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  1. My project car came with a Kee convertible top still in the box. It also came with the matching rear window in plastic.

    I'm pretty sure mustangs originally came with a glass rear window. In thinking about maybe buying the glass window but kinda wanted to get a feel of what others might think of glass versus plastic. 


  2. On 3/21/2021 at 12:28 AM, NG8264723 said:

    Holy Crap! Time flies! It has been a while since i have added to the build.  The car was driven here and there.  Hopefully it will be driven more this year.  A few years ago I bought her a FITECH unit.  This Christmas I bought a a/c conversion.  I will be adding the a/c soon.  We also have new door panels to install.  the big news is the engine.  The old Cleveland runs good but is old.  I decided to upgrade and I had an old Cleveland block.  Unfortunately, after $500 in machine work I was told it needed 4 sleeves.  ANyone want a free Cleveland block?  Ugh So I bought this

    397-M6010B35192B Engine Block Boss 351

    I also bought CHI 4 heads.  I will be looking for a 600 HP motor for the car.  I am adding a stroker kit so it will be 427 cubic inches.  I will post some pics as I move along.  The motor build will be this summer but i won't add the engine until next winter

    You still have that block for free?

  3. Has anyone made thier own subframe connectors that go through the convertible brace? I am thinking of doing just that - cutting out a 2" wide slot thru the brace and welding in a a 2" square steel tube from the front frame rails to the back rails  and then welding the support brace to either side. That way it would be extra stiff and incorporate the convertible brace as well.


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  4. I am one of those strange breed that enjoys the Restoration process as much if not more than the end result. I spend countless hours researching everything, planning it out, and actually performing the hands on part whether its metal fab, engine work or painting.

    Once the cars are done, I tend to tinker with them a bit and end up selling

    them although the Chevelle I will never sell and probably the same for this as it has much sentimental value to me.

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  5. Well everyone here is my latest project.

    It's a 1972 Q Code vert.

    I bought it off ebay and it's a project for sure. That doesnt scare me as I do all my own work , even painting. I did a frame off Restoration on my 71 Chevelle SS and that took me 5 years so I'm figuring this will be about the same time frame.

    This has lots of rust and will need new floors, trunk and more I'm sure.

    But its optioned well and I have the Marti report.

    It's one of 330 made like this.

    In fact I found an article on this identical car on Hemmings:


    I will post more pictures as I go.

    Thanks to all who have helped so far and also to those who will be helping lol20191222-111312.jpg20191222-111318.jpg20191222-111325.jpg20191222-111330.jpg

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