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  1. Anyone know any newer front seats that’ll fit the 71 Coupe Mustangs?? I want something more comfortable and the originals are worn out. Thanks!
  2. Which one would be the best for my mustang? And thank you a ton helped me out a lot.
  3. So I need to replace my carburetor on my 71’ coupe 302. All I know is my old one is Holley 4B and it’s an aftermarket, also got told more than likely it was off an 80s F250. Anyway I have never bought a carburetor before and idk what to look for. I want to stick with Holley. Any advice helps
  4. I have ponts that I've never messed with. And I really didn't mess with anything the first time all I replaced was the fuel pump and alternator, the first time it happened the starter was still engaging and it grinded all the teeth off of it, then I replaced the starter and all that other stuff. But that's all I can think of!
  5. Ok so I replaced to starter solenoid, ignition switch, and the regulator for the altnernator, I had a issue in tue past where the car wouldn't shut off. Well the issues just happened again and idk why. I was trying to adjust the idle because it idles insanely high and it happened again where it wouldn't shut off. Smoke started coming from what seemed like the valve covers but idk exactlt where and I also noticed that the alternator light came out? Any thought or fixes
  6. Could the yellow wire be the white wire with red stripe that goes to the oil pressure sensor? The red could be red with green stripe to coil. Sometimes the markings get rubbed off. You can still buy that little harness. My idle speed is adjusted with the anti diesel solenoid. That's exactly what it is I didn't see the red stripe! Where does it mount to?
  7. More so what is up with the yellow wire
  8. Ok that's what I figured ! Also one thing I forgot to mention that yellow and red wire, the yellow one is cut and the red one goes to the ignition coil. Is that gonna mess with anything ?
  9. What screw is the idle screw on this carb?
  10. I just put a new parking brake in and now I can't get the cable to go in and over into the the little bracket what's the easiest way of reacttaching the cable
  11. A lot my hoses and stuff are cut off ill double check
  12. Its coming out of the fire wall drivers side from a bundle of wires, the inside of that plug or what ever it is green if that helps lol
  13. I have more cut hises. What's the missing hose that comes off the engine the one that looks like a cross its missing the center hose. Also there is a green plug that seems to be missing something. And there is one by the drivers hood hinge I think it might be windshield washer stuff
  14. Will having just those on affect tuning or anything like that?
  15. I like the way you think im 19 with a mustang it will be difficult ?. But I am good with just the H pipes for now?
  16. Alright so got new headers they fit well but it seems like they are angled which idk if its suplosed to be like that anyway , can I start my mustang up with just the pipes that come off the headers the ones that form the H? Like just start it up and do basic stuff until I can get it to an exhaust shop? Possibly even drive it to there with just the H pipe. Thanks!!
  17. Will those hooked work for my 71 302? Another issue I'm facing is time I leave for Fort Benning in like 2 weeks and idk if I'd be able to scrape up enough money to trailer it over to someone I vuess worse case I could do it when I come back, but I was hopefully just gonna do it myself !
  18. So how far up is the exhaust suppose to be?
  19. So how far up is that exhaust suppose to go ? And wjere should it be when I get new headers !
  20. So can I just buy new headers and all?
  21. So I bought an exhaust kit off of CJ Pony Parts cane with an H pipe made to fit small block V8. I attempted to put it on, so I kind of had everything set in place, and it looks like my headers are uneven more so the passgendr side the driver side seems to fit fine, both exhaust piped are pretty long , anyway my passenger side is almost directly under the floor pan. What is the issue here ? I'm so confused. Do I need new headers? Also when I had my carb rebuilt the guy who did it told me that more than likely my engine was from an F350, idk how possible that is . Tired of throwing money into the wrong things! Anyhting helps
  22. So I ordered an H pipe set from CJ Pony for V8 Small block long tubes . I put them on a week ago and there is about 4 inch gap between the 2 pipes that forms the H. Its a project car so its not a big deal but what do I do with that gap ? Can I still start it and stuff and how do I fix it! Thanks!
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