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  1. Hey there, Mustang is not starting again, for the second time since i bought it. Im thinking its mostly related to all the outdated electrical components of this machine. Its old and its a mess of wires. I started wondering what this thing is. Anyone have a clue what this is for? (Grey box that says SELECT)
  2. Thanks guys, it makes sense. I still have a lot to learn and i know so little about this. I think the CAM and 4V would be a good start? Thanks again.
  3. It is 2bbl. Holley carb. I wanna keep the carb, not a fan of EFI. In a sense im a purist. It is 2V. I have seen into the 2v vs 4v debate. Of course more flow would be better but ive read the 4v does sacrifice some power when compared to the 2v. Any idea on this? Would it affect the RAM Air intake i plan to install? 400M exhaust manifolds? Ill look into it... 1970 timing chain/gears? Would this be an easy swap? The cam, what can i get for this? An easy install? What about boring the engine out?
  4. Good Morning Yall, I want to do some moderate upgrades to my engine. I have been researching but wanted yalls take on this topic: What moderate upgrades could give my stock 351 Cleveland a major increase in power/speed. I dont want anything major, no major changes, no big modifications. Everything is stock on this car as far as motor. Any clues? Thanks.
  5. Recently ordered a hood and received it with some rust spots. Contacted them and was told to "field destroy" it and send pictures, then ill get the new one sent. Anyone have any tips on this? Thanks
  6. Hey @droptop73, it did not. Thats one of things i was trying to figure out, was the fitting size. I had bought a 3/8 but too big. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Im looking into in line threaded filters as well but have had no luck. I have a 2v Holley carb and the fuel line is rubber, filter is old and im replacing the pump due to a leak, so i would rather have an all new hook up. Just not sure what works. I was seeing those micron filters on CJ pony parts. Let us know what works. Im still learning.
  8. Hey yall, Replacing my fuel pump and have to upgrade it. Any idea what size fitting the fittings are? Also looking to replace the fuel line that runs from my 2 valve Holley carb to fuel filter and to fuel pump. I think i want to go with this... Any tips on how to replace it and do i have to cut it and place the fuel filter in between carb and fuel pump? Any info is appreciated it. Dave
  9. Hey yall, Got my headers off(after some hard work). It appears that they are Hedman Hedders, dont see any series or model on them. Any info on Hedman Hedders? What can i do to get them back to tip top shape? Ive heard of others doing ceramic coating and powder coating, etc. What do yall recommend? *Bonus points for any recommendations here in Houston,TX* Thanks,
  10. @kiko619 Looking at Texon Motors. Heights area on 34th. Been busy but hopefully I can get there soon. And I'm going to look into Hooker. Thanks!
  11. I have seen some information online that seems to point that there is an issue or special circumstances if your Mustang has power steering or not? Is this true and how do the headers interfere with power steering? Any idea? Mine has power steering.
  12. Hey y'all, What do y'all recommend for a good set of headers? Mine are rusted pretty bad, gonna go in and start taking them off, might have to cut them if the rust is that bad. What kind of headers do y'all recommend? Anything on CJ Pony parts or a website? What kind of headers? Thanks again, Dave
  13. Awesome information. I have 351 Cleveland, 2V on my 73 Mustang. I wonder how the 2Vs compare to the 4V and any other cool tid bits about it.
  14. Hey yall, Next week im getting the Rustang worked on. Going to a Motor place here in Houston for a remodeling. The guys at the shop will rebore/replace/restore anything that needs work on. Do yall have any tips or recommendations? I was reading about cams and was wondering if yall had any recommendations? Any tips on the 2v vs 4v? Headers recommendations? Im not racing it, want it street efficient and with good power. Thanks! -Dave
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