear is "as sprayed".
  9. Welcome from MO. The collective knowledge of those on this forum is amazing and they are eager to share and help.
  10. Welcome from MO (and a fellow very owner). Sounds like you have a nice history with the car which makes it a true treasure!
  11. Hood is shaping up. Not quite symmetric but good nuff for me
  12. I have a few NOS parts laying around and they seem to be worth quite a bit. I have a NOS set of four wheel opening moldings that I am considering selling and just buying a repop set. Will anyone share their opinion on the repop wheel moldings? It looks like the NOS ones go for about 85 each plus shipping! I also have NOS chrome bumpers, std grille (listed on ebay already), rocker panel moldings, hood locks and a few other items (including front disc brake hoses). As everyone here knows, it is not cheap even when using repops but if i can sell some of these items and get quality repops, w
  13. Cars local to you (us) will likely be rusted pretty bad. I am in eastern MO and got mine from Phoenix. Are you looking to have a car shipped to you or something local?
  14. More progress. Bought a panel tree and a door thing for a jack....but it doesn't fit either of my floor jacks. The neighbor helping me said if I really want the paint to look awesome then sand the clear coat and put two more coats on.
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