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  1. Hello all! My trans recently would slip in Park after being warm at stop lights and didn't like going into reverse and would hesitate to go into gear after start up also while being warm IE leaving car show. So I just assumed a rebuild was necessary, took it out and dropped it off to shop and they found severe wear and the pump had a grove in it. They replaced the pump and did all the bands and seals. I put the trans back in and there is no pressure in the new pump at all. So the guy tells me to take it back out and bring it to him. There was metal shavings galore after only running a few mins to diagnose and circulate fluid. He takes it apart and finds the new pump became severely grooved worse than the original pump. So he ordered a new pump again and new gasket kit. Before we install this trans again we are hesitant because we don't want to ruin another pump. Any ideas of what could be causing this? He has no idea and is confused. The trans is FMX and is mated with a 351C.
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