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  1. Not sure I can agree with you.... LOL, most do not realize the Mach 1 option was appearance not performance. A 302 2-V does not do much. Base Mach 1 engine in 1971 was the 351 "H code" 240HP Base Mach 1 engine in 1972 and 1972 was the 302 "F code" 140HP Base Mustang engine for all 3 years is the 250 "L code" straight 6 with a whopping 99HP, so technically it was a modest performance option, you cold not get the Mach 1 package with the six.
  2. Not much stock on this car.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMKqF-HuTLE
  3. No exhaust cut outs on the rear valance on a Boss. Never seen a Boss with wood grain council... wrong shifter (open forth gear print vs closed 4) no pictures with the hood open??? and I am not an expert... No pictures under the hood?
  4. Great looking Mach 1, it looks so clean. Without the hockey sticks the body lines are much easier to see. Ford had some great colors, they should bring more back.
  5. When was the last time you saw a 71,2,3 with a painted Mach hood, no stripes? Looks OK just a lot better with stripes in my opinion...
  6. With 44279 fastbacks built in 72 that would make 5.8% (the color was only offered in 72). I have been scanning the market for years and have only found maybe 20 cars in 4F that incudes all body styles. There is a junk yard by me that has the remnants of a 4F fastback but I have been unable to get him to sell it to me. I need to get over my originality issues and just paint one. Wonder what happened to the model? If she is 20 in the picture she would be 68 now....
  7. I had a 1972 Mach CJ in (4F) Medium Lime Metallic, I am guessing most have been painted red.... would like to find one again... only car I wish I had not sold. Hoping to find a lingering project... This was a nice example sold at auction last year
  8. Always liked this one... https://www.hagerty.com/media/market-trends/mustang-concepts-that-never-came-to-be/
  9. I wanted my 1972 Mach CJ back, I had in high school, could not get it.... wanted a Boss 351 looked for a while... found this for sale locally... 1972 Fastback 302, cam , intake, carb, glass packs out in front of the rear wheels. Original Ford 15" magnum 500 wheels, 1965 dual piston Shelby disk brake kit (about 4 hours), put in a 4 speed, car was originally a 3 speed (took about an hour). I drive the wheels off it, don't stop at a gas stations if you are in a hurry. Never lock the doors or even roll up the windows full Mach One interior with fold down rear seat. I have a 1971 M 351 to put in, but the 302 sounds and runs awesome. My biggest problem is getting my 20 year old out of it.
  10. postaldan514 just listed new ones on ebay....$35 https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=COUGAR+BATTERY+TRAY+APRON+SUPPORT&_sacat=0
  11. Cold we ask postaldan514 if we can publish his contact information? I need a support for my 72
  12. Any idea what this is.... looks like a cruse control module to me.... 1972 Mustang
  13. Yes any Mustang buyer needs floor and bottom of the trunk pictures. If I were at the auction it would be less of a problem, guess I will sit this one out. Would be nice to find the owner, I would like this car someday.
  14. They just told me the car is completely original....Pretty sure ram air was not an option for Q code car, and it is not on the invoice. The magnums and also not on the invoice. They say same owner for 30 years. I think the reserve is 35k, nice car but that sounds pretty high.
  15. Anybody know this car? Would like to bid but without any background information... https://www.gaaclassiccars.com/vehicles/28307/1972-ford-mustang-mach1#
  16. Watch Craigslist always a few 1-2-3 part cars for sale in the Midwest. Any 1-2-3 will work you could come down cut the front end off and bring it back as parts, much easier at the border. Might want to try to save the VIN numbers on the shock tower. We have a tendency to forget... about 4 screws will remove the dash pad and the VIN plate from any 1-2-3. You could easily make any fast back a boss. Was not a big deal in the past because they were not bringing big money, but now $ will bring in more scams.
  17. I have been trying to find a map light for my 72. One just sold on ebay....wait for it...$355!!!! Who do we talk to looks like there is a market. ebay map light
  18. Fun to see a real world restoration, you are doing a great job! Was watching (by accident) on of those restoration shows on History channel this weekend only $100K to restore a 72 Grand Torino.
  19. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/cto/4650694239.html
  20. 1972 302 sportsroof, going retrorod, will look identical to my old 72 Mach with updated driveline and suspension, unless I can buy back my original 72 Q code, it is sitting in a barn...
  21. Awesome work what made you go with 4F? From the original pictures the car striped it looks like it started out yellow? Still trying to buy back my first Mustang it was 4F car (now red). I always called it a color only a mother could love, looks great on your car, I will have a 4F again, soon.
  22. My 1972 Mach Q code (cobra jet) had the chrome lid (decal was gone) and the rectangle "extra" air door that opened under full acceleration. Mine also had the competition suspension and C6 options, that was back in 1981 when nobody cared but me, so I am pretty sure it was original.
  23. I thought the "convenience package" in 72 also included the automatic unlocking seat latches?
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