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  1. Thanks, I’ll look for them now.
  2. I stopped back at my house today and noticed my wheels were turned. My car has been under a cover and sitting in front of my 2 car garage for a couple of months now. Typically this time of year it’s tucked away in my car trailer. My son has my trailer at his house for now since he moved into his own house. Anyway, as I was getting back into my truck I noticed my wheels turned I asked my other son to take the cover off and see if the door was unlocked. He said everything to him looked ok. When I got home late tonight I had to look at it myself. As I looked at it the wheels are turned hard right
  3. Went to download a wiring diagram for my 1971 Mach 1 and I get 404 not found on the heading.
  4. Thanks for the information. Looks like a easy install.
  5. I have a 71 Mach 1, I have a bit of difficulty getting my self in, steering and shifting due to being 6’ 2” tall. Has anyone here ever modified there seat or do they make a kit to help get some leg room? I’m sure someone on this forum has the same problem as I do. I looked at how it’s bolted down and the back bolts kind of hook over to the back side of the seat platform making it harder to modify. Unfortunately my car didn’t come with a tilt steering wheel which would help getting into my car. Clutching and steering would still be a issue. Thanks for any help you can give my.
    Love the yellow and black contrast. Beautiful job!
  6. I know they put my decals on within 2 weeks of painting it. I think it all depends on the products being used. There’s different times for each brand of hardener. Drive it like you stole it!
  7. Welcome from eastern LI NY. This will be your new home. Everyone here is great and eager to help you during your restoration. Drive it like you stole it!
  8. I have a 69 Mustang convertible I plan on painting bright yellow with black. Just like the boss 302 paint scheme. Thanks for your comment.
  9. Does anyone know of a good ac parts place to get the correct adjustable ac idler for my 71 Mach 1. All the places I have searched don’t look correct. Thanks for any help you can provide. Drive it like you stole it! :runninpony:
  10. This car has spent 48 years in Minnesota. Now located in eastern Long Island NY. Just Painted and decals put back on. It has an engine block heater and side chrome trim. The drive train is original with 78k and never out of the car. Heavy Rusty Jones under coating saved its undercarriage which is solid. Thanks for looking.
  11. So, I guess it’s a dealer installed option. Back then I’m sure they put theses into a lot of cars in Minnesota. The car is in surprisingly solid shape. The floors and trunk are original. My body guy said they Rusty Jones the hell out of the underside of the car. I lucked out. I bought this sight unseen.
  12. There should be a rubber cap like a split rubber tube that slips over the edge just inboard from the outside surface. That sort of keeps you from chipping the paint. You should never tighten the nuts too tight. I use the 3-M strip calk to seal around the nuts and studs. I ordered the 3m caulk and will take care of this on the holiday weekend. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Thanks for the image, they will be coming off soon now that I know. All in all, the guy did a great job on it. I couldn’t believe the hood was as tall a me when I saw it standing up.
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