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  1. Looking for the steering wheel center and also the rear valance with cutouts. I realize it may be too much to ship valance but need the steering wheel center horn pad and any associated trim.
  2. Looking for the remote mirror bezel that is used on the interior on the door.
  3. I used New Way transport for the 72 q code from salt lake city, Utah to tampa 'florida $1200. . This is the second time I have used them, no issue at all
  4. I am one of those strange breed that enjoys the Restoration process as much if not more than the end result. I spend countless hours researching everything, planning it out, and actually performing the hands on part whether its metal fab, engine work or painting. Once the cars are done, I tend to tinker with them a bit and end up selling them although the Chevelle I will never sell and probably the same for this as it has much sentimental value to me.
  5. The car was orginally red. I think the door was replaced at some time and the whole car repainted same color. I am attaching the Marti report for reference
  6. Thanks for the info. I am interested in the seat box and boxes below I will pm you for pricing. I just got the car in my hands yesterday so disassembly will let me know what's what. Most of floor damage came.from no top on car its seems so not sure about the cowl but will soon find out
  7. Well everyone here is my latest project. It's a 1972 Q Code vert. I bought it off ebay and it's a project for sure. That doesnt scare me as I do all my own work , even painting. I did a frame off Restoration on my 71 Chevelle SS and that took me 5 years so I'm figuring this will be about the same time frame. This has lots of rust and will need new floors, trunk and more I'm sure. But its optioned well and I have the Marti report. It's one of 330 made like this. In fact I found an article on this identical car on Hemmings: https://www.hemmings.com/blog/article/one-tricked-out-pony
  8. I see looking at your site that there is a convertible seat box for up to a 68. I will end up using that and modify it to work. Wont know the extent of damage until I get the seats and carpet out.
  9. Hello all, My newest project (which I will be posting soon in the other forum) needs new floors (there's a shock!) Does a convertible get seat boxes? Every ad I have seen for sheet metal says "fastback or coupe". Never any for a convertible. As far as the floor goes, I wont know exactly how bad it is till I'm done peeling away the layers but might go with a full one piece floor.
  10. Hi I'm looking for a 71-73 NASA hood in the Tampa, FL area. On mine, the structure part is heavily rusted out.
  11. Does any one have a diagram of how the 1972 2 spoke steering wheel goes together and what parts are needed to make it complete? My project just has the base part of the wheel - I need the pad and whatever else it need (horn button, pad, etc.) To make it whole. But to do that I need to know what parts are actually required. Thanks
  12. Looking for a pair of the steel brackets that are bolted to radiator support for the twist hood locks.
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