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  1. I love working on them. I love working on all things automotive. Currently building a 63 fairlane for a friend. Also have a 74 f100 and a 68 f100 I plan to build for my son. Kind of an addiction. Dad and I also build race boats.
  2. Thank you for welcoming. This cars story is long. I'll try to give the readers digest version. The car came as a 351c 2v with an fmx. My dad bought it for me in 97 as a graduation present. It was more rust than car. When I got it it had been swapped with d00E 4v heads and had been subjected to a lot of abuse, My first restoration of this car included new floors, quarters, trunk, cowl, some patch work elsewhere and the paint. Now I was young and dumb and let someone else do the paint. Its a decent 10 foot paint job but if you look close I could have done better in my driveway. I also installed
  3. Babybeze

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    Hello, Been reading the forums for a while. Currently own a 71 Mach 1 with cleveland and 5 speed. Thanks for allowing me to join. -Matt-
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