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  1. Thank you for that info, but I am looking for a tach version as thats what I need. I don't have that wire harness at all and am hoping someone has one sitting in a box on a shelf somewhere....
  2. Looking for a low buck wiring harness for a 72 or like it from alternator to voltage regulator with gauges
  3. Does anyone know where I can find the full chassis wiring diagram for a 1972 convertible? I have the 5 set Ford books but they don't have a wiring diagram that lays everything out.
  4. Thats a good looking one! How much would want for it? And what do you think shipping would be on it to 34668 (Port Richey, FL)?
  5. I am looking for a Edelbrock 2665 Intake manifold for my project. I am in Tampa, FL.
  6. I have been looking for an Edelbrock 2666 Manifold for my project. Everywhere seems to be backorder as most places direct ship from factory and it seems like they just ain't producing them right now. And good luck trying to find a used one. Any ideas where I could look? Or any one got one collecting dust they want to offload?
  7. My project car came with a Kee convertible top still in the box. It also came with the matching rear window in plastic. I'm pretty sure mustangs originally came with a glass rear window. In thinking about maybe buying the glass window but kinda wanted to get a feel of what others might think of glass versus plastic.
  8. Looking for the convertible switch itself (not bezel)
  9. Has anyone made thier own subframe connectors that go through the convertible brace? I am thinking of doing just that - cutting out a 2" wide slot thru the brace and welding in a a 2" square steel tube from the front frame rails to the back rails and then welding the support brace to either side. That way it would be extra stiff and incorporate the convertible brace as well. Thoughts?
  10. Looking for the steering wheel center and also the rear valance with cutouts. I realize it may be too much to ship valance but need the steering wheel center horn pad and any associated trim.
  11. Looking for the remote mirror bezel that is used on the interior on the door.
  12. I used New Way transport for the 72 q code from salt lake city, Utah to tampa 'florida $1200. . This is the second time I have used them, no issue at all
  13. I am one of those strange breed that enjoys the Restoration process as much if not more than the end result. I spend countless hours researching everything, planning it out, and actually performing the hands on part whether its metal fab, engine work or painting. Once the cars are done, I tend to tinker with them a bit and end up selling them although the Chevelle I will never sell and probably the same for this as it has much sentimental value to me.
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