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  1. I’ve run out of time working on the engine for now, I work 3 and 3 rotations as a geologist in northern Canada so I’m thinking it might be best to invest in a new manifold/carb that hasn’t been fiddled with as much by the previous owner. I’ll check out that carb Don linked and if there’s anything else you guys think I should replace, feel free to let me know! Really appreciate all of the help
  2. No rpm increases spraying carb cleaner anywhere. I’ve got the idle around 1000 now but when you throw it in drive it bogs down and dies. Is that a fast idle mixture screw adjustment now? I also pulled the carb half off and the top of the intake is one hole with gasket, gasket should probably be replaced so I’ll look into a new one. Also threw in new spark plug and battery cables that came in today.
  3. I believe it was one more or less square hole. I can pull the carb off quick and double check too if necessary
  4. I played around with the fast idle screw by the choke but the best the idle gets is 1500rpm's for a couple seconds and then it jumps back up to 2700rpm. I'm pretty sure I haven't missed any hose connections that would cause a vacuum leak, although I don't have the air cleaner hooked up on top of the carb? I added a few photos if anything glaring jumps out. Appreciate the help fellas!
  5. Thanks for the info guys! So I think the main issue was the choke assembly being kind of sticky because the choke adjustment wasn't actually opening or closing. So I sprayed some lubricant in and blew it out, now it adjusts correctly. I also pulled the carb and adjusted the floats slightly below the factory specs I had it at previously and double checked the the seals for leaks. With all of that re-installed and the choke set pretty lean (about 3 ticks past the even mark) it fires up, however the idle is about 2500rpm's, which is obviously really damn high. I've got the idle mixture screws turned out 1.5 turns from just being set but haven't turned them in further since firing it up, in case I'm missing something and if anyone has any advice/experience to share. From what I've read and what's been said above, it sounds like the 4300D carb was scrapped on most cars for being a pain in the ass and most people haven't looked back since. I can afford to buy a new carb if that's the way to go, and from what I understand it sounds like a stock 351C 4v should have a 650cfm carb with a new intake since the 4300D is a spread bore. *Edit/Addition: I've been looking at the Edelbrock 600 and 650 CFM carbs with electric chokes and they seem well regarded and easy to use.
  6. So over the last year or so I've slowly replaced the fuel system on my 73 mach 1 (351C 4V) - new gas tank, fuel line, fuel pump, fuel filters and I re-built the carb. Since then I've been having issues getting the engine to fire up, sometimes it'll turn over but generally it needs the gas pedal to the ground and when it does fire up the idle is pretty rough and it quits after a few seconds. I've noticed there's pretty rich fuel sprayed behind the car from the exhaust as well. Is this just carburetor adjustments that are needed between the fuel mix screw and choke or something else? Figured I'd ask before trying any adjustments, I have no carb adjustment experience so it's all new to me and I'm trying to learn as I work on the car. Carb: Autolite 4300D Thanks for any help!
  7. So I was out of town all week working, but I got my sending unit functioning properly last weekend and I'm getting my gauge to read around that 1/4 tank mark. As for the fuel pump, I disconnected the line towards the tank and ran a fuel line into a jerry can but it's still not pumping, so I'm unsure of the problem. I've also rebuilt my carburetor but I don't think that would have anything to do with my problem. Is it possible I'm just putting it in wrong? I've put it in sliding the arm down low then raising it up so that it's under the cam shaft spring (I believe that's how it works). Any insight is awesome, thanks guys!
  8. Thanks, looks like my sender could be the issue so I'll check that out. The hose clamp was the one that was on before I swapped the pump out from the previous owner I guess. But that's good to know, I'll swap it out too.
  9. I have an issue with my fuel system. I've replaced the tank, fuel sending unit and fuel pump but I'm not getting any fuel down the line at all. For starters, I flushed the line between the sending unit connection and the in line fuel filter with the old fuel pump in place until carb cleaner came out clean. I then tested the fuel sending unit and my gauge read a full tank prior to install. However, when it was installed in the tank, mounted and I poured around 5 gallons of gas in, the gauge only comes up to empty. I understand the tank to be 20 gallons so it should read a quarter tank...? Lastly, I swapped out my fuel pump this morning, but I'm not getting any fuel to squirt into a bottle where I disconnected the fuel line before it reaches the in line fuel filter. I was thinking I could try running my fuel line from the pump into a jerry can to see if it's pumping correctly? And then that would mean my issue is between the fuel pump connection and the gas tank? Or do I just need to add more gas to the tank? I've added photos of my sending unit connection and fuel pump connection in case I messed something up... Thanks! IMG_7431.HEIC IMG_7432.HEIC
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