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  1. Thats a nice area, I'm in Cypress, Texas. Just northwest of Houston.
  2. I intend on relocating it to either the quarter panel or behind the quarter window. Plans are to have either a flush in aircraft style filler or cobra/gt40 style.
  3. Just thought I would revive this as i've made some marginal progress on the car. Nothing like being sidelined over a month due to a serious reaction to poison ivy. This is kind of a teaser of what is to come. Also, I'm in the process of getting a lift installed in my shop. I built the x-pipe for this laying on my back with jackstands, I am hoping this is the last time I ever have to do something like that!
  4. Hey guys here is my 1972 Mach 1, some of you might have seen it on the introduction page but I'm going to continue posting here instead to keep you guys updated. So the car is an original 1972 Mach 1 and it has a 351 Cleveland 2v. So I plan on keeping the Cleveland and building it up, I originally thought a high HP NA build would be cool but I think I am leaning more toward running twins. I feel running the twins will be a great way to demonstrate my fab skills while still achieving the performance goals i'd like. The night that it is raining is the night my father and I went drove 3.5 hours away after a work day to go get the car. We made the entire trip without rain and as soon as we got within 5 minutes of my house (at 2am) it started pouring down rain. Luckily it cranked right up and I was able to pull it in the garage as the next time I went to crank it we determined it needed new points to be installed. I made the alterations to the fender wells as I've always believed these cars would look way better if they were a bit more stream lined with a lower profile. I wanted to achieve that look without tucking too much tire/wheel into the fenderwell therefore I raised the fender wells two inches to where they are currently. I've swapped out the stock manifolds with Hooker super competition ceramic coated headers that I swapped out the 3 bolt flanges with v-bands. I've removed various dents and dings and continue to do so as the build progresses. Additionally, i'm in the process of fill all the holes where emblems, antennas and things like that were. I intend on building a new front spoiler and rear spoiler from scratch, which will emulate the stockers but offer a little more style (not too much though). Feel free to follow my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrK9Sv-r_eR08NVd0ynfJMQ or instagram @tjhullfabanddesign I hope you guys enjoy the build, and feel free to let me know what you think. I am getting more and more excited as it moves forward.
  5. Thanks for all the kind words guys! I'm definitely planning on keeping you guys posted, I'd like to be able to inspire someone else to push their projects along and maybe try something new.
  6. Hey guys, I'm TJ, and from Texas. I'm a big ford fan and I'm in the process of building my 1972 Mach 1 with a 351 Cleveland. I have quite a bit of experience doing automotive fab work and plan on doing just about everything myself for my car albeit having limited resources. I'm still in the planning phase for the most part but my car is running and driving and I intend on keeping that way as I get the details hammered out. So far I have raised the wheel wells upward to lower the overall profile of the car ( a major flaw I always thought these cars had). I do not intend on making the car too radical aesthetically as some car builders have done and therefore plan on maintaining the stock flares. I'm still torn on the drivetrain and how I'd like to pursue my goals. The two engine options I have are building the cleveland with 4V or aluminum heads as a hot N/A setup and shooting for 6-700hp. The other option is to build a twin turbo setup and shooting for equivalent power levels to showcase my fab skills. I started a youtube channel to document my build, please feel free to subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrK9Sv-r_eR08NVd0ynfJMQ to watch the build. The channel is still a ongoing project and I'm actively working to produce higher quality content. The car is still sitting like a monster truck and will be getting lowered soon and new wheels/tires. Still a work in progress, but chipping away at the bodywork slowly but surely. I hope you guys enjoy.
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