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  1. I love working on them. I love working on all things automotive. Currently building a 63 fairlane for a friend. Also have a 74 f100 and a 68 f100 I plan to build for my son. Kind of an addiction. Dad and I also build race boats.
  2. Thank you for welcoming. This cars story is long. I'll try to give the readers digest version. The car came as a 351c 2v with an fmx. My dad bought it for me in 97 as a graduation present. It was more rust than car. When I got it it had been swapped with d00E 4v heads and had been subjected to a lot of abuse, My first restoration of this car included new floors, quarters, trunk, cowl, some patch work elsewhere and the paint. Now I was young and dumb and let someone else do the paint. Its a decent 10 foot paint job but if you look close I could have done better in my driveway. I also installed the t5 5 speed at this time. Its got 4.10 gears out back as well. I only drove the car about 1000 miles before parking it. It had major front end issues that an "expert" told me couldn't be fixed. So it sat parked for 15 or so years. 3 kids 2 divorces and a lot more experience under my belt I decided last year to drag it out and start over. Front end turned out to be nothing more than extremely worn out bushings. So it now has all new upper and lower factory style a arms. Installed a front disc brake conversion using 67 style rotors and calipers. The wiring has been updated. The engine was pulled and completely gone through. Balanced, bored, SRP pistons, Mahle Rings, Heads mildly ported and shaved, Harland Sharp Rollers, Custom cam by Brent Lykins, Roller lifters by comp, beehive PAC springs, blueprinted oil pump, Cloyes double roller and a custom built distributor. Has a centerforce clutch. Using an original 71 clutch pedal but swapped to a bell crank cable activation . I expect the t5 will eventually die and I will swap to a tremec at that time. Subframe connectors installed. Im probably going to build a panhard bar for it. If i keep it long enough I will go to a four link out back and struts up front. I have a ton of pictures from long ago. Most are before digital media so Id have to find and convert. I'll try to upload more when I have a chance this weekend. Again thanks for all the welcomes. -Matt-
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    Hello, Been reading the forums for a while. Currently own a 71 Mach 1 with cleveland and 5 speed. Thanks for allowing me to join. -Matt-
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